Guest blog: Bent over the kitchen table

Image by the amazing Stuart F Taylor

The sun is out, and I don’t know about you but I’m feeling pretty horny. So it’s lovely to have a sexy guest blog about one of my favourite things: being bent over the kitchen table for pervy purposes. Please welcome back regular guest blogger @pervy_thoughts!  And if you enjoy this you may enjoy some of his other guest blogs too – fucking in a fifth wheel, the London Naked Bike Ride and sex after sixty.

Bent over the kitchen table

When you’re comfortable with a partner, when you know what you like and what they like, communication of ideas and desires can take many forms. You can ask with words, or you can ask with actions. Let’s explore the actions speak louder than words idea…

I was spending the weekend with my Significant Other. I had to get up early on the Sunday morning to do some work, so left her in bed. Really early – 5 am early!

When I returned she was still in her PJs and preparing breakfast. It was still quite early. I started to change out of my smart work clothes.

I removed the belt from my trousers because I wanted to use it in some casual trousers later.

As I slid the belt from the loops, my SO dropped her PJ bottoms and bent over the table, pushing her bare bottom out and wiggling. This rather took me by surprise.

I stood watching and waiting. She stayed in the position bent over the table, eyes shut tight with her hands gripping the table. I lightly ran my fingers over her bottom. She wiggled her bottom again.

Now there are several possibilities here: she might want her bottom spanked with the belt; she might want to be fucked from behind over her kitchen table or; both.

SO wiggled her bottom again in a ‘hurry up and decide what you are going to do to me I can’t stay here all day bent over like this waiting’ kind of way.

I went to change my position but the lack of belt and moving made my trousers fall down. Willy perked up and poked out of the front of my boxers, so it really seemed obvious to just go for it and fuck her.

I fucked her from behind, slowly, teasing. Then with enormous willpower pulled out to spank her bottom with the belt. She put her hand on her cunt to rub herself as I spanked but I pulled her hand away and spanked her again. Her bottom was nice shade of pink, so inviting.

I pushed back in and fucked her harder from behind. I let her rub her clit as I fucked her. She caught her breath in that particular way she does as she comes, I felt her cunt spasm and I felt the tingle of my own climax starting.

The very best kind of climax, hot and sweaty that leaves you exhausted in a good way.

“You going to make me some breakfast now?” I asked. She stood up, rubbing her bottom and pulled her PJs up then carried on preparing breakfast as if nothing untoward had happened.

I don’t think either of us had spoken up to this point. Actions not words, perfect for a Sunday morning fuck.


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  • Moondog says:

    Hot 🙂

    I’m overseas for an extended period at the moment. I think my partner (who’s at home) is getting used to my non-verbal signals for when to move our Skype chats into sexy time.

    And gotn… that tag 😉 yes, you should definitely commission one!

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