Tenga Flip Hole masturbator: a spaceship you can fuck

Image courtesy of SheVibe

Welcome to the first in a series of sex-toy focused posts by me, Luke – your sex toy correspondent. Today I want to tell you why the Tenga Flip Hole is my favourite sex toy. If you, or anyone you love, has a penis that they enjoy using in a masturbatory context, you should buy this toy. If I’m brutally honest, I have had sex less satisfying than an evening to myself with my Tenga Flip Hole. This is a proper ‘light some candles, pour yourself a bath and put on some Barry White’ level treat-yo-self wank.

[Note from GOTN: I wanted to get some more sex toy focused content up here, because people often ask me for recommendations, and affiliate links (which this article contains) help me make a bit of money. But I’m not great at weighing up the pros and cons of each fucktoy, and as explained last week I don’t want to get too reliant on my partner when it comes to reviewing dick toys. So I have asked sex toy expert Luke to write a few sex-toy-focused posts for me. Luke has worked in the sex toy industry for several years at both gay and straight establishments, on shop-floors and backrooms and offices. Peddling dildos to the great and good (and the bad and nasty) he has seen it all, and is largely unshockable – which is useful, in the sex toy trade. He Knows His Shit and is a funny and brilliant writer, so enjoy this and look forward to more articles from him in future. For his first piece, I asked him to tell us about his favourite sex toy ever, which turns out to be the Tenga Flip Hole.] 

What’s so good about this masturbator?

The sleek design makes it more aesthetically pleasing than the remarkably obvious can-shaped utilised by most other cocksleeve toys, and to the casual observer could probably pass for a bit of modern art, or a speaker. I’m not advocating that you just leave it out and about on your mantelpiece (that’s a lie, I am 100% doing that, what a fucking power move. Do this and send me pictures) but if you’ve got the right kind of chic modern home you might be able to get away with it.

To actually use the toy requires flipping it round (hence the name) and removing the cover, which then slots neatly on the back end of the toy to hold the two halves together. It’s got an excellent array of textures that vary throughout the full length of the toy, making it a treat for the cock each and every time and at every point of contact.

The nodes, nodules, ridges and chambers that comprise of the toy’s insides look like something you’d see in Star Trek – hell, this whole toy is some sci-fi delight and looks, in the bluntest terms, kind of like a spaceship you can fuck. It’s the sort of sex toy you can imagine the cast of Star Trek Discovery going to town on in between time travel and bad Klingon business. Tenga’s entire design philosophy when it comes to sex toys is to avoid replicating what exists already and instead focus on creating something entirely unique.

White tube with silver panel in center, and three buttons on the panel - this is the Tenga Flip Hole white

Image courtesy of SheVibe

Tenga Flip Hole in use

It’s well-sized and well distributed, so dicks of all shapes and sizes will find it satisfying and fun to use, and each stroke hits several different pleasure points. Longer and thicker penises may have trouble getting through the entrance hole – however, this can easily be remedied by popping your penis in before closing the toy, and sliding the base on afterwards. Apply some water-based lube before you begin – going in dry is *not* advised, and will result in a pretty un-cum-fortable time. PUNS.

Once you’re in, the Tenga Flip Hole uses your standard wanking motion to operate, with the cushioned side panels letting you adjust the amount of squeeze per stroke and vary the pace. This is done via three separate ‘buttons’ – putting pressure on these will let you apply it towards the base, middle, and tip of the toy (and the cock within it) for a more controlled experience.

These panels also give a cheeky feel of peen whilst you’re using the toy, adding a little extra human element. This is a particular bonus if you’re using it with a partner, as they still get the satisfying feeling of gripping a dick, and you still get to feel like someone is gripping your dick. What a victory!

The range of grip and sensation make this an excellent toy for partnered play – you can use it to spice up some mutual masturbation, or as an aid for the sore elbow that handjobs sometimes bring. It’s also a great way to provide a bit of penis-focused fun during anal play – if the dick-haver is bottoming but still wants something to put their dick in, this is a great place to pick.

Let’s talk about after-care! The Flip series are incredibly easy to clean once you’re done – there’s no need to pull out the inner sleeve like with a lot of other stroker toys, you can just slide off the end bit, run it under some cold water, and rinse it out. After that, the end bit doubles as a handy stand for your toy to air-dry on.

Image of the Tenga Flip Hole flipped open with detail on the texture inside the toy

Image courtesy of SheVibe

Should I buy the Tenga Flip Hole?

In terms of price point, the Tenga Flip series is on the medium-high level, generally sitting between £70-90 depending on retailer. Designed to last for at least 100 uses (that’s 70-90p per wank, economy fans), the squishy-yet-firm ridges of the Tenga Flip Hole will probably last well beyond that.

This toy is a personal favourite and one that I would heartily recommend to anyone curious about stroker toys. Tenga have a sizable range of strokers, and whilst the Flip Hole is very much a top-end one, it’s also their best.

You can get the Tenga Flip Hole from Harmony in black or white for the extra-nice price of £69.99, or from SheVibe in the US for $99


  • TK says:

    Displaying your Tenga toys on your proverbial mantelpiece indeed is a great power move towards healing sexual shame. I can think of countless examples of such moves related to my ownership of Tenga products, starting from actually buying one, admitting to my wife that I own one, letting it air-dry openly in the bathroom, etc.etc.

    (This blog comment was written on a laptop with a Tenga sticker on the lid. Fuck yeah.)

  • Jeff says:

    That’s fantastc, man. :)

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