MMF fantasy: watching both of their faces

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

I like the way a guy’s dick twitches when I push something into him – like a butt plug. I like to watch that twitch as the plug slips inside – that quick pulse of his cock that tells me it’s settled neatly into the right place.

His face twitches too. A flicker of pain/lust/need/satisfaction – one or all, delete as appropriate.

And that’s why I want him to get fucked in the ass while he fucks me.

It’s the twitch. I can recreate it semi-effectively using a butt plug and a belt – putting a plug inside him then lining the belt up along the crack of his arse, and pulling each end of it in my hands. It has the double benefit of pulling him into me deeper and nudging the butt plug harder inside him. I get to watch his face flicker at the same time.

Making his dick twitch. Making him make that face.


But how much better to give that control to someone else. To not need the belt because instead there’s another guy behind him – on top of him. Filling him up as he’s filling me. Spitroasts are awesome, and DP is well worth the effort, but with this kind of fuckpile – one guy squashed in the centre with another taking control on top – the key benefit is that I get to see both of their faces.

I get to lie on my back – hands tied so I’ve no control. Ankles crushed against the headboard as I fold myself into as small a space as I can beneath the guy I love. Him facing me so I can watch his every expression.

He supports himself with broad shoulders and arms trembling with tension, because the weight is greater this time. There’s another guy on top of him, in turn, pressing his lubed-up dick against his ass.

My job is to stay steady, his job is to relax into it – to let the guy at the very top take control of crushing us both.

Each stroke of the middle guy getting fucked would translate to a harder stroke for me, at the bottom of the mmf chain, feeling the aching thud of his prick in the back of my cunt.

I could watch the guy-on-top’s face – see it flicker with pleasure too as the head of his slick cock slides neatly inside him. Simultaneous twitches from both of them.

MMF can’t stop there

But you know what the problem is with this fantasy? Apart from the fact that it’s hard to find two guys who both want to do it – and each other, and me – equally? It’s that it doesn’t end. Because now that you’ve added an extra link it quickly becomes clear that what you’re making is a chain.

A chain of humans, linked by fucking.

With a slightly longer belt and just the right kind of butt plug, I could control the strokes myself, from the bottom: yank on the belt, nudge the plug further into the top guy, nudging him to fuck deeper into the guy in the middle, making guy-in-the-middle fuck me harder. And once I’ve added the belt and the butt plug, I may as well add another person. A friend with a cock just the right size for guy-on-top to enjoy, or a friend with a strap-on who’s willing to wield it.

And then another person. And another.

Until the fuck chain collapses under its own weight, and the fantasy disappears under the spotlight of the laws of physics, and all we have left is a pile of us on the bed. A pile of horny people with sweaty, lube-smothered junk. Faces and cocks and muscles twitching as we try to satisfy everyone.


  • rare deeds says:

    Yep. Definitely. Absolutely. Totally. And utterly.

  • BigMiddle says:

    This is so hot and yet so tender. Amazing. Probably my ultimate sexual fantasy, this. Thank you for writing about it :)

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    From spending too long on silly Internet forums, I recall the preferred term for a queue of men fucking each other is a ‘mantrain’.

  • Curvylover says:

    I prefer to be the one in the middle… as a bi, i would enjoy the best of all… mmmmm very hot.

  • Girl on her phone says:

    My favourite part about this piece was the tag “the more people in your fuckchain the lower the chance it will be you who has to put the kettle on after” 😂 brilliant.

  • Edjay says:

    I’ve been the guy in the middle a couple of times, very high up on my list of great things I have done.

    It’s harder than you imagine finding the “right” guy

  • Mike bass says:

    Would absolutely love to be the guy in the middle! Might ask the wife if she’s up for it

  • Biwitched says:

    Would love to be the middle guy as well. I enjoy being pegged as well as fisted and have had my share of plugs in while fucking my ex gfs. Her having control of the remote vibe in my ass makes it a little more exciting and she enjoys the face making as well.

  • Deviantile says:

    What a fabulous blog!
    I’ve never been attracted to men, and never considered MM sex an option, but always wondered what it feels like to be penetrated. Hence the buttplug in my arse while I’m fucking her is a regular fantasy.
    This though, takes it to another level. It certainly has erotic potential!

  • PaH says:

    I am desperate to try this. It’s all I long for. To find another couple though….*Sigh*

  • RIC says:

    I’ve been the man in the middle many times. My wife loves to see me getting fucked. Our variations are sometimes taking one man in my ass and another in my mouth while I fuck her, or I lick her pussy, while looking her in the eyes as the guys take turns fucking me. My wife and I are both retired senior citizens and really enjoy being on-call fuck toys for our friends.

    • Girl on the net says:

      This sounds *incredibly* hot! I am glad you’re having so much fun, and I also aspire to be able to do similar stuff one day =) xx

  • Tom says:

    Your stories are great but this was excellent.
    I’d love to try this however, I know my wife won’t commit.
    The thought of being the middle guy, both being ‘used’ by the other guy is so hot

  • Shawn says:

    I’m totally gonna have to try it again. First time was very difficult to get a rhythm , and was the first time having bi sex .
    I have a 9 inch vibrator in me this very moment

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