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Begging for cum: is it hot enough to be worth risking pressure?

There’s usually a moment during a fuck where I can sense a change in pace from the dude who is fucking me: a slight increase in speed, or a pause, that can mean he’s on the verge of coming. At this point, what I really want to do is start begging for cum. Tell him ‘please god yes fucking squirt your cum inside me.’ But it’s a pretty risky strategy.


Monster cock fantasies: Getting fucked by a huge dick

Note: if you’re reading a story called ‘monster cock fantasies’ you can expect some pretty huge dicks in the following post, but please do not take this to mean you have to have a huge dick to be sexy – all kinds of dicks can be sexy. Be aware too that this fantasy/story involves some elements of sexual pain and elements of non-consent. Fantasies allow us to explore things that we would never want to do in real life, and I am a total slut for this kind of fantasy… 


The edge of orgasm: I need words to tip me over

“I gave in around six in the morning, and came all over my stomach thinking about fucking you bent over the bed and digging my fingernails into your tits.”


Guest blog: telling dirty stories to get him off

Today’s guest blogger – Catey – runs a seriously lovely sexy words Tumblr, where she collects smutty quotes from literature. And as you can tell from her guest blog below, she’s pretty amazing at telling dirty stories herself…


On dirty bedtime stories, and his hand over my mouth

The other night he turned to me, as I was on the verge of sleep, and asked:

“Will you tell me a story?”
“Mmrrgh,” I replied. “Tired.”
“Go on,” he said. “One of your dirty bedtime stories. Tell me one.”