Guest blog: Fucked bent over the desk

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The vast majority of my own wank fantasies feature someone getting bent over something. The arm of a sofa, a spanking bench and – of course – bent over the desk. The desk is one of the sexiest bits of furniture, in my opinion, far hotter than a bed or a sofa. Rendered even hotter if that desk happens to be one in your office, where workplace fucking is technically forbidden. If you feel the same, you’ll absolutely love the latest post from @ht_honey (whose blog you can find at Happy Come Lucky, plus read her fabulous guest blogs on sub drop and giggling in kink here!), where she tells us in delicious detail about a hot office fuck bent over the desk…

Fucked bent over the desk

It’s a cliché, the workplace over the desk fuck. One for our imaginations, for filthy ideas whilst texting, for the fantasy of when I’m rich and famous and have the big office that has that desk. My fantasies don’t get as far as working out what job I would need to apply for to have that office with that desk: the opulence and expanse of it adds to the fantasy. My fantasy workplace fuck definitely doesn’t include my tiny, crowded desk that faces a wall in a small office. That doesn’t seem sexy and hot.

But it is. It is ridiculously hot. Everything is on the list of “shouldn’t.” I shouldn’t fuck at work. I shouldn’t want to fuck my co-workers. I shouldn’t let a co-worker know that I want to fuck them. I shouldn’t close my office door, spread my legs and make myself come. I shouldn’t, but…

It is very rare for everything to align correctly but once in a while the people who are usually far too present are all elsewhere. And when that happens, happiness follows.

We both keep an eye out for opportunities. We dance through the days and weeks making sure the other knows what we are thinking about… and then it happens. A day that looks possible. Sometimes the promise turns into a tease and doesn’t pay off. But sometimes, everything falls right.

My cunt clenches when he looks at me with the look that makes me know that he wants me and I know without checking that his cock is hard. I know that he is enjoying watching me try to cover the primal whimper that he triggers while I am faking being professional in front of others. The impact that the eyebrow raise, the lip bite and the eyes looking me up and down has on my body is out of all proportion to those actions.

By the time he walks into my office and closes the door behind him, I drop immediately to my knees, pulling his trousers to wrap my lips straight around his cock. No one can see, but I suck and worship his cock as if my life depends on it, as if I have been starving for it. At some point, his belt and keys get removed and put to one side. The jingle of them makes too much noise.

That’s the thing. Or rather, one of the things that makes it so intense. I moan and whimper and purr but when we are in my office, I have to be silent. If a noise escapes me, we pause to check no one has heard – those few seconds of staying still with his cock nudging my tonsils, holding until I can move again.

One of us will pull back and – being spare with words – ask, “Fuck?”

And just like that, I’m up off my knees, pulling my dress up and knickers down to bend straight over the desk.

That deep gasp as I take the first thrust, the grin on my face as my eyes roll at how much he fills me. My desperation to stay as silent as I can whilst I really want to be completely primal. It’s a quiet functional fuck but that doesn’t do it justice. It’s so hot and intense that words don’t really capture it. My cunt is squeezing so tight around him. All I want to do is make him come. I cannot get enough of the feeling of him getting close and then when he shoots his load.

Sometimes he comes fucking me over my desk. Sometimes he pulls out and I drop back to my knees and take him the rest of the way with my mouth. Sometimes he asks me what I want and I am too greedy to answer because what I want is to make this gorgeous man come and I don’t mind which part of my body is used for his cum.

Once done, we clean up and try to hide our grins enough to go back to being colleagues getting on with our work.


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  • Valery North says:

    Surprised this hasn’t got any comments yet, it’s such a hot exposition of a simple and well-known trope. SOmetimes you don’t need to mess too much with the classics, just do it really well!

    Loved reading!

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