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Guest blog: “Fisting the wife until she comes”

OK, so obviously I am excited to publish a guest blog on fisting. Perhaps even more than that, though, I am excited to publish a blog that so perfectly captures one of my favourite things about porn: that when you watch something that presses a really specific kinky button in your brain, it can give you a rush of excitement and joy that you just can’t wait to try out.

The guest blogger (who has asked to stay anonymous) writes beautifully about both the inspiration and the fulfilment of her desire, and I hope you enjoy her story every bit as much as I did.


Guest blog: A very kinky game – chased through the woods

It’s rare for me to hear of something that’s genuinely new to me, but this week the amazing Cammies on the Floor has done it. She emailed me a while ago to tell me about an amazing kinky game: it’s a ‘hunt’ that she takes part in, and it works like an adult version of the ‘wild games’ you may have played at scouts when you were younger.


Guest blog: BDSM exhibitionism (a straight-up dirty story)

Ever been to a BDSM party? This week’s guest blogger – Jess – has. And she’s going to tell you about a pretty hot sex/BDSM party, which involved rope, the cane, and a shuddering exhibitionist orgasm.

This post is based on a true story, but names have been changed for anonymity. If you think you recognise anyone in this story (or any guest blogs) please keep it to yourself.


Guest blog: The lonely world of a weird fetish

What do you do if you have a weird fetish that you think no one else shares? If you get turned on by something that literally cannot exist in real life, where do you find the community, the discussion and the porn that other kinky people use to fulfil their own desires?

If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know that I have a massive thing for unusual fetishes – I love hearing about kinks and quirks and sexual tastes that fall well outside my own. This week’s guest blogger has a fetish you may not have heard of, as well as a window into an entire subgenre of self-made porn. His post blew me away with the intensely nerdy definitions and classifications which split the genre itself, as well as his honesty and sadness about the reality of loving something that’s rarely ever mentioned.

Over to him…


Are fetish club dress codes always necessary?

“Dear GOTN, despite the fact that you’re a grumpy arse for most of the year, I’d like to invite you to my birthday party…

Ooh! A party! How fun!

“It will be held on Saturday at 8pm…”

Yay! I’m free on Saturday! I can go!

“At this address…

I’ll find it on Gmaps. Oooh, I’m so excited!

“The fancy dress theme will be…”

Shit it, I’m not going.