Sexy link roundup: unread messages, tough conversations, and terrible bastards

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

It’s been a while since I did an SoSS/sexy link round-up – please forgive me and accept this week’s offering with three blog posts I’ve really enjoyed, plus bonus links to new resources for LGBTQ college students, which I was sent by the people who made them and wanted to add in case they’re helpful.

Wriggly Kitty – Don’t Ignore Me

This post by Wriggly Kitty is fascinating, and is being included because it is almost the exact opposite of the way I feel about messages. I recently wrote a grumpy blog entitled ‘reasons I’ve not replied to your message‘, and so WK’s blog post was an interesting insight into the opposite – when you’re waiting for a reply and nothing comes.

“I’m also a completist. If things aren’t finished, they eat away at my brain. If a conversation is left hanging, I’m constantly aware of it. It interrupts other thought processes, not always consciously and certainly not by choice, but it’s always there at the back of my mind.”


When he wants children, and I don’t – Ann StVincent

“He mentioned during an early date he wanted children. I explained I wasn’t having any more. He asked whether I couldn’t, or didn’t want to. I said I couldn’t, but I don’t think he actually heard me.”

Ann writes really brilliantly about the internal conflict, worry and ache involved when two people have two very different ideas of the future. I loved this post.

Fucking women – MollysDailyKiss

I often get teased by my other half about my desperate lust for justice. I want every box set we ever watch to end in a courtroom drama. The baddies will get caught, the story will unravel, and all will be well in the end. Nothing works like that, of course, but I do have a kink for comeuppance, and so I’m drawn to stories that have horrible narrators, because I want to be inside the narrator’s head when they realise the error of their ways. So if you like horrible narrators too, read Molly’s story about Tyler, who is truly a gold-plated prick.

Bonus – resources for LGBTQ students

I got an email last week from the Center for School, College and Career Resources in the US last week, telling me about some guides and resources they’d just published to help LGBTQ students who are at, or about to go to, college. There’s lots of useful stuff there so I said I’d include a link in the next round-up – please do check them out and share with anyone you think would find them useful!

Resources and Advice for LGBTQ students

Advice specifically for trans students

College scholarships and financial tips for LGBTQ students

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