Someone else’s story: Highly personalised erotica

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

One of the best things about knowing someone well is that you understand their intimate fantasies. The things they tell you that they’ve never told anyone else. “I want someone to do this,” uttered with a slight nervousness and possibly a blush. I love being close enough to a guy that, when a particular scene appears on TV (police bundling their latest arrest into the back of a van, for instance) he can nudge me, whisper things in my ear, and know that it has pushed the exact buttons of one of my darkest fantasies.

This week’s guest blog comes from a couple, but with a bit of a twist. He has written a story tailored perfectly to her tastes. Something he has crafted based on all the things he knows she loves, and fantasises about. When he sent it through to me I wondered if he had accidentally wandered into my own head. Before we begin, I’m going to tell you that this story is quite extreme. It involves pain, group sex, and some utterly filthy stuff. Some of us like that, some of us don’t, so if you might be triggered by it please don’t read.

If, however, you like the idea of writing porn that is specifically tailored to one person, feel free to take up the challenge he’s laid down: can you write something for someone you know that is so perfectly tailored to the things they like that they can’t help but be aroused? Here’s his contribution…

Someone else’s story: highly personalised erotica

She’s alone in the room. She can hear their voices, muffled by the walls. They blend into one another, and all she’s left with is noise and anticipation. She tries to count them; to figure out how many there are, but she keeps losing track. She’s lying on the bed, eyes blindfolded, skin prickled. Her body scarcely covered by a red thong and bra. She’s breathing heavily. Her heart pounding in her chest.

Any minute now.

She tries to catch glimpses of the room, but her movement is limited. He told her to lie there on her stomach and wait. So, that’s what she’s doing. He told her not to move, so she doesn’t move.

She hears laughter from the outside. She doesn’t know how this will go. She doesn’t know whether she’ll like it or hate every second; but this is what she wanted. She asked for it, and now he’s giving it to her. She’s terrified, but the slickness between her thighs betrays her excitement.

The room is bare. The bed, covered in a simple plastic sheet, lies in the middle of the room, leaving space for movement around its four sides. There is a tarp on the floor. The light overhead is stark and bright. There are no candles or soft shadows here. There is nothing romantic about this. This is functional.

She hears the door click open, and the sound pours in from the rooms beyond. She hears men speaking, but doesn’t recognise their voices. They’re joking and laughing, and she can hear the pauses when they take sips from their drinks. She hears the tarp crinkling beneath their feet as they approach her. She’s not sure how many are in the room. She counts three, maybe four voices, but there are more outside.

She wants to ask who they are, but that would be against the rules. “Speak only when you’re spoken to.” That was what he’d told her earlier. Speaking now would defeat the purpose of the whole exercise.

The men keep chatting. They’re casual, as though there’s nothing unusual about this. None seem to notice, or acknowledge her. She’s invisible. Suddenly she feels a hand grab her ass. She breathes in quickly, and holds it. The gesture is somewhere between hard and rough. He pinches her ass cheek, and pulls it to one side. Another touches her on the stomach, sliding fingers across her skin. They’re sampling her; talking among themselves the whole time. The hand on her ass moves down between her thighs towards the slickness. Her breaths are shallow and fast. The men keep chatting, but she hears them spreading out now. There is at least one man by her head, and one to her side, and one, maybe two, by her feet. The hand between her thighs moves toward her cunt. He pushes the panties to one side, and she feels a finger push into her. Separating her. Opening her up. She gasps and pushes her face down into the mattress. His fingers move in and out quickly, her cunt increasingly drenched. She’s about to come, when she hears a zipper being undone somewhere close to her head, and a hand grabs the back of her hair, and pulls her head up. His cock is already hard when he pushes it into her mouth. She wraps her lips around it, and moves her tongue along the lower side.

“Suck it.” His hand is holding the back of her head, but it does nothing. He’s given her an order, and she follows it. She moves her head forward and backwards, faster and faster.

