Butt plug training: from zero to heroic fucking

From left to right: Godemiche Effulgence small, ElectraStim silicone noir rocker small, Godemiche Effulgence large, Godemiche Apex bi-pearlescent

The first time I did this, I was alone. I’ve done lots of unusual sexy things on my own: from self-bondage with tight corsets to masturbation challenges and anything else that might keep my horny mind entertained. But few things have felt quite as unusual as lying on my side on the bed, one hand rummaging behind me, and sliding a plug into my arse in the name of ‘butt plug training.’

Let me explain: I’m a bit crap at anal. Pun not intended, but unavoidable. I used to adore anal sex, and at the start of my current relationship anal was a staple. But recently I’ve struggled with anal sex. It’s a girth issue, you see. When I haven’t been fucked in the ass for a while, my tolerance for it goes down, and although my mind is still more than willing, my flesh is weak and unable to take a decent pounding.

Hence the butt plug training. I’d read about it before: the idea that you could increase your tolerance by wearing butt plugs around the house, or on the bus, or to pop to the shops. I’d heard that if you do this thing alone, when there’s no pressure to ‘perform’ or take more than you’re comfortable with, you can gradually ratchet up your tolerance so by the end of your butt plug training you’ll be riding thick cock with the best of ’em.

That’s what led to me lying on my side on the bed, right hand covered in lube and a frown of concentration on my face, trying to slide a butt plug inside me for the first time in many months.

Butt plug training stage 1: the equipment

There are very few types of physical training that you can do without equipment. Even running requires decent trainers and – in my case – both a sports bra and a normal bra, worn one on top of the other. For butt plug training, though, I am lucky to already be furnished with an embarrassment of riches.

The first one I chose was this: the ElectraStim silicone noir rocker butt plug (small, obviously). Chosen because not only was it slim, but it could also be hooked up to an ElectraStim flick pack and used to send shivery electric sensations wherever it touched my skin. What can I say? I might have started cowering at the thought of massive butt plugs, but I am always game for some mild electrocution. By this point, I’d already It was important to have a plug that did more than just sit there.

Alongside this, I also had not one but three fantastic butt plugs provided by Godemiche. Two sparkly purple ones, in ‘small’ and ‘technically medium but fairly ambitious for me’, as well as the Apex pearlescent, which is gloriously pretty and unusually shaped one. Fun fact: this last butt plug was designed by sex writers who came to Eroticon 2017, where Godemiche did some live market research and sculpting out of clay. It has a special place in my heart, as well as – naturally – my butt.

Alongside this I had lube. Lots and lots of lube.

Butt plug training stage 2: the montage

Every good training regimen needs a montage, and for mine I want you to imagine a lot of different shots of my own face, grimacing with concentration, as I try to angle plugs to slide them into my arse. Picture me testing out different positions: lying on my side on the bed, bending over in front of a mirror, half-kneeling/half-squatting on the floor with one hand reaching round to lube up my arse while gripping a butt plug between my teeth before it goes in… and finally the one that worked most easily: lying on my back on the bed with my ankles by my ears, the way I only usually lie if I’m getting fucked, leaving both hands free to work the plug inside.

It’s not easy, this. And it hits home to me just how rarely I have ever done it. I can’t remember a time in my life where I have put a butt plug in myself. I remember vividly the first time I put one in someone else, and I remember many occasions when dudes have put them in me but… when I consider doing it to myself I draw a blank. It must have happened, surely. I can’t believe that I – a massive fan of butt plugs – would only ever have had them inserted by a lover, as if I were too important to perform this task myself and required help from some sort of anal butler. But during my montage, my brain draws a blank. And all the while I’m thinking about this, what I’m definitely not doing is feeling particularly sexy.

Butt plug training stage 3: the doubt

Here’s the thing: I don’t have a particular desire to use butt plugs on my own. The thought if it doesn’t fill me with lust. I get why many people do – especially those of you with prostates – but for me the main point is to use them when I’m with someone. I want to feel the combination of a plug in my arse and a cock in my cunt, and get that delicious stretched, filled-up sensation. I want to hear my partner call me a ‘good girl’ if I can take a glass butt plug, or hear the guttural moan in the back of his throat if I can take his full dick without squirming.

