Use me, please use me

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

This incredible piece – ‘use me’ – is written and read by Robyn of Robyn Eats Everything and originally appeared on their website. 

You seem stressed today, darling. A little frazzled around the edges, as though you’re tired of everything and everyone. What do you need? I know, how about you fuck my throat until it’s raw?

I’ll kneel down here in front of you, my hands clasped behind my back, and you can use my mouth however you wish. That’s it, grab my hair; grab it hard. Harder. Drag my mouth over your solid dick and fuck it. Yes, just like that; doesn’t that make you feel better? Fuck my throat as hard as you want to.

You never care how much you make me gag. It’s clear how much you like it when you choke me and I struggle for breath; whatever you need, darling. The way you’re using my face for your own pleasure is ridiculously hot; you can’t tell, but feeling you violate my throat is making me dripping wet. I know I can’t touch myself though, because this is all for you. I am all for you.

Shove my head deep onto your cock like that again. Yes, please, again. All I am right now is a throat, and a tongue, and lips, and all yours. I can feel your dick twitch and I know you’re going to fill my mouth any second. Hold my tear-soaked cheeks a little firmer and give my face one last thrust…

Use me.


You seem happy today, darling. A little cheerier than usual, a little more upbeat. You know I adore it when you’re like this. What do you need? I know, how about you cover my body in cum?

I’ll lie still on the bed so you can look down upon me; look at all of this naked flesh that’s yours. Seeing you release your cock from your fly always takes my heavy breath away. Command me to lie perfectly still, as though I’m your perfect doll, your perfect object, your perfect view, because this is all for you. I am all for you.

All I can do is watch your beautiful hand, stroking your beautiful cock. I’m not allowed to meet your eye, I know the rules, but I can watch; I can watch exactly how my static body makes you feel. That’s it, grip your dick harder. Spit on your hand again. Spit on my face, as you catch my fingertips squeezing my thigh; I’ll pretend I didn’t mean to.

Hearing you call me an absolute whore as you get close is all the reward I need. Yes, I’m a whore; I’m your whore. Now, beat your rigid dick harder and give us what we both need. I know you won’t even look at me as you cum, and that’s the way I like it. Yes, that’s it, darling; paint me, cover me, mark me as yours…

Please, use me.


You seem angry today, darling. Cross, thunderous. It’s as though you’re a god about to tear the world in two. What do you need? I know, how about you take all that anger out on my cunt?

Rip my laptop away from my fingers and lift me up by my wrists; show me how strong you are, darling. You’re looking for where you’re going to push me down, aren’t you? Desk, sofa, or floor? Oh desk; a perfect choice. Shove my face down into that wood hard enough for me to taste the grain and kick my legs apart.

I can hear you spitting on yourself, but there’s really no need; my cunt is wet enough. Yes, keep your hand on the back of my head as you force your cock into me; I love feeling every drop of your strength and weight all at once. That’s it, slam yourself inside me, stretch me, bruise me, over and over and over. Make my cunt yours.

Maybe you didn’t hear me when I cried out in pain, maybe you were too busy driving your dick into me, but it’s OK; I like it really. Even though your balls are smacking my clit in just the right place I don’t want to cum, because this is all for you. I am all for you. Don’t get distracted from releasing all your anger inside me. Fuck, yes, do me even harder…

Yes, use me.


You seem bored today, darling. So lacklustre and weary. What do you need? I know, how about we play a fun little game?

Make me strip for you. Don’t ask nicely; order me. Know that right now I’ll do whatever you say. That’s it, darling, sit back, watch me, light a cigar; let your eyes slowly devour every inch. Yes, I might linger a little longer as I bend forward and slide this silken stocking down my thigh, because I know how much you enjoy this part.

I know that little nod means I should sit and open my legs wide for you; I read you perfectly. You want to see how wet you can make me, don’t you? You want to see how close you can push me to that delirious edge without falling. You want to see. My fingertips are already pressed firmly onto my clit, because this is all for you. I am all for you.

Fuck, I love the look in your eyes right now, that twisted smirk. And you love seeing me bite my lip as I watch you watching me. Every sweep of my finger across my wet skin is bliss and it sucks the air from my lungs. Thank you, thank you for making me do this for you. Please, please let me beg you to cum…

Fuck, use me.


You seem confident today, darling. You’re cocky, a little more sure of yourself. You could take on anything, anyone, today and win by a mile. What do you need? I know, how about you pull me over your lap and spank me?

Oh, so we’re starting hard today; I like that. Firm, closed strikes right on the globe of my naked cheek. You know it won’t take long to make my skin blush, I know that’s what you want to see. I’ll squirm just so that you can command me to keep still, because this is all for you. I am all for you.

Clasp your hand over my mouth as I cry out, silence me; all you need to hear is that sharp spank and my muffled pain. Your hand gently rubbing my warming skin, soothing me, is one of my favourite sensations. That moment as you lift away and I realise another sweet impact is close, that’s even better.

That’s it, slap my cunt. I’ll pretend it was by accident, the sound that escapes my lips will be one of shock. I’ll pretend that you slipped as my thighs gaped, but we both know you meant it. I love how you tease me. Please, do it again. You deserve this, this feeling. You deserve the world. But before you claim it, claim me…

You seem like you need me today, darling; let me use you.



If you enjoyed ‘Use me’, check out more of Robyn’s incredible work over at their website, and hear more sexy stories read aloud at the free audio porn hub. 


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