“Use your hands.” She reaches up and wraps her palm around the base of his cock, and starts moving in the opposite direction to her mouth. She twists her palm with every movement. She hears him breathing deeper, harder now.

A finger runs up from the small of her back to the nape of her neck. Her skin prickles, and she struggles to concentrate. Her cunt is slick and the finger inside it slams back and forth, faster and faster. She wants to come.

The man at her head pushes his cock deep into her mouth, and she feels herself gag. She wants to stop, to resist, but she doesn’t.

“Fucking take it!” He pushes hard on the back of her head as he jams his cock down her throat. She does as she’s told. She feels him wrench her head off of his cock, and he slaps her quickly. She doesn’t expect it, and lets out a whelp. He pushes his cock back into her mouth. She reaches up and starts jerking him off again.

She tries to concentrate on his cock, but the man at her cunt, or maybe one of the other men has started to pull down her thong, exposing her ass. She feels a finger sliding between her cheeks, playing with her asshole. She clenches, but he keeps at it. She hears the sound of a zipper and a belt, and fabric, and she realises that someone is taking off their pants. Strong hands grip her waist, and pull her back toward the edge of the bed. The man at her head pulls his cock out of her mouth and releases the back of her head. Her feet are on the carpet now, her body bent at a right angle over the bed. She feels the man behind her pull her underwear to one side, and then she feels his cock slide into her. She’s wet enough that there’s no resistance. She moans, and then she hears someone tell her to shut up. The man behind her lifts her body up so that she’s standing. She can feel his cock slamming into her again and again. Her cunt envelops him, and she imagines what it must look like. Someone grabs her bra and pulls it down forcefully. They grab at her tits and pinch her nipples and she moans again. She feels weight on the bed in front of her, and then another slap across her cheek.

“Shut the fuck up.”

Someone spits in her face, and then grabs the back of her head and forces it hard onto a cock. She reaches up to jerk it off, but she struggles. It’s hard to focus, to concentrate. The cock in her cunt feels as though it will tear through her. The cock in her mouth chokes her. Her nipples are sore from the fingers gripping them.

“Jerk it, you fucking slut!” She reaches up and wraps her hand around the cock in her mouth. She struggles, but she does whatever she can to get some sort of rhythm going. She takes him as deeply as she can, and she feels bile and spit pouring from her lips. Her eyes water beneath the blindfold, and she pictures the mascara running down her cheeks. His breathing becomes increasingly frantic, and he pulls the cock from her mouth, and starts jerking himself off, and she feels hot streams of come splattering across her face, blindfold, and lips, and he pushes his cock into her mouth for the last few spurts and she tastes it, hot on her tongue, and he tells her to swallow, and she does just that.

She feels a hand push hard against her back, grabbing at the remains of her bra, and her face slams into the mattress and the man behind her fucks her as hard as he can. She hears the sound of her bra rip, and soon she can’t feel it around her. He pushes down on her back, and forces her into the mattress. She feels the early waves of orgasm begin to flow through her. He slaps her ass once, twice, three times, four times, and she feels tears streaming from her eyes now as she comes on his cock, and then he hits her again, and his cock hurts as he slams it into her, but her cunt clenches around him as she spasms and, with a final violent thrust, she feels him pulsing and twitching as he comes deep inside her. He remains there for a moment, recovering himself, before pulling out. Her body is a mess of spasm, but she has no time to recover before she feels someone else take his place, and her cunt, drenched in her juices and filled with another man’s come is occupied with a new cock.

Her ass, already sore from the beating, hurts even more when someone pulls the thong violently and tears it away. She’s naked now. She feels a finger pushing into her ass, and she gasps. He isn’t simply playing with her asshole, he’s trying to finger her. She feels him stretch her open, and although it hurts, she pushes back onto him. He has large hands, with thick fingers. She can almost count the knuckles as they slide into her, and there she lies, filled in from behind, pressing back onto this new man as the waves begin again. She comes on his cock and his finger, and suddenly he grabs her hair and pulls her body up violently and calls her a slut, and although she is in pain, he fucks her hard. That’s when she feels someone standing in front of her, and someone else starts to slap her tits and grab at her body, and all of a sudden there is a hand around her throat and her breathing is cut off. She becomes delirious, and struggles, and wants to cry out, but she can’t and she comes again, harder this time; her orgasm punctuated by the suffocation and just then the hand around her neck releases and she breathes in deeply and tries to recover, remembering how good it feels to have air.

