Forced orgasm: the fantasy I’m working to fulfil

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This post discusses forced orgasm, which is sometimes a part of consensual non-consent play. I assure you I’d only ever want to do this to a guy who was 100% up for playing this role, but if forced orgasm is not your thing, look away now.

I want to watch a man being milked of his spunk. While he bites his lip and holds back, and screws his eyes tight shut to concentrate on something – anything – else. A guy who is being forced to come, at the same time as he’s been ordered to try not to.

This fantasy probably comes from a few places, but there are two scenes that stick out in my mind when I think of forced orgasm. The first, a short clip someone sent me a long time ago (before I knew that clip sites were bad and you should pay for your porn) of a guy wrapped almost entirely in cling film. He was blindfolded, and his hands were wrapped tight to his sides by layers and layers of film. His body was packed tightly against a rigid board, and he was on his knees. The only thing sticking out of the layers of translucent plastic was his twitching, aching cock.

A woman knelt in front of him with her hands covered in lube, rubbing away at his shining erection. It was at peak stiffness – you know what that looks like, right? When the skin on the head of his dick looks so tight it is almost painful to see, and when the lubed hand sliding up and down meets no resistance or give whatsoever: it’s like his cock is made of granite.

He moaned through the gag while she wanked him off. Faster, slicker, harder. She was working it with vigorous skill – neat, swift strokes with a slight twist as she slid down from tip to base. As she sped up, his moans got louder and she whispered things to him that weren’t audible on the video. I imagined she was telling him: “don’t you dare come yet.”

He came. In thick, straight jets arcing quickly out of his cock. Five or six of them. And here’s the thing: she didn’t miss a beat. She kept going. Firm, twisting, slick strokes up and down his dick, even perhaps speeding up a little as he reached the end of orgasm. His whole body started to tremble and he cried out in what sounded like pain.

“Want me to stop?”

“Y… no. No.”

So she kept on. Firm, vigorous, quick. And his cock that had been like granite before stayed as hard as it ever was – perhaps redder and slicker, but still just as hard.

And within one more minute of her skilful stroking, he let out a moan that was pitched at exactly the midpoint between agony and ecstasy.

And then he squirted again.

Forced orgasms are mesmerising. And I’m not even naturally dominant. The idea of being the one working the dick, while a guy simpers and shudders and begs me “wait aah oh no please don’t stop” sounds like a difficult scene to play. I’d have to get out of my natural submissive headspace and head to a dominant place I’ve not been to much before. Trying on a new character for size, and playing to him like I’m performing. I love the idea of forced orgasm and involuntary milking, but I’m not sure I love the idea of having to pretend to be someone I’m not.

But there’s a solution to this.

Another video – again, sent to me by a friend a long, long time ago – showed me a machine that would do the milking for me.

In it, a man was led to what looked like a wooden wall with a glory hole cut in the middle, and bolts at ankle, waist and wrist height. He was secured tightly to the wall with his stiff cock sticking through the hole. He couldn’t see what was on the other side, but as with the first guy his cock was tight and hard like rock, with a drop of precome shining slickly at the tip.

I can’t remember anything about the person who set this up – the one who led him to the wall and chained him there, and then disappeared around the other side. They could have been anyone. I don’t remember their height, looks, gender or even whether they were fully-clothed or naked. My eyes were locked on this chained, eager-looking man.

The camera panned out and you saw that on the other side of the wall there was a machine. It was a huge, unwieldy thing: a Fleshlight strapped to a fucking machine that was the size of an armchair. The dominant person – whoever they might have been – wheeled the machine forward, lubed up the delightfully rock-solid cock that was poking through the wall, and then turned the machine on.

Alternating between shots of the machine sucking and stroking away at his dick, and the facial expressions of the guy getting his dick stroked, the video documented a journey from his initial relief – the satisfaction of feeling his desperate cock finally entering something warm and soft and pleasurable – through the moaning build up to his climax, and then the inevitable howls as it kept going after he came.

And then? Then back to pleasure again. That’s the forced orgasm moment I’m after – that point when the scales tip and for a tiny second he wants to say ‘no’, then immediately realises it’s much more of a ‘yes’.

More quickly than I’d ever have thought possible, like the first guy, he bit his lip and pushed through to a second orgasm, shuddering violently and rattling the wall restraints as he let out the final dribble of spunk that had been inside him all along.

That’s the forced orgasm fantasy I’m obsessed with at the moment. It’s not dominance, exactly, because I don’t see myself in this scene. I’m the architect – the one who creates and sets up the machine and presses ‘on’, then sits back in an armchair and watches as my willing, blindfolded, granite-hard man gets milked of all the spunk he knew was there inside him… and then a little bit extra that he didn’t even know he had in him.

I think I’ve found a way of doing this. A combination of a Fleshlight Launch, a custom-built table rig, quite a few restraints and a guy who’s keen to please me.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

You can now see the results of this – how I built a custom mount for my Fleshlight Launch, and what happened when I used it on a willing volunteer


  • KP says:

    Fuck yeah. I’ve had wanking through the orgasm into pain to satisfy a sadist Domme but never through the other side to orgasm again – I didn’t even realise that was a thing. Sounds fucking awesome though (and the post-orgasm pain IS excruciating but also nnnnfff).

