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Guest blog: Getting a vasectomy was a great life choice

This week’s guest blogger is doing sterling work filling a gap in the market on advice and info. As he was getting his own vasectomy, he realised that there were far fewer personal accounts of the vasectomy procedure than there were for other forms of birth control – like post explaining IUD implantation, or the side effects of the pill. You do get occasional posts from heroic people who are happy to share their own vasectomy stories, but they’re few and far between (that link is the only one off the top of my head I can think of, someone else linked me to this video on non-surgical vasectomy – share yours in the comments if you have one too!). Having been through the process himself, this week’s guest blogger Big Spoon wanted to share his own experience with you: what it was like getting a vasectomy, the recovery afterwards, and answers to questions that I know blog readers will have like ‘how long until you can wank?’ and ‘at what point after a vasectomy do you find out it’s safe to have unprotected sex?’ Take it away Big Spoon…


A letter to… the childfree woman who misses her friends

This weekend, the Guardian published ‘A letter to my friends with children’ from a childfree woman who is sad that she sees less of the women she loves when they have children. “Each time one of my female friends has a baby, our friendship changes,” she explained, and a few parents I followed on Twitter understandably rolled their eyes and got a bit annoyed.


Guest blog: How our sex life changed when we became parents

This week’s guest blogger is a return visitor – he came by in 2015 to write about having sex to conceive, then popped back a few months later to give a lovely update. Now that they’ve got a toddler to look after, how has their sex life changed? What are the challenges of parenthood when it comes to intimacy? Please welcome back this guest blogger as he talks about shagging as parents…


Sexy link roundup: parenting, piss and heartbreak

This week’s sexy link roundup features three incredible writers, tackling three very different things. Strap in because this week we’re talking parenting, piss play and heartbreak…


A Christmas poem that’s strictly for grown-ups

This year, for the first time in a long time, I am not going to visit family. I’ll miss them, because my family are amazing. But there are up-sides: I won’t spend hundreds of pounds on train fares lugging a backpack full of presents all around the country. I won’t have to have the super-quiet sex on put-up beds in people’s lounges. I won’t have to smile politely at racist elderly aunts, and I can say ‘fuck’ if I want without scaring the children.

So here’s a Christmas poem for grown-ups.