Someone hits her across the face, harder than she wants, and calls her a cunt, and tells her to open wide, and then she feels a stream of hot liquid splashing across her face and into her mouth, and when she realises that someone is pissing on her she wants to close her mouth, and to run away, and she almost does, but they told her to open wide, so she keeps it open, and she sputters and gags, and almost throws up, but she does as she is told.

Then the man in her cunt pulls out and pushes her aside. She feels him lie down on the bed, and then someone lifts her up and sets her down on him, facing away. She feels his cock pushing against her asshole, opening her up, and sliding inside her. It hurts, and she whimpers, but she doesn’t say anything. Her eyes sting from the mascara. Her mouth tastes of piss and come, and her nipples are red from the pinching. Her body is drenched in sweat. She is sure there will be bruises around her neck. This isn’t tender or gentle or kind. This isn’t an evening of romance. This is what she wanted. She is their toy. A set of holes to be used and filled and defiled. This is what she’d asked for.

She feels his cock slide deep into her until the point that she is sitting on him. He grips her waist and starts moving her back and forth and tears stream from her eyes as he fucks her in the ass. She reaches down to touch herself, to help push herself over the edge, but someone slaps her hand away. She reaches back to touch the man behind her, but someone slaps her face hard and she half screams. Then she feels someone move in close to her. She can feel the heat from their body. They grab her legs and lift them up, exposing her cunt. Her thighs are covered in juice and come, and she is slick. Fingers push into her mouth, and they grip tightly, half down the back of her throat. She feels a cock sliding into her cunt, and she winces as she feels herself completely filled, and stretched. The man in front of her pushes in, as the other pulls out. She hears the sounds of other men in the room, and realises that they must all be gathered to watch the show. This makes her feel something, and the waves of orgasm wash over again, and she comes quickly. She pushes back onto any cock that will take her and tries to hold onto the waves as they crash over her again and again, and the fucking grows increasingly frantic, and the fingers in her mouth are making it hard to swallow, and she is drooling, and her chest is covered in sweat, spit, come and piss, and her body is sore, and in spasm, as she imagines the two men inside her, and their cocks touching deep within, and their shafts rubbing up against one another, and their balls smacking together and she wishes that she could watch them fuck; watch them writhe together, and as she thinks about this she spasms deeply once again, and this forces the man in her cunt over the top, and he pulls his cock from her and jerks off onto her stomach, in long, hot spurts. She imagines the come spraying and splattering onto the guy behind her, and she wishes that she could watch them lick it off of one another. The thought is lost when someone grabs her, and picks her up, and the cock slides from her ass, and she feels empty all of a sudden. She is forced to her knees, and she becomes aware that the men are now surrounding her. She can hear the sounds of them jerking off, and she knows what will be next. One by one, they come all over her. On her face, her chest, in her mouth, and her hair. The man who had been in her ass tells her to open wide, and he forces his cock into her mouth, and he tells her to suck him dry, and she does. She grabs his cock and jerks him off as well, and with her free hand she plays with his balls, kneading them, somewhere between gently and rough. She runs a finger back towards his asshole, and she gently pushes into him, fingering him as she sucks his cock, and he comes hard and deep into her throat, and afterwards he calls her a good girl.

There is the sound of rustling clothes and belts, and zippers and the men start talking among themselves as they dress. They laugh and joke, and soon the voices move into the other room. They don’t say a word to her, but she remains on her knees, waiting at attention.

