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Higher and higher: a fuck that was way too intense

You know those meditation apps which show a circle increasing and decreasing in size, which encourage you to breathe in and out in time with the animation? Sometimes I like to fuck like that.

CN: drug use, minor references to panic attacks. But broadly this is a super-hot one, I promise. 


After hours – fucking the boss

This erotic story about fucking the boss is written by Scorpio Appetites, and read by Girl on the Net. Note this story contains brief use of ‘daddy’ as an honorific.

‘Hey, who’ve I gotta fuck to get another beer over here?’ I smile sweetly at the customer and put another Stella on the counter. I’m wearing a checked shirt tied low enough to show a flash of black bra and as much cleavage as I can muster, and I enjoy feeling his drunken gaze rake over me. I drink his impotent desire like a shot of cheap whiskey. The two feet of bar between us may as well be a trillion miles.


Mirror mirror – fucking over a mirror

This gorgeous erotica about fucking over a mirror is written by Spencer Pritchard. It is read aloud here by Matt Johnson. 

I can’t quite remember where this falls in to the timeline of those two weeks in each other’s arms. My brain has shaken that particular tin of memories around so much, it doesn’t seem to have an order anymore. Just a beginning and an inevitable (and unwelcome) conclusion. The middle is a sweaty, panting, sticky mess of nights out with cocktails, a lazy Sunday getting lost in the city, verdant parks, pizza in bed, too many restaurants… All punctuated by your naked body, your incredible and explosive orgasms, and the strength of the bond that connected us.


Guest blog: Oh, how I need

I pulled the title for this from a line in this post, and I think it’s apt – this story absolutely aches and throbs with need. Sometimes I read erotica so good I realise I’m holding my breath. This is one of those pieces. No more intro, here’s @mudkri.


Guest blog: The first time I was tied and fucked

Sometimes I get into this zone when I’m fucking where it feels almost meditative. The focus on pure pleasure, combined with the rhythm of what’s happening puts me into a kind of horny trance. It’s rare that I feel those same feelings when reading a piece of writing, but this week’s guest blog conjured them exactly. I’m so delighted to welcome this week’s anonymous guest blogger, who is here to share a story about first time bondage so utterly beautiful that it left me breathless and spacey.