Haunting you: A love story after death

Image by, and of, Molly Moore

This post, by sex blogger Molly Moore, originally appeared on her site. 

I am going to haunt you when I am gone. You will never be free of me, I can promise you that. I will find a way back here, to this town, to this house, to this room, to you. I will sit with you here, day in and day out and watch you mourn me. I will haunt you when I am gone.

Sometimes you will think you see me, or feel me. You will talk to me, telling me how much you miss me or remembering moments we shared or things we did together. I will catch you looking at me, for a split second I will believe that you can see me, sitting here, next to you, but then your eyes will flicker away, past the empty chair and you will sigh. I will haunt you when I am gone.

At night you will return to our bed and slip beneath the covers that once harboured our love and which now feel cold and empty without me. Some nights you will sleep your body forcing you into a deep and dreamless slumber, some nights your sleeping brain will play tricks upon your body causing it to you to twitch and twist restlessly and some nights you will lay there, eyes open wide as sleep evades you and your mind will turn to moments we shared in this house, in this room, in this bed and your body will betray you as it responds with heat and lust. Pushing the covers off you will reach down and grasp your cock, hard and aching in your hand. I will haunt you when I am gone.

You will try to heal yourself. People will encourage you to lay me to rest, to let me go. You will fight hard to find peace in another, plundering her body in the very bed that torments you. Her cries will delight you as she gives herself to you but your desire for her to be me will disgust you. You will take her anyway, momentarily glorying in the victory that your body still works and just to be sure you will wake her repeatedly through the night and fill your sleepless hours with the primal lust for human flesh and then it will be a new day. Dawn will break through your hope and shatter it. I will haunt you when I am gone.

I will be the wind rattling the windows, the rain misting your view, the hot of the summer and the cold of the winter. I will be the water you drink and the food you consume. I will be the stars and the moon who light your dark and the bright sunshine who illuminates your day. I will be the earth beneath your feet and the air that fills your lungs. I will be everything that you see and hear and touch and taste. I will fill your mind and possess your soul. I will be all that there is and everything that you crave. You will have no choice but to remember me. I will fucking haunt you when I am gone.

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