I give up/Give me a load of your cum

Image by the talented Stuart F Taylor

I’m obsessed, at the moment, with cum. Massive quantities of it. The sensation of it on my skin and the pulsing twitch of someone’s dick as they dump a huge load of cum deep inside me. When we’re fucking these days, I can’t resist begging for it: I want your cum; fill me with cum; give me your cum; please, cum.

And I’ve given up on ‘come’: I’ve lost that battle. From now on I’ll spell it ‘cum.’ C U M. The way men used to spell it on chat forums when I first tried my hand at flirting. The way people spell it in the comments on porn sites, and scrawl it on toilet doors.

Please spray a huge load of your cum deep inside me.

It sounds so good and it feels so good and it’s all I can think of right now: cum. Powerful squirts of it, dumped inside me as I clench my cunt around you. I want all of your cum. I want to see it, feel it, smell it. That scent of post-fuck success which drips down my legs in the afterglow.

The word itself is evidence that I have given up. I write this stuff for a living and so far I’ve resisted the shorthand: cum. ‘Cum’ to refer specifically to ‘the substance.’ The actual stuff.

That proof of your shuddering orgasm, which now needs to be wiped off the sofa.

I spit the word out eagerly, while you’re pressed between my legs, with my hands gripping the meat of your arse and pulling you deeper into me: cum.

And while we’re fucking, in my mind it’s still spelled ‘come’, the way I like it. But when I translate this to the page, I have to smear it into the ugly mess that is ‘cum.’ I can’t help it: it’s SEO. That’s what people search for: cum. And if I spell it ‘come’ they will never find my filth.

Jizz, spaff, spunk: each has its own merits. But few things can be begged for in quite the same way as ‘cum.’

As in ‘dump your fucking cum in me’ or ‘I want to feel your cum squirt deep inside my cunt.’


I hereby give up on my commitment to the word ‘come’: the rest of the world has won. Language is an evolving thing, and I can no longer play Canute – trying to hold back the tide of ‘cum’ as it crashes over me in huge, white waves. The most popular guest blog on my site is about a cum fetish. It’s astonishingly hot. And astonishingly popular.

It’s popular because when people search – when they’re horny and searching for hot stuff – they very very rarely write it ‘come.’ I’ll embrace the word, because the world has embraced the word. If I want to speak to people who love jizz as much as I do, I can no longer call it by that four-letter word. So I’m stocking my vocabulary with an ingredient I don’t much like, in the hope that my recipes get in front of more people.

I’m adding ‘cum’ to the cupboard.

And I hate the word ‘cum’ almost as much as I love the substance. The way the globs of viscous liquid splatter my stomach and tits, the sputtering throb of his cock shoving the next load of cum inside me, and above all the speed with which he delivers it when I beg him…

“Give me your cum.”




  • OxyfromSg says:

    The Canute metaphor was genius.

  • Starcross says:

    I’ve only ever spelled it ‘cum’ but have always rejoiced that there are ‘come’ers out there, because it gives me pause for thought and makes me consider the word, its etymology and its many (sometimes linked) meanings. SEO-driven evolution is, however, understandable!

  • I used to write it ‘cum’ I admit, for the act of orgasming and the substance but when I became a published author, I had rules to follow. ‘come’ for the action. ‘Cum’ for the substance and that’s stuck with me since. I don’t have any deep feels about it though…except that I love cum and coming…it’s all good.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Yes! That seems to be the most consistent approach when I read other stuff too – ‘cum’ is the noun, ‘come’ is still the verb. That’s what I’m sticking with for now, but yeah you’re right it’s all pretty hot!

  • Cara Thereon says:

    I don’t like the word. At all if I’m honest. It feels grimey to me? I don’t know but it feels wrong typing it. Though if I search my older stories it appears. I guess it feels less grown up. The mutterings of kids in chats not adults fucking. I’ve had to change it in things I’ve submitted though (come to cum) because it isn’t always distinct enough. Still don’t like it though…

    • fuzzy says:

      grimey, sleazy, left out in the alley dirty. I agree, but that ends up being part of the thrill.

      • Girl on the net says:

        Honestly I am totally with you Cara – the word ‘cum’ makes me think of teenage boys writing giggly notes in class, or scrawling the word into desks. Something about that takes away a little of the hotness, I think, although fuzzy I can totally see your point about the ‘griminess’ of it being part of the appeal. I’m kind of curious to note whether my gut instinct about the word changes if I start to use it more in sexy writing. Will I suddenly start finding ‘cum’ hotter than I do now? i hope so. Might revisit in 6 months and see – it’s important to me that the stuff I write turns *me* on too rather than just pleasing the SEO gods, so we’ll see how I do =)

  • fuzzy says:

    Now you have me imagining a tsunami of cum, a wave of viscous slimy slightly-rubbery warm stickyness that makes my legs stutter in the surf as I try to hold back the giant splooge, now coating me like i’m a human sticky bun or glazed donut.

    Yes, I love the substance and there is “never, never, never, never, never” enough of it. A dozen guys jerking off on me at once would only have me screaming in aroused frustration because I’d want another dozen to step up right behind them and then another. When I cum I want it to come out in pints, not tablespoons. I want her to stand over me and squeeze out another dozen of those loads (as mentioned above) onto me (creampie is the best) and then slide down onto my face and grind out another one for her while we both scream like the primates we are.

    And here I’d planned to be good today, now I’m gonna spend all day edging because of your post.

    • Girl on the net says:

      You had me at ‘tsunami of cum’ <3

      Incidentally, reading your comment made me wonder if I've ever recommended this twitter account before: https://twitter.com/Perfect_Match_X ? It’s just a guy who milks dicks, with a lot of care and passion and joy. Occasionally absolutely vast quantities of jizz, always good noises. Just thought I’d mention as it sounds like you might enjoy it =)

      • fuzzy says:

        Thank you! Wow!! I believe that I’ve seen other videos of this guy. I adore him; his ability to milk multiple ejaculations out of some guy tied up causes inexorable waves of lust to rise up in me and makes me sit around with e-stim and dildos and butt plugs and clamps and parachute cord and sounding gear and … well you don’t need an exhaustive list.

        Not that I need a lot of excuses anyway…

      • OxyfromSg says:

        Well that’s just perfect

    • Phillip says:

      “Scream like the primates we are”. True it is! I really needed to laugh today!

  • Golden Hare says:

    Great post, great chainbear image!

  • Julie says:

    I also have suc”cum”bed. Hate it but have used it. I voted for “Come” though!!!

  • pinkgilly15 says:

    So when I refer to myself having an orgasm or having cum am I using the same form?? Great post?

  • D Faust says:

    I never gave the word and spelling much thought until I started sex blogging and writing erotica.
    I struggled with which way was right for my writing. Realizing either way was slang so it didn’t matter.
    I do think it’s interesting this term sparks debate in nearly every erotic writing group I’ve ever been part of.
    Love your take on it since I hadn’t thought of SEO before now. Makes sense.

  • Banquo says:

    A bit off subject, but spare a thought for the inhabitants of Chorlton-cum-Hardy. Since the start of buying stuff on the net they have found that their address is not acceptable to the filters on many on-line vendors, and have had to make do with entering their town name as Chorlton.

  • I used to write ‘cum’, then read somewhere that I should use ‘come’ (might have also been on your blog), and now I might just revert back to using ‘cum’ again ;)

    Rebel xox

  • Love this. I totally agree. I avoided c.u.m for a long time, but I eventually succumbed, and SEO was part of it, too. Now I’ve fallen into the habit.

  • John says:

    I hate to have to inform you but some is plagiarising your content without due credit.


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