On my own, though? This feels odd. I manage to get the smallest glittery butt plug in, next the ElectraStim one, and with each of them I try to spend a little time just sitting with it. Existing in this butt-plugged-up state. Walking around the house a little so I can feel the plug nudging at my insides, or bouncing on the bed (because I’m thirty four years old, and I own this bed, I am allowed to bounce on it if I fucking well want to).

At one point I even attempt a brief stroll to the corner shop. I don’t make it further than the pavement, because I’m nervous, and there are people at the bus stop down the road: as soon as I turn out of my front door I’m accosted by visions of the plug slipping out as I shuffle past them, prompting whispers and pointing and cries of “why has that girl from number 10 gone bright red and started waddling?” So I pretend I was just arranging the bins before chickening out and slipping back inside the house.

I very much enjoy wanking with them in, and I also spend some happy moments zapping my insides with electricity while I’m wearing the rocker, but most of the time it feels like there’s something missing. Or more accurately, someone.

The hardest thing about butt plug training is I’m not used to butt plugs as a solo item. For me, they have mostly been a tool to use during partnered sex. My happiest butt plug memories (“You can take this, go on. Get this plug inside you so I can feel it on my dick.” He pressed hard against the butt plug and – just as it pops into my ass – he comes with deep and powerful force right inside my cunt. “Oh that’s it. Good girl.”) are ones that include other characters.

And it’s at this point that I realise I’ve forgotten the most important aspect of any butt plug training regimen: the reward.

Butt plug training stage 4: the reward

“What’s my forfeit if I lose this round?” I ask him, and he grins. We’re playing another game of ‘sex forfeit Magic: The Gathering‘ – where the winner of each round gets to pick a hot forfeit for the loser to perform. We both know what I want my forfeit to be, and there’s no way he’s going to pass up this opportunity. I’m already squirming a little as I sit cross-legged on the carpet, with the small, sparkly effulgence plug sitting snugly inside my butt.

“The next size up,” he says. “The longer one. You’re going to slide it in, put your knickers back on, mix me a margarita, and then we’ll play again.”

“And if I lose again?” He smiles and starts to shuffle the cards. We both know that upstairs on the bed he’s laid out a smörgåsbord of sex toys: most of our butt plugs, a couple of dildos, and a big bottle of lube to go with them. Earlier in the evening I spent a bit of time performing the oddly-satisfying douching ritual, and now I am ready to take whatever he can give me.

My previous forays into butt plug training have erased the nervousness I’d normally feel about it, and instead been replaced with excitement so, naturally, I lose both games.

And then another. And another.

By the time we’re ready to stop playing, having a butt plug inside me feels so natural that the pressure it puts on the inside of my ass comes as a genuine surprise when he starts to fuck me. I’m bent over the sofa, naked from the waist down, cunt aching with that delightful tension that comes at the end of an evening full of play. He presses the head of his cock against the entrance to my cunt, and puts one firm hand on the base of the bigger plug, to anchor it in position when he enters. By this point I’m not just moaning, I’m keening – that’s how badly I want his dick.

And as his cock slides in, I can feel the butt plug filling me up and stretching me out. I know that if I hadn’t had the practice, I’d be panting and begging him “sloooower!” But as it is, I’m begging in the other direction:

“Faster, harder, get it all in. Please please please just fuck me as hard as you can.”

He slams into me, making sure to keep pressure on the plug as he does it. He can feel it pressing against his cock, the firm silicone rubbing through the walls of my cunt to make everything tighter, fuller, more intense. Meanwhile I’m scratching at the fabric of the sofa with hands that I can no longer control, and savouring the way I can feel every single inch of his dick as it slips in and out. It’s not that the butt plug itself is causing these sensations: it’s the combination. Dick plus plug plus vigorous fucking, plus the joy of having done it so easily thanks to all my hard work.

