Guest blog: What I find deeply hot about a breeding kink

Image by the fabulous Stuart F Taylor

Regular readers have already met (and probably been massively turned on by) the brilliant Quenby Creatives. Quenby is a queer writer and activist who has already contributed some absolutely smoking-hot audio porn to the site. In today’s guest blog, Quenby offered to write up a post about their breeding kink, and frankly I am both informed and aroused in equal measure. OK, not equal measure, it’s an incredibly sexy post…

My breeding kink: here’s why it’s hot to be bred

I fucking love being pumped full of cum.

For long time readers of GOTN this is hardly a novel concept, but I come at this from a different place: I’m an AMAB enby. The thought of ever being a parent makes me deeply uncomfortable – and yet I have a breeding kink. I love it when partners breed me.

Partly it’s the simple fact that I adore cum. The feeling of a cock – of silicone or flesh – twitch and squirt in my hand or mouth. The intoxicating musk as spunk is smeared over my face or enboobs in warm, fragrant sheen. The contrast of white splatters against flesh – so beautifully, evocatively filthy. But that’s only one part of it.

There’s something about being bred that just makes me squirm. The idea of a partner pounding into my aching hole until they cum deep inside me, breeding me as they fill me with that sweet sticky mess. There’s the taboo of violating the safer sex practices I normally adhere to. There’s a joy in this transgression, and the powerful eroticism of doing something so wonderfully dirty.

And doing this to someone can be so intimate. Filling a partner with your cum, perhaps plugging them so they carry that part of you deep inside them. Knees pushed up towards my chest, opening my hole up so they can push as far in as possible, balls twitching against my ass as they breed me deep. A sacrament of filth shared between lovers, an expression of closeness and commitment as one loses themself inside the other.

I should make clear here that I am not advocating for casting aside safer sex practices. Please be responsible when deciding who you want to be fluid bonded with. And always make sure you and everyone you play with is regularly tested.

If you’re interested in this kink but can’t safely practice it in real life this is also something you can explore through roleplay. You can whisper those words in your partners ear: how you’re going to breed your filthy little slut. Tell them that you’re going to leave them with cum dribbling down their thighs – all while actually practicing safer sex. For me at least, it’s the psychological rather that the physical aspects which are the most compelling. And, as with most forms of dirty talk, this can be adapted for sexting or cybersmuttery with relative ease.

Breeding also works well with my love of petplay. It fits with the primal lust I tap into when I’m in that headspace – turning into a helpless puddle of need, so desperate to be bred by my owner. A whining, writhing animal in heat, so desperate to be claimed and used by my lover. To satisfy that mindless desire to be fucked raw and filled with a sticky mess.

For me there’s also an element of gleeful genderfuckery. I am an AMAB enby, so I don’t have the organs needed to be impregnated. For me that is unequivocally a good thing: I neither want to be pregnant nor want children of my own. But I do love playing around with gender roles. It feels powerful to imagine the impossible and adopt a role which affirms the way I fall outside of the gender binary.

Gender euphoria and really filthy sex is a potent cocktail – and if you ever have the chance I recommend you taste that sinfully sweet delight.



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