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On penis pride

Cocks are beautiful. There – I said it. I think they’re not only hot in the traditional sense – i.e. in their potential to be used for doing sexy, sweaty, hot things – but in a more aesthetic way too.

I like the smoothness of the skin, the unique shape, length and girth of each one, and I think that the contrast in colour to the rest of a guy’s body highlights perfectly something that is worthy of individual attention.

The ‘last turkey in the shop’

The idea that the cock is a beautiful thing seems to be a relatively controversial one. On the one hand, there are people who are so enamoured of cocks that they’re willing to collect, curate and rate images of them. On the other hand, there are those who – when presented with these images – say that there’s something inherently hilarious about dick, or that it’s a shame the male sexual organs are either laughable or ugly.

Naturally, what someone finds beautiful is an incredibly personal thing. I, personally, don’t think that cunts are particularly pretty, but I accept that countless thousands do. One person’s work of art is another’s pile of rubbish. If you don’t want to sit down with me and scroll through hundreds of images of erect dicks, admiringly complimenting the features of each one, then I don’t think you’re a bad person.

But I do find it uncomfortable when people say ‘God, aren’t penises hilarious!’ and I look like a humourless arsehole for saying ‘no.’

Penis appreciation

There are a million different pressures put on women – be thin but not too thin, be sexy yet modest, remove some types of hair but not others. Similar pressures are creeping up on men as well – as is evidenced by the large number of guys on the lovely site of cocks who have completely shaved their testicles.

But I can’t think of any part of the female anatomy that is subject to the same treatment as the penis. Women are judged, certainly. But is there anything about us that is assumed to be universally funny? When we get out of the shower are our partners thinking ‘god, it’s hilarious how her tits, when not pictured in a sexual context, are comically ridiculous’? Are there people across the world flicking through Playboy going ‘I know it’s supposed to be sexy, but I just can’t look at a female arse without giggling’?

There’s no conclusion to this blog post, really, other than to say that I think cocks are beautiful. Whether they’re soft, and waiting for a gentle cupping hand to start massaging them to rigidity. When they’re being gripped firmly during a particularly powerful and sexy piss. Or whether they’re rock-solid and glistening slightly with pre-come, red and tight and thick and twitching…

OK, especially that last one. Seeing a glistening, naked cock makes me want to do many things:  laughing isn’t one of them.


  • Molly says:

    I absolutely could not agree more with you. I have often pondered starting a cock version of the Pussy Pride Project but have worried that it would be for my own self serving love of them as opposed to a belief that people need to learn to love, appreciate and admire them in all their different forms and states and yet your post is so very true. They are often seen as a figure of fun as opposed to a having an inherent beauty of their own.


    • Girl on the net says:

      Thanks Molly! Good to know I’m not alone! I’d love to see a penis pride project, but I’d worry that – as with the tumblr I linked to – it might have a disproportionate selection of above-average-size cocks, which might make it harder for shyer/smaller guys to join in. But if it could be done as well as you’ve done pussy pride, that would be ace!

  • SBM says:

    I love how lush hard cocks are!! I love when my boy gets so hard the veins start popping up, nah – do not understand why people think they’re ugly.
    Granted when a guy is soft I dislike it, but that’s only because it means we can’t have sex right there and then… not because I dislike the look of him.

  • I find them beautiful as well. Not only are they judged on how they look (and some will always find them comical) but how they’ll perform based on looks.
    My husband is in the military, and they frequently change or even shower in front of each other. For some reason, they comment on each other’s size or shape, making jokes and judgments.
    Thank goodness I don’t encounter the same thing in the locker rooms. I simply couldn’t take it, even knowing that they intend it as a good nature joke.

  • Jervis says:

    Thank you so much for proudly stating that you enjoy the sight of cocks. It’s very much cock-affirming. :)

    To be sure, guys’ self-image isn’t the biggest problem in the world. A lot of guys don’t seem to be too worried about a woman not being interested in the sight of their cock. But I do wonder. Since the advent of digital cameras (and polaroid cameras before them), penis pics have been a staple of auto-portraiture on the internet. If most women don’t enjoy a penis pic, why do guys flash it so much? It seems to me to be related to the fact that human penises are the largest, by body size proportion, of all the great apes. At some point there was evolutionary pressure that increased human penis size. This was likely a sexual selection pressure – i.e. females selecting for larger size – as humans started to walk on two legs, their pink bits became obvious to each other. This also explains human breasts as secondary sexual organs.

