Make me wait – a dominant sex story

This dominant sex story is by sex blogger and podcaster Sherryl Blu. It is entirely consensual, but be aware before you read/listen that it contains elements of BDSM and power play and nods towards consensual non-consent

I liked rough sex
The kind that left finger marks on my throat and carpet burns on my knees
I liked it when you dominated me and told me to do what you say
I liked it because I was usually in charge
I usually called the shots
I usually got my way
But you…

You gave me a run for my money
You gave me what I needed
You put me in my place
You made me feel… submissive… for once!

Your favourite way to begin involved me removing every item of my clothing
And standing in front of you butt naked
You would order me to stand still whilst you inspected me
Examined me
Perved over me…
I would stand as still as I could
Nipples erect… in anticipation
Face flushed… vulnerable

After the inspection was over
You would handcuff my hands behind my back and get me to kneel on the floor
I loved the coldness of the cuffs against my wrists
I loved the restraint

Once on the floor, you would take your right hand and open it as wide as you could and then you would deliver a firm hard smack on my naked arse
Id groan a little, then you’d deliver three more in quick succession
I felt naughty
I was a bad girl
I needed to be spanked
And you knew it

You reached for the blindfold
It was a satin material…. black
Hands still cuffed firmly behind my back, you stood behind me and put the blindfold on
Instantly my senses heightened
I felt the material so intensely in front of my eyes and when you grabbed me by the chin and forced your tongue into my mouth, the feeling was major
Your tongue attack was not sensual
It was urgent and rough
You forced your tongue to the back of my throat, I gagged
You pulled my hair and yanked my head back
You removed your tongue from my mouth and then spat in it
I had a mouthful of your spit
You let go of my head and I could hear you fumbling with your trousers
I heard them land in a heap at your feet and then I heard the pang of elastic as you removed your pants

You ordered me to open my mouth
I did
You shoved your cock in
You were big
I couldn’t take it all in
You tried to force it
I choked a little
You laughed
I giggled
I felt violated when you tried to ram it in again, forcing me to gag once more
You liked to push it
I was so turned on

You told me to spread my legs
Given the position I was already in, kneeled on the floor, I managed to shuffle them open a few inches
I felt your fingers work their way around my pussy then you shoved one up
I gasped
You pulled my head back by my hair and spat in my mouth again whilst finger fucking me like your life depended on it
You added another finger
I could feel my wetness
I was so open
I was blindfolded and totally at your mercy
The rough tonguing started again
Jabbing away at my mouth with yours
Your fingers still fucking me
Me still handcuffed, naked and blindfolded
I wanted to come
But you wouldn’t let me
You pulled your finger out, backed away from my mouth
My pussy was yearning for you
I so badly wanted to come
But you told me I had to wait…


This dominant sex story is also available as audio, read by Sherryl herself. Click ‘listen now’ above, visit for more of her incredible work and head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.  

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