Get fucked: a pervy girl’s guide

Picture by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

There are plenty of advice articles on how to fuck. They’ll give instructions on what to do, where to touch, and – if you’re lucky – how to find out exactly what will make your partner scream ‘HOLY FUCK YES’ in the middle of an orgasmic spasm.

But I’m a connoisseur of a role that’s often painted as ‘passive’: I like to fuck, but more than that I like to get fucked. And there are many different, active ways to get fucked: it’s not just a case of lying there like a cat that’s got some particularly salty cream. Let me take you through a few filthy examples…

Get fucked romantically

Slow moans, lots of lip-biting. Squeezing tight around whoever’s fucking you, and lingering over every single touch. Like you’re in an old-school chocolate advert and you need to savour every mouthful.

This is the kind of fuck the lead characters in a rom com have when they finally get together, but much much hotter because it’s real, and that pounding ache in your cunt is entirely unscripted.

Get fucked coquettishly

Where you’re playing innocent, like ‘do what you want’, with a coy smile and a hope they’ll choose to do something that makes them feel a bit filthy. Soft whispers and questions that nudge but never demand: ‘do you want to fuck me in the ass?’

Bat your eyelashes as you say it. Allow a twitch of nervousness to show on your face, like you’ve never done it before. As if you aren’t gagging for them to take you up on the offer.

Get fucked enthusiastically

This one’s all about the wide-eyed joy. The slightly-louder-than-usual noises of appreciation. It’s a panted ‘holy fuck yes yes there!’ Fingers digging into his back, or gripping his arse and pulling him in so it happens at just the right angle. It’s me being able to brace my legs against the bed and fuck back against him – nudging him towards the rhythm that I need.

Get fucked like he’s serving you

Him: pounding hard at my cunt, with beads of sweat gathering on his forehead. Me: rubbing vigorously at my clit, eyes closed, lips pursed in an expression of determination. This fuck says ‘I need to come and the best way to do it is when your dick’s just hard enough and in just the right place.’ He’s not there to bestow orgasms on me – he’s there because a specific part of his anatomy will ever-so-slightly enhance my delight.

It feels nicer to come when there’s a dick for me to clamp down on.

Get fucked like you cannot handle it

This one combines ‘your dick is so big’ with ‘I’m a dirty girl’ – this way to get fucked involves slight expressions of pain. Usually in a deep position, when he slams right against the back of my cervix and I know I’ll be sore tomorrow, but I cannot bring myself to want him to stop, because oh God of course I don’t want him to stop.

Ow. Fuck. Ouch. Keep going. Please don’t stop. Pleasepleaseplease.

My favourite way to get fucked: uncontrollable self-pleasure to the point of actual pain. Like I’m gorging on pudding and my stomach aches but I can’t bring myself to put down the spoon.

Get fucked like you’re not supposed to

As if it’s bad or naughty or banned. Examples: when your friends are in the next room and you whisper ‘ssssh’, or hold your own hands over your mouth to stop yourself crying out. When you’re in a pub toilet and you have to brace against the door because the lock’s broken. When you look into each other’s eyes and see not just pleasure there but complicity in a shared secret.

Get fucked like you’re a toy

Half your body pushed under the coffee table, so just your backside sticks out in the air. You’re face-down in the carpet and they’re holding your hips to brace themselves, telling you to stay perfectly still when you had no intention of moving.

Get fucked playfully

As a challenge to see who can come the quickest, or who can hold on longest before they melt into post-orgasmic indifference.

Get fucked like you’re there to soothe

When you wake in the middle of the night to hear him rubbing frantically at his dick, desperate for the orgasmic release that might just get him to sleep at 4 am. And you murmur ‘come here. Fuck me. There.’

When he moans slightly in the back of his throat at how good your wet cunt feels around his dick and you murmur: ‘that’s it. That’s good’ as he shudders and comes inside you.

Get fucked like it’s a gift

And say ‘thank you’ afterwards, as your trembling hands fumble for the wet knickers you left on the floor.

Get fucked angrily

Like the only way to burn off a fight is to fuck like you still need to win.

Roll over and get fucked like you can’t bear to look at them.

Roll over and get fucked like you need them in you now.

Get fucked like it’s the first or last time ever. Get fucked playfully, happily, angrily or like you’re lazy and you don’t want to move.

There are many, many ways to get fucked.


This post is also available as audio. Click ‘listen now’ above or head to the audio porn hub for more filthy blog posts read aloud. 

Naturally there are plenty of additions to this – getting fucked with toys, on top of buildings, in malfunctioning lifts, etc. But I mainly wanted to highlight the styles – that ‘getting fucked’ is about more than just spreading ’em and lying there. It’s about atmosphere, reaction and attitude. Above are all my favourites, but if I’ve missed any of your favourite ways to get fucked, please do add them in the comments. 


  • Mrs Fever says:


    *slow clap*

    Getting fucked is SO much more thanvit’s typically portrayed to be.

    I would add:

    Get fucked like you’re a queen bestowing a favor. Full with raised eyebrows and puckered lips, “no, not that way – THIS way, silly boy” and ever-so-condescendingly obliging movements.

    And, for getting fucked in the ass, especially (and pegging – ohfuckyes): Get fucked like a skittish but attention-hungry kitten. The mewly sounds, the run-away/escape but wait nonono, stroke me, keep stroking me, the squeaks and purrs, the scrabbling followed by pushing for more… Oh, yes. Delightful. :)

  • Fuckcraft says:

    Usually I have sex with my wife in style “she is an ancient sex goddess with cum covering her breasts and filling her ass, clit is hyper sensitive from excessive masturbation”. I’m just a pilgrim, filled with a beautiful mix of admiration, hard boner and feeling filthy from the fact that I’m encouraging her endless desire.

  • test acc says:

    You missed the get fucked like you have no interest and are already half asleep and are pondering what to pack in the kids lunch boxes tomorrow :(

  • kjsisco says:

    It’s good to get a woman’s point of view. I love hard and fast fucking personally

  • oodles says:

    #3 for me last night ;)

  • Uula says:

    Fuck or get fucked like there is nothing special going on. For example, I am hard just by seeing her wet appetite ass. She lays down on the bed’s edge and lifts skirt while already being SO wet. I rush in just to cum ASAP. And in the process in between moans and “Oh-yeses” we discuss our breakfast)))

    Or she sucks me when I’m playing some crappy game. Or I lick her when she watches some boring series. Etc)))

  • pinkgilly15 says:

    Getting fucked roughly for his pleasure.. bit like a toy, but with way more on him to use you. God this is what I just love.

  • OxyfromSg says:

    And now for a shower 🚿💦😍

  • Kittenwitten says:

    Same bestie I relate sm Yk like when we fight for food at the end Yk? Fuck I’m getting rlly wet after reading this 💦😉 I love when his cum shoots up after worshiping me and then we fight over food, I remember I bite 2 of his toes off for a piece of bread

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