Having built up from small through medium to still-basically-medium-but-ambitious-for-me, the pleasure isn’t just in how the butt plug feels: it’s in knowing that every single stroke of that fuck is an achievement that I worked towards. It’s the difference between the way a pint tastes at 5 o’clock after a lazy day, and how it tastes at the end of a hike up Ben Nevis.

When I come, I tell him – I yell at him. “Fuck, I’m coming, don’t stop don’t fucking stop!”

Because the force that’s building in my cunt feels so strong that I’m convinced I’ll push the plug out, and his dick along with it. So when I come he grips my hips with the other hand and plunges into me harder – forcing his way past the muscles that are contracting in my cunt, and making sure that when I reach the climax, I’ve got something solid to clench around.

I worked really hard for this, and I can’t think of a better way to be rewarded.

Both ElectraStim and Godemiche support my site by buying advertising, and provided me with these butt plugs for free. They didn’t pay me to write this specific post, I just chose their toys for it because they were the ones in my collection I felt would work best for butt plug training. If you’d like to buy any of them, click the product links below and use the codes to get discounts.

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This post uses affiliate links, which means if you buy things from the shops you visit, I get a small cut which helps me keep this site running.


  • Cara Thereon says:

    I started this post chuckling, but that ending made me squirm. You earned your reward for sure.

  • Golden Hare says:

    “Anal butler”!

    I now have an image of a platter of butt plugs, covered by a silver dome, to be lifted by a besuited Jeeves, as he raises an enquiring eyebrow regarding Madam’s choice tonight…

  • Steve says:

    I would love to hear more about that vivid recollection of your first time inserting a butt plug into someone:)

  • HD says:

    I’m quite a fan of solo use butt plugs.
    I remember quite recently when Husband came home from work after what would appear to be a standard crappy day.
    He jumped in the shower whilst I lay on the bed. We chatted through the wall about mundane things like how Emma in accounts was definitely the bitch using his coffee in the kitchen all the while I was head down arse up on the bed testing out different butt plugs. He came out the shower to find me pulling out a rather large set of anal beads and sat in the bay window whilst watching and continued the conversation. Somehow he just knows when to observe and when to participate

  • Ivan says:

    When I moved to London, I met a girl who introduced me to receiving and giving anal and becoming more considerate lover. She taught me that for me to take, I need to give first and that is sign of true equality. So I really wanted to fuck her in the ass and she was open to it although she called my almost 20 cm cock the Bulgarian monster. She was pretty tiny but liked to use big dildos in her pussy and ass. A lot of times she would tease me by tying me up and insert a dildo in her pussy and her ass while sitting on my chest, spreading her legs to give me a good view and tell me how i don’t get to fuck the pussy or the ass bc i’m bad boy and how she doesn’t need my cock. I didn’t know that at the time, but apparently good boys offer their ass to their girls, offer themselves and beg to be fucked before they stick their cock somewhere nice. This was my punishment for not being real man and bending over so she can fuck my ass with a big dildo. The deal was before I can put monster in her ass, she needed to show me how to be gentle and considerate and that, I should have no problem taking her buttplug and dildo cock of equal or greater length and girth. Otherwise, how she will know if I will be gentle and not embarrass her in front of her friends?

    All good points made, so I agreed to be real man and have her put big inflatable butt plug. That was Amazing and i experienced vibrators too as warm up. then she put on very big thick pink vibrating strap on cock and put more lubrication on it and told me to bend on all 4 and open my ass and beg to be fucked like real man. I got to ride strapons, have collection of dildos and vibrators and enjoy buttplugs very much as well as sybians and other mechanical toys of joy!

    This was great education! After that experience, I opened up to all other girls after and I have encouraged them to explore my ass with toys as well as to allow me to explore theirs. When I meet a new girl, I have her go to my night stand and open the drawer. Usually the reaction is one of shock when she sees the butt plugs, dildos and vibrators and strapons-some are quite large. There is even more of shock when I say I use them. After the initial shock/horror/red face, a lot of time the reaction from girls is “Are you for real? Are you gay? Don’t know how to say this but I would love to watch you insert a dildo in your bum-that’s really hot. Or I have always wanted to try fucking a guy with a strapon but didn’t know how to ask, can we try this?”

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