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Someday I will – Oral erotica

This oral erotica, by author Tabitha Rayne, originally appeared on her website. 

‘Lick my cunt,’ I say.


I’ve got this fever: A midnight fuck story

This midnight fuck story, by erotic author Tabitha Rayne, originally appeared on her website. 

I’ve got this fever. Every night it haunts me with its exhausting fervour. I wake up hot and agitated, with you by my side sleeping gently, chest rising and falling without a care, drifting on a sea of calm and rest while I burn beside you.


My cunt aches, and this is not a metaphor

I want you to find a hard, cylindrical object. A bottle of deodorant or a broom handle will do – as long as it won’t break in your hand. Now grip it as tight as you can. Squeeze. Really squeeze, like you’re trying to crush it in your grasp. Do your muscles hurt? Good – hold for a few more seconds. Now let go. Feel the tingle in the crook between your fingers and your thumb. Note the absence of that object, feel how your empty hand almost hurts now it’s not there. That is how my cunt aches ten seconds before you fuck me.


Guest blog: I’m a fickle cunt

I am so excited this week to welcome erotic author extraordinaire Tabitha Rayne! @TabithaErotica is a woman of many talents – she writes erotica over at her blog and in a number of books, and she also creates beautiful sensual art. On top of this, she’s also dabbled in sex toy invention, creating the incredible Ruby Glow sit-upon vibrator. And as well as being an inventor and a creator, she’s also a fickle cunt…


My vagina smells great: an ode to genital odour

How good do your genitals smell right now? Go on: if you’re in a place where it’s OK to do so, have a quick scratch and sniff. Really breathe it in. I bet a not insignificant number of you are delighted by the results. I’m certainly one of them: my vagina smells great at the moment.