Spit: all the ways I love using spit during fucking

Image by the amazing Stuart F Taylor

We all like this, right? Saliva? It’s nature’s lube. It occurred to me this morning, as I was giving a boy a sayonara blow job before I ran off home, that it’s not just good because it makes things wet – it’s the sound of it, too. And the look and the sensation and – oh, everything. I fucking love spit.

Listen to that word:


The sound and the filth and the fact that it’s a bit taboo. In countries like China it’s quite common for people to spit on the floor. But here it’s not OK. People are disgusted by the noise, by the fat goblets of saliva left rudely in the middle of the pavement. It’s disgusting, common, crass.

And so the only time we do it, the only time we can get away with it, is when we’re fucking. And holy fuck it’s good when we’re fucking.

Spit-lubed blow jobs

I like to see the trailing strings of it running from my lips to the head of your cock. I like to pull my face back and spit on the end. I like to run my fingers over the wetness, gently slicking the smoothness around the head of your cock.

Sometimes I’ll grab your dick with my hand and pull up, until my hand makes a cup that I can drool into, just so I can run it back down your cock and feel the wetness spreading right to the base.


I like when you try to kiss me while we’re fucking. The rhythm and the power means we frequently miss, but the desperation of trying to eat each other means that I can smell your saliva on my face – around my mouth – the smell of boys.

Buttsex: spit on me

When you’re fucking me from behind I love to hear you spit onto your fingers, so you can push them into my ass.

I like you to spit on your own cock, or to push my head there and order me to.

“There’s no lube, so you’d better fucking spit on this.”

There’s nothing dries your mouth up quite like the panic of having to do it. Of you making me do it. So I try to spit. Because maybe if I try hard I’ll get to feel the warmth of our mingled saliva on the shaft of your cock as it slides into me.


And when I’m tired, or drunk, or otherwise incapable of getting slick at the first sign of play, I don’t want you to roll over and forget about shagging me.

I want you to bury your face in my cunt. And spit. Be determined – spit. Make me wet so you can fuck me.

Spit on your fingers and force them in. Do it again. Spit on your hand and rub it around my clit. Let me writhe against you as you make it nice and wet. Then flip me onto my back and fuck me.

I just… ah…

And while you’re fucking me, as you hold my hands behind my head or put both your hands around my throat, or just push me down and slam yourself as deep inside me as you can go… As you shove your cock nice and hard into my spit-filled cunt, and I open my mouth to cry out in lust:

“Oh. Fuck. Please. Fuck. Pleasepleaseplease.”

I want you to put one hand on my face, use your thumb to prize my lips apart, and then spit in my goddamn mouth.


  • Totally anonymous username says:


    Sadly, I can rarely manage to produce much spit, perhaps my body evening out how wet my cunt gets (wet enough not to need any lube when my arse is being fucked.) But I love being spat on, preferably after my face has been slapped a few times and is stinging.

    • Associate of TAU says:

      I think you’re forgetting how much of a wet patch you can produce when having your face fucked (and I’m referring here to the wet patch at the head end).

  • BoJo says:

    Spit, the ubiquitous lubricant. It will re-activate hydrophilic lubes. Pussy spitting sounds fun, I will try it soon. Spit is an excellent pre-lube for masturbation of clit or cock. I respectfully spit in your general direction.

  • Daisy says:

    I’m new to the world of spit-in-sex but Oh My Goodness, it’s hot. There is this split second, when I’m face down and I hear my boyfriend spit, before I feel the wet hit my asshole, that makes my heart nearly stop.
    And when he’s fucking me and spits in my face…sometimes it’s right in my mouth and that makes my pussy spasm around his cock, but sometimes it just hits my face and he smears it over my skin and into my mouth with his thump or fingertips, and slides his fingers into my mouth too.
    Instant fucking orgasm.

  • Daisy says:

    *Thumb. thumb not thump. That would be quite different!

  • Steve says:

    My wife and I absolutely love spit during sex. That long strand between the end of my cock and her mouth; being so much that she can rub my arsehole and slide a finger or two in as she sucks me; having rough angry sex face-to-face as her spit drips from her mouth onto my face; or those times when she just says “use my arsehole tonight”.

    That kind of sex usually works best after a bottle of wine. Well perhaps not the anal bit – we all know that fine line where the woman is relaxed enough but the man can keep a hard enough hardon.

  • Swinger says:

    Great post. Great blog generally! I’ve put my own thoughts about spitting on my blog, if anyone cares.


  • Imogen says:

    I actually groaned at the last sentence. Ungh.

  • Lemur says:

    How did he learn to face-spit with perfect timing and so hard? I was on the edge of the bed with legs wide up and he stood over me, he had me pulled into a ball with his forearm around the back of my neck to watch his cock going in and out up close. The second I looked up WAP spit shotgun slap of spray on my whole face. I thought that he didn’t have any more spit and he let me relax back a bit to pound deeper and just the second when I lifted my head to look suddenly WAP again without warning this happened three more times every time I thought he was out of spit probably but every time I got tricked the second I lifted my eyes to him. It stung my face he spit so hard. Until now I had no idea the power of the element of timing and surprise in excellent face spitting.

  • Peter says:

    Fuck meeeee is love to meet you! You just made my cock hard at work! Now spit on it for me!! :)

  • Orion Goobdody says:

    Me drooling endlessly in her mouth and her liking it and wanting more and never stopping the kiss, her tongue in constant motion, mine dipping in, large and filling under her tongue is almost the same as me sucking on her cunt and her filling my stomach with her gallon of watery piss.

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