Say goodnight: fuck me in my sleep

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Despite giving the impression that I go through life humping men on an almost hourly basis, the time when I’m most likely to have sex is just before bed. Not particularly surprising when you consider that I, like most people, have to work during the day, somewhere far enough from the nearest willing boy that I can’t nip out at lunchtime for a post-sandwich quickie.

Sex before bedtime feels like the natural thing to do – you’ve just taken your clothes off, you’re lying next to each other enjoying the skin-on-skin contact and the post-workday sweat as you bury your face in his armpit: of course a lot of sex happens at bedtime.

But do you want to know what’s even better? Sex after bedtime.

Wake me up

I have a rock-solid and trembling desire for guys who wake me up for a fuck. I love the feeling of being stroked and dragged awake at two, three, four o’clock in the morning by a guy with a raging erection and a desperate need to be inside me.

In fact, so acute is my desire for a guy with a hard-on in the middle of the night that I often don’t even need him to fuck me. Just knowing that he’s almost whimperingly desperate has me flooded with lust, and struggling to pretend to keep my eyes closed.

The other night I woke up lying on my stomach. I could feel him running his hand tightly over my arse, smoothing the silk of my knickers into the crack, and sliding his fingers down my crotch through the fabric. The bed was shaking slightly as he rubbed his cock with his other hand.

After a couple of minutes, he pulled my knickers to one side, dipping his fingers into my cunt. When he felt how wet I was, he moaned, and started rubbing himself harder. I lay as still as I could, breath catching occasionally despite my attempts to maintain the illusion of sleep. I wanted him to fuck me.

Sleep sex

He’s done it before – fucked me in my sleep, I mean. Despite my having issued an open challenge (£50 if you can finish without waking me up) he’s never quite got to the end without me moaning and giving away that I’ve been wide awake for a while. But still. The fact that one day he might makes me quiver with desire, and when I twitch into consciousness to find him touching me I can’t help but tense up, and start throbbing, and hope that he’ll roll on top of me and slide his cock inside.

This isn’t one of those creepy ‘I’ll fuck her while she’s asleep just because I fancy it’ things. He doesn’t fuck me in my sleep because he thinks he can get away with it – he does it because I have emphatically and enthusiastically begged him to.

Because the feeling of waking up, woozy and confused and wet and aching at just the moment he slides his dick inside me is so hot it makes me crosseyed.

Tonight I’ll dream of him fucking me in my sleep

But sometimes there’s no release for me at all – and this was one of those times. There was no need for me to battle a sigh of relief as he pulled my knickers to one side and slipped into me, no feeling of satisfaction as he grunted and thrust.

As his hand reached my knickers he just sped up, rubbing his dick harder and faster – holding his breath to avoid making tell-tale noises in the back of his throat as he got closer to coming.

When he was near, he gripped me harder – fingers digging my knickers into the slit of my cunt, feeling the flooding wetness soak through the silk. And then, just as he was about to come, he pulled at the waistband so that they were bunched at the bottom of my buttocks, exposing me just enough as he rolled over, pushed the tip of his cock up against me, and squirted sticky rounds of jizz directly against my skin.

Having finished, with a gentle grunt and a sigh of satisfaction, he absently rubbed it in – covering me in stickiness with quick, solid movements. He pulled up my knickers and gently patted my arse.

“I’ve been awake for a while, you know.”
“I know. You were pretending to be asleep, weren’t you?”
“I didn’t want to disturb you.”
“Good girl.”

I got almost no sleep of my own that night.

Update 2018: this post is now available as audio porn (click ‘listen now’ above and see more audio porn here). I wanted to add, as I was revisiting it to turn it into audio porn, that this should never ever be taken to mean that any individual might enjoy this like I do. I can only do it, as explained above, because my partner and I have discussed this in a lot of detail and carefully negotiated how we want to do this consensually. 


  • Mel says:

    This line is making me crazy: Because the feeling of waking up, woozy and confused and wet and aching at just the moment he slides his dick inside me is so hot it makes me crosseyed.

    Love your posts.

    • Lucy wheeler says:

      This is so hot!! I thought i was the only one who loved to be woke up with my partner deep inside me. I get wet just thinking about it!!!!

