Sexy link roundup: New Year’s reflections, sterilisation and bum coffee

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

First SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday)/sexy link roundup of 2018 contains some advice on how to reflect as the New Year begins, a story that just made me happy, and a little ‘WTF?’ in the form of unusual enemas. Click the headings to read the full posts, and enjoy the bonus segment as well if you like funny, feminist news shows.

Looking back responsibly – Emmeline Peaches

Emmeline is always incredible, thoughtful, principled and kind. I aspire to be a bit more like Emmeline in 2018. This entirely non-sex-related post is relevant no matter who you are: it’s all about reflecting on your successes and disappointments without allowing the bad stuff to overshadow the rest.

Happily barren – TeachersHaveSex

As someone who doesn’t want children, and who has often dealt with some fairly patronising/worrying responses when I’ve made that choice clear, the doctor’s response when Jo asked for sterilisation made me really happy:

He asked, in short: Why do you want a tubal? I told him my contraceptive history and my very strong desire not to breed. Okay, he said. No argument. No “Are you sure? You’ll change your mind. Women are made to reproduce and your life will be incomplete without a baby.” None of that. He just listened to me, trusted me, and said, “Okay.”

Don’t put coffee up your arse – Dr Jen Gunter

I’m paraphrasing the title here, but this article is worth checking out, as well as Jen’s entire blog. She catalogues some of the appalling bullshit that is peddled in the name of ‘wellness’ and often ‘sexual health/empowerment’ but which can actually cause quite serious damage to your genitals. Primary offender here is Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP, for reasons that will become clear if you go through the archives.

BONUS: Where’s The F In News

This doesn’t really fall under the SoSS rules of linking to independent blogs but I am shoving it in here because I wanted to shove it somewhere.

For AGES I have wanted a topical news show that’s not massively male-dominated, and the BBC pulled this treasure out of the bag just before Christmas, making me believe that Santa might just have answered my prayers. ‘Where’s The F In News?‘ is hilarious, has amazing guests, and deals with topics like Weinstein the way male-dominated panel shows either wouldn’t or couldn’t. There is only one episode on iPlayer, which makes me suspicious that it was only a pilot and it might get dropped. Please listen to it if you like that kind of thing, and tweet/share it because I’d love them to make more.

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