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Gangbanged (part 2) – Heavenly

This is part two of the story ‘Gangbanged’ – catch up on part 1 here. At the end of that tale, Ariadne’s guy told her the men he’d enlisted for that gang bang had new plans… Content Note: This erotic fiction contains elements of exhibitionism and voyeurism which may not always be ethical to do in real life. Everything that happens to the narrator is consensual.

The last place I expected to be fucked by someone I barely know was in a clothing shop changing room but that’s where the plans my guy tantalised me with after my gangbang started to unfold, almost two months later. Long enough for me to think it was just something he’d said to get me off and forgot all about it.


Guest blog: Adrenaline, squirting and hot après-ski

I don’t know why I feel it’s important to tell you this is a true story. Perhaps because I find things even hotter if they’re true. Perhaps because I like to dream that I, one day, might be rescued by a hot dude and then seduced so skilfully he has me laid flat and breathless with lust somewhere. Either way, this is a true story by Leda Marshall about an extremely hot après-ski experience, and it had me weak with horn. Enjoy!


Anticipation: I want to flirt with you when we can’t fuck

This fabulous piece about anticipation, and flirting when you can’t fuck, is written by Quinn Rhodes of OnQueerStreet. It is read aloud here by Matt Johnson. Content note for dick-focussed smut. Quinn would also like to acknowledge the irony of writing a piece yearning for this kind of sex when COVID means that many people are limited to no-contact lusting.

Right now, I feel disconnected from my body. It’s partly lockdown and partly my depression, but I find it hard to remember that sex feels good until I’m literally pushing a vibrator against my junk. In theory I know that I like being touched and I like sucking dick, but in reality my arousal feels clinical and detached. It feels like my body has forgotten how to be so horny that I can’t think about anything but sex, and I miss it. I miss the overwhelming desire and anticipation I used to feel before a fuck.


The blue scarf – She teases her slut

This glorious erotic fiction is written by E. L. Byrne and read aloud here by Sherryl Blu

She wraps the pale blue scarf tightly around my eyes. I can’t see anything and my breath catches. I’m nervous. I trust her, we’ve talked about this in detail, but now that the darkness is upon me…


Need a ride? Hot car sex with an old girlfriend…

This deliciously hot car sex story is written and read by Tabitha Rayne

Of all the people to pick up at the airport, it had to be Sabrina. I waited where I was, engine purring, just a few seconds longer to take in the sight of her. Classic pose, trolley full of Louis Vuitton luggage, sunglasses swept up onto her head holding her dancing soft curls perfectly off her face. A face so fresh, it did not look like it had just arrived from a six-hour flight.