  • James says:

    Very horny post and very right: sometimes, you’re so hot for a person, you want to shake them awake and have them. Or not shake them awake.

    The flaw, of course, is consent. The law defines consent as meaning for every event. And this is right. But I wonder if I should be saying to the bloke next to me “by the way, if you want me again in the night, feel free” just so he’s sure. Very likely I do want more of a bloke if I’m actually sleeping with him rather than zipping up and saying “seeing you around on Grindr!” as one of us leaves.

    But we’ve collectively made ourselves a minefield here. One that will have 50% of people calling me a ‘rape apologist’ and 50% cheering me as a bastion of ‘men’s rights’. And neither are right.

    • Girl on the net says:

      I was sort of expecting someone to bring up the issue of consent – hence why I mentioned the ongoing bet that I have with the boy (I genuinely don’t think he’ll ever get that £50, but I do like him to try!).

      Essentially, I wouldn’t advise anyone ever ‘surprise’ someone with sex while they’re sleeping unless it’s something that they’ve discussed with their partner before (and, naturally, had their partner enthusiastically agree). There’s a small possibility that I’ll wake up in the night to find the boy shoving his dick into me and think ‘do you know what? I actually don’t fancy this right now’, in which case, one small word – or more likely, a gesture of annoyance – would mean he’d stop immediately and just have a wank on his lonesome. I have, apparently, on previous nights, greeted his groping with howls of rage mid-dream. I don’t remember any of these events, as they’re the ones that happened when I didn’t wake up. In these instances he backs off pretty sharpish, not only to save me any distress but to prevent asleep-me from accidentally clawing his eyes out.

      Long story short: consent is very important. It’s wholeheartedly there in the above story, and anyone who wants to repeat the hot story should make sure that it’s there too. Besides, discussing things like this can be hot in and of itself, so establishing consent in this scenario should hopefully not be too arduous. But it is one of those things like “I want to say ‘no’ when we’re fucking and have you understand it to mean ‘yes'” that requires trust and understanding, and knowing your partner well, etc etc.

  • I live and sleep with a sexsomniac…he fucks me in his sleep all the time. Usually, I love it…that middle of the night sex can be the most freeing and wild and cathartic – because all of our inhibitions are still asleep.

  • That was profoundly hot to read – just as it’s profoundly hot for me to think about! I have one partner I’ve discussed this with, and who has my (enthusiastic) consent to do this to me on the all too rare occasions I am in the country and spending time. It hasn’t happened yet, as we usually exhaust ourselves fucking in the daytime, but I’m hopeful for the next visit…

    xx Dee

  • Haitch says:

    My husband wakes me up by fucking me on a semi regular basis and it is mind blowingly hot. Especially when it is in the morning and he gets me a tea afterwards, hah! I did explicitly consent to this though, aka beg him to do it. I would probably say it’s an easier thing to control when you are in a LTR because of the obvious consent issues.

    Hot post. I’m working but I’m going to have to disappear for a sneaky wank now….

  • Jess says:

    Yeah – my ex was a sexsomniac too. We’d both wake up during, and it took us about 6 months to realise who initiated it. Other friends said they experienced this too, so it seems pretty common considering? I’m sure it could end up in worrying circumstances though!

  • Immy says:

    I have been reading my husband txt messages sent to his mate and asking him to fuck me whilst I sleep. Only thing is I amj a very light sleeper. Can anyone tell me how to sleep deep so I don’t wake up when I have a cock inside me ?

  • Bagga says:

    Omg this post is amazing . I thought i was the only one that wanted someone to fuck me while I sleep. I seriously wish I could find a partner that would want to do this. A big fantasy !!

  • nickf says:

    Just a comment,I am a guy and I think I was raped last night.If you cum is it rape?Violent and all that,I sort of want it again.Do you guys have the same?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hi nickf – I’m really sorry to hear that. You don’t say much about your situation but I know rape can be an incredibly stressful experience. To answer your question – any sex that you do not consent to is rape. I’m not qualified to give you detailed advice, but there are lots of people who are able to help you, and it might be useful to have a look at some of the links and advice on this page: Please do get in touch with one of the helplines if you feel comfortable doing that.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi nickf,

      I am so sorry this happened to you. I am a girl and absolutely believe that it’s not your fault if you cum during being raped, nor is it your fault if you got erect. These are physical responses and in no way do either of them imply or mean consent.