“Do as you’re told.” He said before all of this had started, and so she simply waits. She wonders if they will come back for another round a bit later. Part of her hopes not. Her body is sore. Her cunt aching. She can barely breathe without her throat burning. Nonetheless, if they come back, she will do it again, regardless of how her body feels. She will find a way. There’s no doubt in her mind. The other part of her, the part that wanted this in the first place, can’t think of anything better.

If you’re now panting and post-orgasmically exhausted having read right to the end of that, then you probably have similar tastes to this guy’s partner – and indeed me. Those of you who read my Christmas fantasy from ages ago will understand why this ticks so many of my ‘holy fuck that’s horny’ boxes. If you fancy having a go yourself, check out my guest blog info and get in touch. I’ll add my contribution to the ‘Write Your Own Smut to Turn on Someone You Know’ project as soon as I can see straight again.


  • London little says:

    Holy fuck.

  • Larry Archer says:

    Unbelievably hot and I would love to be standing there waiting to ram my cock deep into your well fucked ass.

  • seaside slut says:

    mmmm, delicious. I want to play.

  • andrew says:

    beautifully written, how delicious to enter someones head like that.
    this has inspired me, if I send you one of my stories then maybe you’ll allow me to guest on your site?!

  • advizor54 says:

    That got me way closer than I like to admit.

  • This is amazing, I’d like to be wearing a strapon dishing out this treatment to a hot sexy submissive guy. Well, a girl can dream…

  • Mike says:

    Hi, reading this on a train was the worst place to have read this, had to skip my stop to let myself calm down. Thanks

  • stevieawiungr says:

    I thought bukkake type things were the sole preserve of 14 year old boy’s porn-condition fantasies… although this was written by the boyfriend.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Or, you know, maybe some women like it too? I hope that’s not too far-fetched for you. I’ve had similar fantasies, so I hope that I’m not actually a 14 year old boy. That would be disappointing, and also probably mean they’ll have to take away my mortgage.

      • stevieawiungr says:

        I said “thought”.

        • Girl on the net says:

          Ah, sorry. I’m mainly being grumpy and I shouldn’t have got shitty. I was mainly annoyed because of your ‘well, this was written by the boyfriend’ comment – I get people emailing me quite frequently telling me they think I am secretly a dude, because women couldn’t possibly like this stuff, so I am sensitive to any implication that hot fantasies like this are the sole preserve of men.

  • Emmy says:

    I’m a girl. This turned me on beyond belief. It’s not even something I would want to do IRL because I don’t even like that many people touching me, but FUCK what a good read. Love a man who writes filthy erotica. Points!

  • Sarah says:

    Weird. This contains every fantasy I have (except my really weird one of having come pissed off my face over a toilet, and then my face forced into it and the toilet flushed – my husband came up with that one in an email and it won’t leave my head, even though I don’t think I’d want to do it in reality). However, the idea of a group of men does literally nothing for me. I just want my husband to do it all in, in quick succession. It’s a shame he’s not in a dirty mood right now, otherwise I’d be sending him this as a script for the afternoon.

  • Paul says:

    Wow. I am way more vanilla than I thought! Very happy for people to do what they like but this was too much for me. I think it was the extreme distrain shown for the sub. There didn’t seem to be any trust or protection. Just felt bad. Left me a bit sad and disturbed. Can’t fully explain it.

    • Girl on the net says:

      I’m always a bit suspicious of comments which start “very happy for people to do what they like BUT…” It’s the ‘but’ there. Fair enough if this isn’t for you – if all of us liked the same things the world would be a fairly boring place. Your ‘but’ says that you’re happy for people to do what they like, but you reserve the right to shame them for it, based not on harm or morality, just based on whether it makes you feel ‘sad and disturbed.’ You’re obviously entitled to this opinion, I just wonder why you felt the need to say it directly to someone who’d probably be hurt to hear it.

