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Godemiche Vibe Pad: turning me into a vibrating doll

As regular readers will know, I’m not a fan of writing sex toy reviews like I’m Which? Wank magazine. I prefer to just use them in fun ways and then tell you a sexy story or how they made me feel. Lately I’ve been struggling a bit to come up with new ways to show off the cool products that my sponsors send me, so I offered the latest kickass creation to my top kinky guest blogger instead. And holy fuck am I glad I did! Behold: Jenby Doll sets her creatively filthy mind to road-testing the Vibe Pad, a brand new sex toy from my sponsors Godemiche. In the process showing off just how beautifully this kind of toy can be used in power-play scenarios. Huge thanks to both Jenby and Star for their incredible work on this super hot post!

Note: this piece contains age play and use of ‘Mummy’ as an honorific but all participants are well over the age of 18. Also features latex, gags, restraints, collars, degradation and dollification.


Backstage girl: used after the gig

This delicious fantasy about being the ‘backstage girl’ is written and read by the fabulous Barefoot Sub, and originally appeared on her website. 

There I was, outside the door that would take me to him. I had dreamt about this moment since he first came into my life, since the first time I was allowed to see him, albeit a photograph. Though the fantasy that I knew would never be brought to reality had been deep-rooted since my teens, being invited to one of his gigs was almost as good. I could stand in the crowd, listen to him play, watch his fingers dance over the frets knowing exactly what those fingers could do. I would mirror those fingers as I followed my instructions, to edge myself during the course of his set. I wasn’t allowed to orgasm, but he wanted to be able to find my eyes and see my heat through the crowd.


Guest blog: Decoration piece – under lock and key

As ever, when Jenby’s name pops up in my inbox, I strap in for what is definitely gonna be a fun and kinky ride. In the past, she has treated us to such awesome stories as being a service sub stashed under the table during a poker game, being hypnotised into becoming a bimbo, as well as literally being surveilled using smart tech in one of the most creatively-horny scenes I have ever had the privilege to read about. Honestly, it’s just all absolute gold and I am honoured that Jen (@JenetalTorture on Twitter) is kind enough to share her adventures here. Today’s piece is all about being put under lock and key: trapped, teased and tortured.


Guest blog: Under the table sub

What better way to kick off 2022’s new guest blogs than with something riotously hot and delightfully kinky courtesy of @JenetalTorture? As you know, I am a huge fan of Jenby’s amazing adventures, and the way she writes about them gets me hot for kinks I’d previously not even considered – surveillance kink, bimbofication and lots more. Today’s story touches on one of my own hot fantasies: being ordered under the table to be used by the people sitting around it. Plus, it has a side-order of pink fishnet, latex and erotic hypnosis. Unngh. 


Guest blog: Vacuum play (Warning, this blog may suck)

This week’s guest blogger almost doesn’t need an introduction, because if you’ve been here for a while you’ll have already read about @JenetalTorture‘s funny, hot, kinky adventures in erotic hypnosis and impact play. If you haven’t already checked out Jenby’s blog then please go and do so immediately, then pop back here to enjoy this next incredible post – all about vacuum play!