      .I hope you were able to contact a rape crisis centre and get some help.

    • Sarah says:

      It’s not something that people talk about, but orgasm during rape is very common. Very, very common. For women it’s a huge additional shame, especially for those who can’t come easily normally. For men, as their orgasms are viewed as more “mechanical”, it’s more commonly discussed.

      I hope you got some help for this. As for wanting it again, that’s a much more complex issue. Rape fantasy is common, actually enjoying being raped is different and very complicated indeed. If you haven’t already, please get some expert help, if only to help your process what happened, and avoid seeking potentially dangerous situations in future.

  • Docholiday says:

    Wow this is crazy I lay next to my girl all the time… I find her very attractive she knows how to please me… Sometimes when she’s sleeping I just think she looks so hot her body her skin everything I like touching her nipples I slide my hand down her legs her butt I just want to slide my dick in but she doesn’t like that she hates being bothered when she’s asleep I just want to feel her she feels amazing her warm pussy while she’s asleep under the covers all warm I get wet… Lol I’m laying next to her right now writing this I want to put it in her. Going to sleep.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey – woah! You’re right, you *definitely* shouldn’t do this if she doesn’t want you to. As I mentioned in my post – this is something that I utterly love, and have expressly said to my boy that I want him to try and do it when he fancies it. To be honest, sometimes he tries and in my sleep I roll over or bat him away, in which case he backs off. This is a super-fun thing for us to do, but not everyone wants to do it – you definitely shouldn’t try it if she hasn’t expressly asked you to (or, in your case, if she’s expressly asked you not to).

  • Jessey Coughey says:

    This story is yuke don’t do that couse ur just going to die trust me I now

  • sam says:

    Hii I am a playboy….

  • Ed says:

    My 20 year younger girlfriend actually loves it that ‘prepare myself” , roughly grab her while she’s sleeping, and just USE her to cum inside of her.
    Last night I pulled of her knickers, turned her on her back, grabbed her feet and pushed her legs spread and backwards to the bedhead lifting her cunt and ass off the bed. No pretending she’s still sleeping, no comments, no explanations, no nothing.
    It took me like 2 minutes of rough fucking to cum in her and she was moaning like crazy.
    I then just fell down on my back next to her, and she ran her fingers through my hair and fell asleep again with her arm around my chest
    Am I lucky or what?

    PS: Did give her a good handjob in the morning so that she had a nice blush on her cheeks to start the day :-)

  • Murica says:

    I totally know how this is. Freshman year at college, my girlfriend and I would often make out HARD in the front seat of my pickup late at night, then spoon each other to sleep. I always woke up before she did, though, and I would be so horny that I couldn’t resist snaking my hand over and really gently rubbing her gorgeous 32C tits. She told me that it was a great sensation to wake up to. ;)

  • Newmes says:

    I’ve woken my girl up many times in the early hours the only difference being im the one asleep! And I don’t remember doing anything. She loves it.

  • Sarah says:

    My husband often wakes me up in this way – I have a fantasy about waking up with him actually fucking me, or in my mouth, but I sleep too lightly.

    He has a fantasy about coming over my face while I’m asleep, which I’ve only just found out about so I’m expecting a sticky wake up call any day now.

  • Emmy says:

    god I have had such a fantasy about this for many years. So hot.

  • Steve Bison says:

    I am gay and I often wake up to find my boyfriend’s cock deep up my ass. It’s so wonderful a feeling and I can’t get enough!

  • sammy says:

    recently i got a job and although i have a hot boyfriend who i live with and fucks me like an animal on most nights whilst i am sleeping i sometimes find myself horny whilst i am working and my assistant manager is only in his early 20’s and has a thing for me which he told me on our break and he had no idea i was dating as well when he asked me but i told him that and he thought i was rejecting him but i quickly said that he can fuck me whenever he likes though as i could not stand that glum look of rejection on that gorgeous face of his. He was evidently happy and luckily his house is a walking distance from our work so after work we go over to his place and make sweet love to eachother. Fucking him is so amazing especially knowing that i already have a boyfriend who is waiting for me to get back home to fuck me but i am keeping him waiting by fucking this hot boss of mine and i spend a good 45 mins with him before i decide i need to get home. And what do i do after getting home from that nice fucking; fuck my boyfriend. I fuck my boss quite often and we makeout on our breaks. It’s so fun having two guys at once!