    Since the invention of clothes, and more recently, the Judeo-Christian obsession with oppressing sexuality (especially female sexuality), we’ve removed the penis as a sexual signal, but breasts, even under clothing, are still able to function as a signal, so they haven’t lost their potency in our culture. Penises are far more taboo than breasts, and have even become a negative symbol of male power over women. Culturally, women aren’t *supposed* to like cock for cocks’ sake, and those that do (still probably not a large proportion of women) have their interest trained out of them.

    The internet has had some effect on all this. More obviously, men have an avenue to show their cocks off anonymously, revealing what seems to be a long-supressed primal urge to exhibit themselves. Perhaps it’s because men want to remain anonymous and tend to focus their lenses exclusively on their cocks that women, more likely to be interested in the complete package, are not usually impressed with the resulting closeups.

    And then there are women such as yourself. Women who appreciate the aesthetics of a hard cock for their own sake, and who are also thankful for the limitless bounty of cock-pic production that modern technology has enabled. I, for one, am grateful that cultural norms have failed to extinguish your phallic interest. I respect and rejoice your pursuit and solicitation of dick and dick pics. Long may penis and penises bring you fulfilment.

  • Jess says:

    I like penises. I like the way they feel mainly. But I have found them funny in my time, not pointing and laughing, but while joking around if someone runs around attempting to jiggle it around loads and do the helicopter then I will laugh a lot! But I do like laughing at my boobs too. Not at sexy times and not to belittle someone, I just like having a good giggle sometimes.

  • Absolutely. Peter’s is about 6.5 inches long to where it disappears into him when erect and around 1.4 inches thick, uncircumcised with delicate soft foreskin, wonderful glans, exciting corona and interestingly veined and soft skinned shaft. His testes are not my favourite part, but good fun to play with. I think it is beautiful. Love it. Damn it all, now you’ve made me want to masturbate! LOL.

  • phatpat says:

    This is great to know! I always figured that women did not find men’s packages attractive, let alone hot. I always wished for that. And I think I am not alone there as evidenced by the film Superbad. The boys imagine how girls are lucky to be thought of as hot while boys and boy bits are not. So as a guy you just grow up thinking that you are not hot – or if you are it is not about your penis or something more purely sexual. Unless you are gay. Gay men seem quite happy to appreciate the penis and its sexuality. As a straight man I have not problem with that. It is actually quite nice and really distilled my desire to have that feeling of desire from women. I know I am far from alone in wanting to be seen as sexualized by women. To be checked out and desired. Gay men do it so you can too!

    PS. I put this post on the other article. But this article in particular was an immense relief for me to hear. I wished for this to be true but thought it crazy. I am glad to know that I was wrong.

  • Bigfoot says:

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Rate My Meat. Been salivating going through those images this evening.

    Thanks also for being so effusive about your appreciation of cocks. My wife feels the same about mine, which I’d never experienced before. I always liked mine but was never proud of it particularly. It’s the smaller end of the average range and unexceptional, but she treats it and talks about it like it’s the best thing in the world. No better feeling for me as an out-of-shape man to be made to feel like a sex god and for this thing that I’ve always had but never loved to be the star of the show.

  • My latest story about the lovely Vaughn describes a bent and ‘leaning’ penis. As it was bent upwards it was a good g-spot stimulator, but other than that the shape had no effect on how it felt inside. Just as lovely as always. LOL. The story is quite long, nearly 17,000 words and also includes details of an attempted rape. If you want to read it you’ll need to click my name.

    Some of the comments on this page make me feel really randy. A brilliant website Girl.

    The link, if allowed: Beautiful Lovemaking With The Charming Vaughn. John Dodd’s Attempted Rape. From The Heights Of Bliss To The Depths Of Despair.

  • Dave says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us! It is definitely good to hear a woman that likes the looks of a cock. Also thanks immensely for sharing that site! ;)

  • D.Witchy says:

    I absolutely agree..cocks are beautiful ..i appreciate my friends worldwide..sharing theyre gorgeous dick pics..and always say thank you!!

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Bit late but just wanted to say thanks for this post. Personally, while I lean straight, I can definitely appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of an erect cock. Especially when it’s my own. :) The more others appreciate it as well, the better!

    (On the other hand, I discovered there is actually a porn subgenre about women humiliating men for having tiny, ugly dicks. Different strokes for different folks and all… but that does not do it for me at all.)

    I blame the ancient Greeks, and later classical-inspired art, for this one. For some reason, those old statues meant to represent ideals of beauty had embarrassingly small penises. Just look at poor Michaelangelo’s David.

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