Godemiche Vibe Pad: turning me into a vibrating doll

Image by Jenby herself.

As regular readers will know, I’m not a fan of writing sex toy reviews like I’m Which? Wank magazine. I prefer to just use them in fun ways and then tell you a sexy story or how they made me feel. Lately I’ve been struggling a bit to come up with new ways to show off the cool products that my sponsors send me, so I offered the latest kickass creation to my top kinky guest blogger instead. And holy fuck am I glad I did! Behold: Jenby Doll sets her creatively filthy mind to road-testing the Vibe Pad, a brand new sex toy from my sponsors Godemiche. In the process showing off just how beautifully this kind of toy can be used in power-play scenarios. Huge thanks to both Jenby and Star for their incredible work on this super hot post!

Note: this piece contains age play and use of ‘Mummy’ as an honorific but all participants are well over the age of 18. Also features latex, gags, restraints, collars, degradation and dollification.

Godemiche Vibe Pad: becoming a vibrating doll

It’s mine and Mummy’s anniversary. I’m lying on my bed clad head to foot in a black latex catsuit and matching hood, which removes any hint of facial features save for a bright red ring encircling a fully functional condom, which gently extends down my throat. Around my neck is a tall, black collar with a D-ring in front, and strewn about me are my clothes. Evidence that I donned this deliciously objectifying ensemble in a hurry, and am now waiting, patient yet breathless, to be discovered.

I’d told my Mummy to give it five minutes, then follow me into my room (yes, I really can slip into a catsuit, blind myself with a hood, feed a latex sheath down my throat and sightlessly fasten a collar around my neck in that time). When the door finally did creak open, I was met with an ‘oh my god’ every bit as breathless as my own shallow rasps, and as I lay there, perfectly still, giving my best inanimate sex doll, I felt Mummy sit on the bed and pick up the toy oh so ostentatiously left – entirely strategically – next to my right thigh.

This blog post is about the Godemiche Vibe Pad.

The Vibe Pad is a squishy, faintly holothurian sausage, melded to a rectangular base in which is nestled a battery-powered bullet. And it comes in a dizzying variety of textures and colours. From the enticing selection which included jelly beans, ridges, spikes and bubbles, Mummy and I opted for waves (pictured above) which seemed the most egalitarian option given that this toy would have to serve both my Mummy’s vulva and my penis.

As for colour, while I had a soft spot for the steely purplish tones of ‘Stargazer’ (my Mummy’s name is Star and that seemed to be a good descriptor of what I’d be when we fucked with it) we were both of us won over by ‘Pearlescent Pastel Pink’. I mean after all, she’s an ex bimbo goth and I’m me.

A hot pink strap completed the look, and our bespoke barbielicious bedfellow was ready to go…

If you’re like me you’ll have tried lots of vibes in your time. If you’re even more like me you’ll have used them in concert with stuffies, for those times when your caregiver doesn’t allow you sex with, quote unquote, ‘people’, but I recognise that’s a narrower demographic. This is where the Vibe Pad comes in handy, possessing as it does two straps of adjustable length, with which it can be secured to a thigh – human or plushie – or an…


No to be honest now I’m just thinking about it attached to somebody’s thigh.

The advantage of the Vibe Pad is that unlike some of its perhaps more intense bigger siblings, it can be fixed in place. So you’re not constantly having to readjust while humping your favourite gigantic anthropomorphised sloth teddy, cursing the sleek, frictionless wand that wants to keep falling away, and your moving target of an engorged girldick in equal measure.

The other advantage is it doesn’t get you there too quickly. The gentle but insistent buzz allows you to extend play into a languorously steamy session of any length you desire, requiring an affirmative decision to reach orgasm as opposed to being forcibly pushed there without any kind of control.

Of course if, like me, you can take or leave bodily autonomy when it comes to the bedroom, you may prefer the latter option. In which case stick to your more forceful buzzies. But if you’re in the market for a relaxed, lazy day in bed with Haley (I mean, they are a sloth after all) the Vibe Pad might be a better bet. The orgasms themselves may be more muted but I’d wager I could have several back-to-back and get nicely blissed out without running the risk of soreness or overstim.

On the subject of soreness however, something it’s definitely worth being mindful of is the strap (as though straps weren’t already always on my mind). While heavy-duty enough to endure even the most vigorous mistreatment, it’s on the abrasive side, so it pays to make sure any loose ends are tucked well out of the way before you start rubbing your thighs against your Dom/sub/plush toy’s leg.

Speaking of which.

My Mummy sat down next to my rubberised form and picked up our new toy. I heard a buzz as the vibe sprang to life, and she tethered it firmly to my shiny, latex-clad thigh, augmenting her doll to her liking.

‘Close your legs,’ she said. Firm, but still breathless with excitement.

I did so, and Mummy straddled me, grinding herself into my shapely body while I lay there, passive. An appliance to be used.

I felt her hot breath warming the outside of my mask as she licked and caressed my featureless face, feeding fingers and tongues into my gaping oral aperture, and whispering in my ear.

‘I think you should spend a lot more time like this, don’t you?’

Her voice becoming ragged as she thrust ever faster.

‘Would you like that?’

She leaned in close.


I let out a muffled plea for permission to come, the first sound I’d uttered since she entered the room, and with her assent her new rubberdoll creased itself into a perfectly silent climax.

Yes, Owner. I’d like that very much.


If you would like to try the Godemiche Vibe Pad, grab one from them for £59.99 and use the code GOTNSHOP for 10% off.

Alternatively, check out some of the other beautiful custom products Godemiche sell. I’m a huge fan of the Ambit and Morpheus dildos (both of which have what I consider to be the Platonic ideal of dick curvature). They also sell a vast range of beautiful butt plugs and some truly impressive wank sheaths (which a different guest blogger has rated and reviewed brilliantly here).

The code GOTNSHOP should get you 10% off everything (except perhaps sale items), so fill yer boots and know that you’re supporting my site by buying from my sponsors.

The Vibe Pad was provided to Jenby for free by Godemiche in exchange for review, I paid her to write the words and provide the image. That’s how these types of guest blogs work, in case you’re curious. 


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