The wedding night fuck: a NSFW story

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Before I begin, allow me a minute to put off 50% of you: this is not erotic fiction about what to do on your wedding night. It’s not a post about a romantic fuck at the end of your special day, or how to arouse your partner on the wedding night even though you’ve been together five years and you’re bored of the sight of their bollocks by now. If that’s what you’re after, then please pick up your warm white wine and move on to another buffet: this wedding night fuck is dirty.

The wedding night fuck

I am currently obsessed with wedding dresses. Not because I want to get married, or even because I think they’re pretty. I’d never wear a dress out of choice – they make me look like an uncomfortable toddler who’s been forced into a party outfit when really she’d rather be wearing jeans. Besides, white is a clothing colour simply ripe for ruining.

No, the reason I’m obsessed with wedding dresses is that I had a fantasy about a wedding night fuck recently and I can’t get it out of my head.

I had a vision of a horny groom fucking a bridesmaid while his wife looked on, and it made me wet on a train.

It’s not about the dress, and yet it’s all about the dress. Tight and restrictive and uncomfortable – a thing I would never wear out of choice. And after all, white is a clothing colour simply ripe for ruining.

The key to the wedding night fuck fantasy is that it’s nothing like what a wedding night fuck is meant to be. It’s all about the destruction of a perfect evening. I walk into the bridal suite, ready to kick off my wobbly high heels and release my tits and stomach from the tight hug of a corset. Remembering the expensive, perfect underwear I’ve bought for just this moment. Picturing the way my new husband’s dick will twitch and swell when he catches the sight of my taut nipples pressing against silk.

And then I walk in to find him fucking one of the bridesmaids.

She’s bent over the end of the bridal suite bed. Skirt hitched up round her waist, spitting rose petals from her mouth as she moans. He’s behind her, mostly still clothed, filling her with his dick, and gripping her hips and arse with meaty, eager hands. Staring into space and panting – biting his lip to hold back from coming. To better appreciate the sensation of her tight cunt round his cock.

I look at the white stains around his open fly. I hear his satisfied grunting.

And I weep.

It’s a very bridal word, isn’t it? Weep. Brides rarely sob or scream, but they’ll whimper and weep if something bad happens to spoil their precious day. No matter how strong a woman is, when she becomes a bride she’s softened. We sand away her hard edges, attach some delicate frills, and declare her ‘beautiful.’ There may be strength in brides as well as beauty, but we rarely hear about it other than in whispered tones of horror. A strong bride is the most frightening thing: a Bridezilla.

I’ve tried not to be a Bridezilla, though. I’ve bitten my tongue when I disagree with seating arrangements, and I’ve smiled and said ‘I don’t mind’ in the appropriate places. I’ve stepped aside for my mother in law and I’ve eaten shit in front of his aunts and oh God I’ve swallowed so much to maintain the illusion of timidity.

So, still in character, I weep.

He keeps fucking her. Only pausing to order me to stop covering my face, so he can look me straight in the eye while he shoves himself deep and hard into my bridesmaid. My friend. She doesn’t look up but she knows I’m there, and doubles the volume of her moans accordingly. She likes me to see how much he likes fucking her.

I keep watching, entranced and humiliated and aroused. And still wearing that fucking dress.

He beckons me over. Pauses for a second and bites his lip again, holding back from the moment when he’ll squirt jizz into my bridesmaid: my best friend. She keeps going – sliding back to try and take more of the length of him – so he puts a hand on her arse, thumb resting in the crack with the tip just about to penetrate. A gesture of dominance. An order: stop now. Wait.

And I stand there in my off-white dress, and my tight corset and those fucking shoes that are making my feet bleed, and I look at the man I chose to marry and see the spark of urgent lust in his eyes.

And he reaches out for the folds of fabric. And rips.

One long tear, as the skirt comes away from the bodice, exposing a glimpse of the underwear that I now realise would have done nothing. Another, harder tug opens the gap wider. I ache.

And it is so. Fucking. Hot.

He uses a fistful of fabric to drag me closer, then reaches for the top of my bodice – thick fingers pulling me closer towards him for an aggressive, mouth-crushing kiss. I can feel his teeth, and the beads of wedding night fuck sweat which are dripping down his face. I lick them from my lips and tell him: more.


So he grips my bridesmaid’s hips with one hand, and the top of my bodice with the other, and yanks us both closer towards him with each stroke of that vigorous fuck. And as he speeds up he gets grabbier. More urgent. He tears again at my dress, and smacks her arse when she moans too loudly, and he stares deep into space so he doesn’t have to look me in the eye.

So I tear more at the dress. Both dresses – hers and mine. I see money and time and planning go up in smoke as we both lay waste to the trappings of the best day of my fucking life.

And my cunt drools slick with the joy of destruction.

I want to see both of them look up at me and rip another strip from the satin of my dress. I want to hear it tearing and watch it get smeared and messy. I want it all gone. Shredded. Until all that’s left is the stains on the bedsheets, fragments of wedding-night lingerie and the echo of his grunting in my ears.

Because this is a wedding night fuck: it’s supposed to stick in my mind, so I want scars and memories to carry me through until divorce.

I want to watch him come inside my bridesmaid.