      • Paul says:

        The but is a linking word for the purpose of expressing the comment. Its not the “Nimby” but that i think you think it is. It’s nothing to do with shaming and that was not the intention. For the record if this gets people off i have no issue what so ever. Im surprised you take umbridge at someone expressing there own hard limits. We are all kinky to different degrees as you say. I’m trying to express my surprise at being “sad and distrubed” and trying to explore why that is. I thought this might help. Clearly thats not welcome here.
        I may be being insensitive but i dont understand why anyone would be hurt to hear this comment? Surely this isnt just a place to make only positive comments?

        • Girl on the net says:

          Well, no, you don’t only have to make positive comments – we get loads of good debates and discussions going in the comments on a whole bunch of blog posts. Thing is, your comment didn’t seem to be raising anything more than ‘I don’t like this.’ All up for someone expressing their hard limits, but given that I’m not compelling anyone to read any individual post, and this is a fantasy/porn type blog, hard limits aren’t massively relevant, and your comment basically reads like a general ‘eww.’ If you want to debate me on stuff, I’d love that, and there are loads of cool discussions we could have. But just taking a fantasy that’s quite personal to me and saying not only that it’s not your thing but that it actively disturbs you? Well, what can I really do in response other than be upset? I’m surprised you don’t get why that’s upsetting – I think, to anyone, being told that their personal fantasy makes someone ‘sad and disturbed’ would be quite upsetting.

          • Paul says:

            I appreciate your points. I can see how it might look like that. I’m honestly trying to understand why, with my personal level of kink, I’ve reacted in this way. I enjoyed your Christmas blog that was along the same lines which confuses me even more. The reaction disturbs me more than anything. I do get the impression now though that i’m not going to find any answers to that here.
            I thought this was a guest blog? I’d understand more if you’d written it that you may be upset at a negative reaction. As you share the fantasy i appreciate that you may not be impressed, but why let it upset you that one person has a negative reaction? Or is it more that you think this may be the reaction of the majority and you feel a bit under siege from that view like most of us with kinks feel?
            I get the impression you’d rather not hear the opposite view and that i should have kept it to myself. Feel free to delete the comments and forget I was ever here if it makes you more comfortable.

          • Girl on the net says:

            Yeah, I should have been clearer – this is a guest blog, but it’s also a fantasy I share. I find it a bit odd to respond to someone saying ‘hey, your comment was pretty hurtful’ by saying ‘why let it upset you?’ I don’t choose what’s upsetting. I do frequently get frustrated, though, at the prevalence of comments that simply say ‘I don’t like this’ on sexual material (not just mine – all over the place). I wrote briefly about this before here: And while it’s not directly equivalent (in that post I’m mainly talking about straight guys who pop up in comments on queer/alternative porn) the point that it’s not constructive or helpful stands in this case, I think.
            To clarify – I don’t get upset that one person has had a negative reaction: I’m frustrated that the one person felt the need to state it in response to something that was created to entertain/arouse people who share that particular kink. I don’t see the value in it, above and beyond just clicking away and going ‘hmm, probably not for me’, so all your comment could realistically achieve would be to upset people (like me) who share the fantasy, or the guest blogger.

  • Paul says:

    I appreciate your points. I can see how it might look like that. I’m honestly trying to understand why, with my personal level of kink, I’ve reacted in this way. I enjoyed your Christmas blog that was along the same lines which confuses me even more. The reaction disturbs me more than anything. I do get the impression now though that i’m not going to find any answers to that here.
    I thought this was a guest blog? I’d understand more if you’d written it that you may be upset at a negative reaction. As you share the fantasy i appreciate that you may not be impressed, but why let it upset you that one person has a negative reaction? Or is it more that you think this may be the reaction of the majority and you feel a bit under siege from that view like most of us with kinks feel?
    I get the impression you’d rather not hear the opposite view and that i should have kept it to myself. Feel free to delete the comments and forget I was ever here if it makes you more comfortable.

  • lee says:

    i just broke my ‘puter and i’m blaming YOU, girl on the net. actually the keyboard is now sticking a bit.

  • Rateef says:

    I’m obsessed with this. Needs to be an audio porn :)

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