Doxy butt plugs: I like to make him make *that* noise

Buy Doxy butt plugs direct from Doxy, and use GOTN15 to get 15% off and free shipping

You’ve probably heard of the Doxy wand, and Doxy Number 3, and if you’re into ridiculously and intensely powerful, rumbly vibrations the chances are you’ll have one of these beautiful sex toys already. But did you know Doxy butt plugs also exist? Please have a seat (on an inferior butt plug, if you must) and let me yell enthusiastically at you about how great these butt plugs are.

Why are Doxy butt plugs so good?

They’re made of metal: metal is heavy, so when you’re wearing one you can really feel it – delightful, slightly weighty, pulling-gently-at-you-from-the-inside. When you wear your Doxy butt plugs around the house, you know about it. Not in an aching, stretchy way but in a comfortable ‘I’m a fucking pervert and this is a nice reminder of it’ way.

They have a long neck: one of the slight criticisms I have about a few of the other butt plugs in my collection is that the neck is often fairly short. This leads me to worry, if I’m getting fucked while one’s inside, that it may slip out at any moment. I do not have the same issue with Doxy butt plugs. I can get railed very very hard and the only thing I’m thinking about is how good it feels, not whether it’ll shoot out and land with a crash on the kitchen floor.

They are shiny and eye-catching: if I pop one in because I want to delight my partner by flashing him my naked, plugged-up arse, something about the shininess of the metal makes me feel sexier. Like it’s jewellery.

They are easy to slide in: they’re juuuust wide enough that you know you’re wearing a butt plug, but juuuust narrow enough that I don’t struggle to insert them.

They come in two different designs: one is smooth and one has nice little ridges at the bottom of the bulb. I have it on good authority that this provides extra fun if you have a prostate.

They come in a really sexy case: look at it. Just LOOK AT IT. Mmmm sexy. Also you could keep that in your living room for quick access and unless someone opened it they’d never know it was an arse toy.

Image of two metal Doxy butt plugs - one ribbed and one smooth, with brushed aluminium cylindrical cases

Buy Doxy butt plugs direct from Doxy, and use GOTN15 to get 15% off and free shipping

Things I have done with Doxy butt plugs that have made my other half almost instantly spaff himself

Surprise Doxy butt plug fuck

I got some new knickers – nice boyshort cut, strange mustard-yellow colour. They wouldn’t have been my first choice, but they somehow just seemed to work against my skin tone, and because I usually wear black/purple/red knickers, the change instantly gets my partner fired up, because he likes it when I look slightly different. It feels like a special treat.

I lubed up my arse with some CBD lube (does it have any effect? I don’t know. It feels a bit more tingly and that may be placebo but fuck it – I was horny), and slid the smooth Doxy butt plug in, then waited at my desk until he returned home from work. When he got back, after the usual ten minutes of chillout time that he needs after after dragging himself off a sweaty commuter train, I invited him upstairs to the bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom, he knew straight away we were going to fuck. What he didn’t know until I pulled down my knickers was that it was going to be the kind of filthy-hot, tight, cunt-and-ass-filled fuck that comes when I’m wearing a rock-solid butt plug. As I whipped the yellow knickers down and bent over, he popped an almost-instant boner and made what regular readers will recognise as My Favourite Ever Noise:


Surprise mid-fuck butt plug request

I’m bent over the sofa and we’re watching porn together – matching speed and intensity to the fuck they are having on screen. It’s late, and we’re drunk, and he’s struggling to come, and I’m revelling in how vigorously he bangs me when he’s desperate to get rid of a massive load. I squeeze my cunt around his dick and he makes delightful moaning noises, fucking me so hard it’s like he doesn’t care if I hurt.

Please note: while some people may be horrified by this, I like it very very much. He knows I like this, which is why he does it. It is not just ‘consensual’ it is ‘exactly what I want in the vast majority of fucks that we have.’

Anyway. While he’s in this state, I know that he’ll be pretty keen on me making filthy requests, so I point to the corner of the room where we stash our ‘quick access’ sex toys – the ones we use ALL THE TIME because they’re awesome – and tell him:

“Do you want to put a butt plug in me so my cunt is tighter around your dick?”

His dick instantly twitches, he makes That Noise again, and it’s only through quick pullout action on his part that he manages not to jizz himself before we put the Doxy butt plug in. Once it’s inside me and we’re back to the fucking? Twelve strokes: max. Glorious.

Sex challenge Magic: The Gathering

A gentler story this time, because you cannot rush a game of Magic: The Gathering (unless you’re both playing red racer decks in which case where’s your imagination?). The Doxy butt plugs are now my go-to plugs for playing anything which involves me wearing a butt plug for a long time. Unlike with some of the other butt plugs in my collection, the Doxy ones are comfortable enough that I could wear them for extended periods, without ever worrying that they might slip out or start to hurt.

Here’s an overview of Sex Challenge Magic the Gathering if you want more detail on what the fuck this game actually is. The long and short of it, though, is that if I win he has to do something I request (put on the special jockstrap I like, or wank me off with vibrators), and if he wins then butt plugs are getting shoved hard into my ass.

Usually when he wins the game, he flashes me a wolfish grin before reaching for the lube. When it’s the Doxy butt plug, he takes great delight in the ritual of pushing the shiny, smooth metal thing inside me. When he feels the pop as it slides past the thickest part? You guessed it: unngh.

Things I have not yet done with Doxy butt plugs, but would like to

Go outside. I have never been able to wear a butt plug in public, because of the fear that it would slip out. These ones have given me the confidence to potentially try this some time, because I’m certain I don’t risk the horror of one actually falling out and embarrassing me.

Get trained for long wear. There’s something hot about the idea of being his fucktoy for a day. We’ve done this for short periods: an hour or two, or sometimes an evening, and I’ve done butt plug training on my own (where I’m learning to take more, not necessarily for longer). But if we ever find the time, I’ve always wanted to do 24 hours of being a massive fuckslut. Just waking up, being made to slip a butt plug in and wank myself to almost-coming, made to choke down his cock while he beats me with a flogger and calls me a good girl, then made available for his use at regular intervals throughout the day. Having a sparkly, jewellery-esque metal butt plug sitting snugly in my ass is the best way to ensure I remain in that subby headspace, as well as the perfect way to keep me whimpering with desperation to get thoroughly and brutally fucked.

Buy Doxy butt plugs

Is this enough to persuade you to buy some Doxy butt plugs? I don’t know, but as long as I have mine I’m happy. If you’d like some for yourself, though, you can pick ’em up from the Doxy website for £42.99, and use the code GOTN15 to get 15% off and free shipping. Buy one, buy both, try each sensation! And if you’re in a partnership where both of you like butt plugs, treat yourself to a matching set.

Then go forth and make That Noise, or induce someone to make it about you.



Doxy sponsor my website, and provided me with these butt plugs for free because I heard gossip that they were planning on making some so I emailed the boss and went ‘PLEASE MAY I HAVE SOME BUTT PLUGS’ and he kindly obliged. I am a ridiculous Doxy fangirl, and I benefit if you buy stuff, so do not expect me to be in any way neutral or unbiased about their products. I’m not an impartial reviewer, just a pervert and an enthusiast, but although my perversion comes from deep within, my enthusiasm is at least partly to do with the fact that no Doxy sex toy has ever disappointed me. While you’re picking up your butt plugs, consider making the most of 15% off and free shipping (code: GOTN15) by buying the Doxy wand, the Number 3 (which you can adapt with cool prostate/masturbator/rabbit attachments), the Die Cast or the Don as well. All of them are epic fun. 


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