I want everything we’ve planned and hoped for to come to nothing at all. Because building a future with the man of my dreams feels gentle and soft and loving. Because the dress makes me feel smaller and prettier and all the things a bride should feel.

But destruction? Destruction feels like power.


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  • naughtysmurph says:

    Is it really wrong that not only is that going to be good wank fodder, but its got me looking on ebay for a used wedding dress in the right size for my fb to wear? That is a very, very kinky role play ;)

  • Isabel says:

    Practically ran to my room to have a wank to this before my housemate got home. Particularly special as I was a bridesmaid last week and the groom was someone I used to date

  • Frankie says:

    Hot. My wife and I play out something similar. She puts on the dress she wore when we got married… We roleplay that she’s just got married to someone else and then I slowly fuck her arse (leaving her cunt for her new husband).

    It’s a guilty pleasure for both of us – rational brain hates the whole ownership element, fuck brain just loves it though.

  • Tabitha says:

    Oh man, this is so naughty… love it x x x

  • S says:

    I wonder how fat the writer is?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Why do you wonder this? What is the purpose of your wondering? Does my body shape make the story more or less good? Does it make your life better or worse? Do your genitals tingle with a borderline sexual thrill at knowing my dress size or waist-to-hip measurement? Are you, perhaps, a researcher writing a dissertation on the correlation of porn creation and body size?

      • tiredofyourshitS says:

        Or… we could study the correlation of quantity and vitriol of fuckwitted comments on the internet vs level of entitlement of the commenter. I’m thinking both positively correlate, although correlation isn’t causation in this case and we’d probably need to put some of them in a PET scanner and show them liberal comments to see where the centre of fucktardiness is found… or just beat them with shoes.

  • E says:

    This fantasy is extraordinary. I have often had one where I have a bride on her wedding night – away from the party as her new husband makes the social rounds. Something about the subversion of pageantry and best laid (socially acceptable) plans? I have no idea.

  • Molly says:

    This is my dream fucking wedding night… I might have to ask @domsigns to marry me again just so we can do this with someone.


  • David says:

    Damn! That is so wrong and so hot! DAMN!!!

  • Dave says:

    That is so fucking erotic. I find wedding scenarios a real turn on, the beautiful bride in her demure dress, knowing that she is wearing something sexy like a basque, stockings and heels under it, and knowing what is going to happen to her in the honeymoon suite. I have enacted something a bit similar with my FB, I bought her a fairly cheap cream two piece suit, with a little matching pill box hat, over some sexy white underwear and some very high heels. We booked 8nto a local hotel, pretending it was our wedding night and she wanted me to get my own back on her for being a tease at the reception so I threw her on the bed, tore the jacket and skirt off her, then we spent the entire afternoon fucking each other to a standstill. Mmm, great memory!

  • Frederick says:

    Fuck you!
    Yes you, GOTN
    …. You and every other succubus like you who embrace your beautiful perveted and alive sexuality, while refusing to play the “stay in line with social rules and regulations” game.
    Fuck you
    Fuck your beauty
    And Fuck your twisted mind.
    With all of my perverted, but satisfied and equally frustrated self. .

    • Girl on the net says:

      I can’t tell if this comment is a compliment or an insult. Either way it’s wildly overfamiliar and kind of odd, so I’m leaving it up for posterity.

  • Frederick says:

    Its a compliment! Obviously.
    Look at me, do i look like some of these trolls who come over to your blog, getting their kicks off your fantasies and / or realities, and then condemn you for whatever reason they can come up with to feel better about them selves?… Do i? 🙄☺️

    • Girl on the net says:

      That comment was the first one you ever left on my blog. I know nothing about you apart from the words that you chose, which started with ‘fuck you’ and referred to me as a ‘succubus’.

      I’m glad you like my work, but your compliment wasn’t ‘obvious’, and my response doesn’t deserve an eye roll: I don’t live inside your head, so when you open a conversation with a message that includes four ‘fuck yous’, please don’t be surprised when the person you’re speaking to doesn’t immediately recognise that you’re trying to be nice.

  • Frederick says:

    Yes i know. I’m slightly weird. I tend to be (more then) a bit all over, leaving people wonder and curious about what i actually ment. Most people avoid replying and get scared away, but not you. And thats another positive mark for you in my perspective. Now that may be of no importance to you sunce we are total strangers, however you may take it as a compliment, or an appraisal. I have been skipping through some of your audio files (moving backwards in time) for the past cpl of weeks now since i discovered your site (from literotica) and yes, its wonderful. You are very straight to the point, you don’t waste time beating around the bush, your descriptions are very well balanced without too much flare. Thank you for sharing. Youre awesome.

    • Girl on the net says:

      “Most people avoid replying and get scared away”

      If you’re routinely scaring people, change your approach. It’s nice that you think I’m awesome, but your compliments seem to come with conditions attached – I’m awesome *because* I’m not like these other people who ‘get scared’ when you say things that are ‘weird’? If I had a choice between compliments and you not scaring people, I’d go for the latter. Thanks.

  • David says:

    Of course this piece is hot, of course it’s delicious, but more importantly it’s disturbing and prickly and unnerving and I’ve read it three times now. It feels like literary erotica, and I’m so here for it. More please.

  • David says:

    My (very mediocre) Catholic soul is always here for shame, repentance and infinity.

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