  • Jessy says:

    So happy you wrote this. This is the kind of fantasy I enjoy too. It’s like post orgasm torture. And the moans, oh the moans, I’m all in it to hear that.

  • Claus says:

    Assuming your test guy was willing, you (and he) might enjoy adding a prostate massager into the mix, if you’d like to maximise the “milking” effect.

  • Mrs Fever says:

    I do love the noises they make when you just.keep.going. And the stay-hard (hardER sometimes) of post-orgasmic stroking is an utterly fascinating delight.

    A very hot fantasy.

    And there should be a DIY show for kinksters. Your flashlight/rigging/restraint project would be one of those fun “this is how you _________” things to watch from beginning build to (second, forced) orgasmic end. :D

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Oh, you have such a lovely way with words…

    As you note, this is a fetish which is totally achievable IRL, if potentially tricky/expensive to set up. But forced ‘milking machines’ definitely exist (though I believe the ones I’ve seen usually use a vacuum pump rather than a vibrating cock sleeve).

    My favourite video on the subject had the man held in a latex vacuum bed, so the poor guy was unable to even move, just make noises… bliss. :)

    And the fun thing about forced orgasm scenes is that (with a somewhat different mechanical setup) they work with women too! A fetish that everyone can enjoy.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oooh the vac bed thing sounds AMAZING! That would be a serious investment though =) The Launch isn’t a vibrating sleeve though – it’s one that goes back and forth. It’s also got a feature where you can hook it up to certain VR porn films and it’ll move in time to the action on screen. So I’m thinking that plus a VR headset (which will also act as kind of a blindfold) and headphones for immersion, plus some restraints so he can’t move. But I made my custom rig a while ago and we haven’t been in *exactly* the right mood to try it exactly how I want it yet, because I am for some reason very shy about doing all the set up and then presenting him with it… like ‘ta daaaa! I made this entire thing and it took ages and now here’s my fantasy let’s fulfil it’ – it’s quite a lot of pressure, so we need to time it right. This week sometime though, for sure. I am excited =)

      • M says:

        fascinated to see your setup, any chance of you posting a photo of it? …. for a friend…

        • Girl on the net says:

          Oh yeah =) I’ll post pics and I might even do a ‘how I made this’ post with step by steps. I’m quite proud of it! Thanks for asking – I promise pics will be forthcoming!

  • Jon says:

    I’ve enjoyed this a few times but once you have it, you just want more… to go further, experience more intensity. Tied and helpless as I’m milked, no mercy from the machine… it’s often said that men are so focused on their cocks, but this would really reinforce that focus.

  • David W. says:

    Oh my gosh. This has been a fantasy of mine for a looong time. I fantasized myself strapped firmly to a table as a woman stood over me and jerked me off commanding me not to cum, saying she would keep stroking me if I came. I held back from orgasm for as long as I could… but eventually, I had no choice and came. That is when the post orgasm torture started. I pulled at the restraints moaning in sweet sensitive agony as she kept going. I BEGGED her to stop but she wouldn’t, she just continued smiling a sweetly devious smile.

    After reading this post I simply couldn’t contain myself. Picturing myself in the position of the man you described. Meeting an unknown woman in underwear, socks, or lingerie. Us smiling at each other as I undressed and she led me to the place of this act. Letting her firmly strap me to a wall or table with a cold machine, calculated and without sympathy, tugging away at me on the other side. The anxiety I feel as she tightens the restraints, lubes me, wheels the machine over, inserts me into it, turns it on, and walks away. The machine does its work completely out of my view bringing me terrifyingly closer to orgasm and then not stopping. Eventually I can no longer hold back. I cum. I can feel the terror and the agony. I am screaming and not knowing if it is even possible to cum a second time. The machine, never tiring, continues its work for the following minutes, all while the female architect of this painful pleasure sits nearby, aroused and smiling at her work. Consensual non-consent. Just wow.

    I am a male 19 year old virgin, and I know I will never get to fulfill this fantasy. I have dabbled in post-orgasm-torture, but it is hard to truly torture yourself when you are the one doing the torturing. I am sorry for writing a book, and for the gory detail, but I just wanted to get my visions across. I want to thank you for improving my fantasy, and I hope one day you get to carry out yours. Thanks from U.S.A.

  • Gagged Boy says:

    I love the idea of being forced to an orgasm, as I enjoy a lot of the kinky bondage and roleplay stuff and wondered, how do you like the idea of a kidnapping?
    Imagine a guy getting grabbed from behind, smothered with a strange smelling cloth, a short struggle, muffled cries, that soon turn into moans as he gets weaker and weaker, till he is all helpless and when he wakes up his hands and legs are tied, he can´t see thanks to a blindfold and tape covers his mouth.
    And like that, he starts to feel soft hands explore his body, fondling him as he starts to struggle and protest, yells into his gag, while the hands move over to his pants and teasingly open and pull them down, to rub his cock and get him hard against his will.
    I really like forced fun and wonder how do you think about this idea?
    Please let me know, as a female POV is pretty rare when it comes to a man being forced.

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