  • Emma says:

    I woke up this morning and was horny as all hell, and since my boyfriend gets up at 3AM, I sent him the following Facebook message, knowing he’d read it before he left. This is also something we’ve talked about before, but as we were in a LDR up until five days ago, we’ve only just started our adventures.

    “So. Upon waking and feeling your hard on pressing against my butt and your hand cupping my boob, I’ve realized I still want you to use me while I’m sleeping. As in like take me as hard as you want, come in me, and leave me.

    So if you’ve got an extra ten minutes 😉”

    Which he did, and holy shit. I wasn’t asleep, but I pretended I still was, and it was one of the best things. He finished, (we don’t use condoms), then got dressed and left for work, and I laid in bed and felt his cum drip out of me and oh my god. Would do every morning.

  • ronnie says:

    I also have that experience one of my roommates in the house of my untie this girl pretending that’s she’s sleeping while I already know that she’s awake one time when I knock on her room calling her name early in the morning she’s not answering me but instead I opened the door of her room and I saw her still sleeping I touch her to awake her but she didn’t. .wake up I sit beside her and still she pretend in the deep sleep then after a few moments she moves like she doesn’t notice me beside her . And give me space in her bed wow im so horny at that moment I begun to rub my cock on her arms. And I feel that she want it to so I start stroking it and even im not moving she’s the one whos moving her arm wow. Until I cum . After that I quickly out in her . Cause somebody is coming. .when she wake up it seems like nothing happened she’s smiling at me. Lols

    • Girl on the net says:

      I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say I assume this happened after you and she had already discussed how it was going to go down, and that she had means of indicating clear consent to you before it started.

  • Kitty says:

    I have the exact same crazy desire – I love pretending to be asleep as he slowly strokes my ass and pussy… He can feel how wet I am and it drives him crazy. Your story is very common for us – and he knows how much I love it and it turns me on. I always wake up and we have sex. But my boyfriend did it without waking me up – he fucked me while I stayed asleep and came.

    One night I’d had way too many drinks – we had incredible sex all night. When I woke up early that morning he told me he finished without waking me up. This made my desire pulse – I asked him to tell me every detail. I was deep in sleep from drinking too much and being exhausted. He slowly put himself inside me and kept fucking me slowly, trying not to disturb me. I was so wet. He kept going, realising he might finish without me realising – this turned him on even more. He kept fucking me and came deep inside me. He laid there, panting, in disbelief. He stroked my wet pussy with his cum and rubbed some on my lips.

    What do you guys think of this? I was ecstatic when he told me and I get so turned on when I think about it. It both excited us so much. From my personal perspective I don’t think this is wrong at all – and it’s always been something I fantasise about and love doing. I would love to hear your opinions – does this turn you on? Do you think this was wrong?

  • sof says:

    this post got me really excited, and pretty horny. me and my husband do this all the time when either of us is sleeping..
    I’ve recently started doing this to him while he’s sound asleep.. sometimes I’m just so horny I need something and I can’t help myself.
    I start with taking his hand , and slowly use it to rub my very wet pussy.. and it gets me even hotter , I give him a blow job and then I mount him and it’s always amazing sex. he loves it !

  • Jules says:

    The idea of this with a man I trust and care about is intensely erotic. It never crossed my mind until listening to this.
    Thanks for making an audio about it.
    I look forward to asking for this with a partner.
    PS. I’m SO glad I found! U r awesome!

  • Jess says:

    I love it when my future baby daddy wakes me up at night.

    It all started two nights ago while I was sleeping. I realized he was taking my pants off and I can feel my body getting tingly and excited. He took my bottoms off and started to lick my wet pussy. Being that I was so tired, I normally take benedryl to bed to wake up extra early morning. I dozed off. I wake up again and he slid right in wet tight pussy. I can hear him sigh with pleasure which makes me so hot. It makes me excited that he can selfish with his pleasure and fuck me the way he wants to. I wake up on my stomach and he’s grinding me from behind and as I wake up I arch my back for him. He moans fuck. I whisper to him “you can have me whenever and wherever baby this pussy is yours”.

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