Humiliated in the urinals (erotic fiction, also with audio)

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

While I work on commissioning more guest audio porn (there’s still time to submit before 1st June if you would like your work turned into audio porn!), the usual guest slot will be filled with improv erotica: stories inspired by suggestions from Patreons, who have chipped in some amazing scenarios. They give me a name, a kink, a location and an object and I try to write these into fun pieces of horny flash fiction. This week’s piece about being humiliated in the urinals is a lovely excuse to wallow in a kink I adore but rarely get to do (and therefore write about): watersports/piss. Obviously don’t read/listen if that’s not your thing – there’s plenty of other audio porn here

Happy Birthday

(humiliated in the urinals)

This story was written using the prompts:

Name: Jenny

Kink: Watersports

Location: Urinal

Object: Belt


From a notice printed, laminated, and stuck on the door of the urinals in Club F.

Attention guests! This bathroom set up is slightly different to ones you might be used to, so if you’re a nervous pisser or you’d prefer to micturate in private, head to the bathroom opposite where cubicles (and privacy) are assured. If you are happy to have an audience and/or you’d like to fuck up a slut, please read on.

Inside you’ll find the standard toilet layout that you know from past events. Two cubicles, three urinals, positioned on opposite walls.

Gagged and kneeling on the floor, with her hands belted behind her back, you will also find Jenny.

It’s Jenny’s birthday today, and for her gift she made one request: to be placed on the floor of the bathroom so she could watch you lot relieve yourselves.

Please don’t worry – Jenny is not only entirely consenting, she has in fact nurtured this fantasy for most of her adult life. A youthful fascination which began with her peeking in through open doors of pub toilets, and hanging around near the troughs at festivals, eventually building to piss-play where she’d invite some of our guests back after a Saturday kink event to piss on her in the comfort of her own home.

She likes being degraded, you see.

If you’re worried about the consent issue, please feel free to ask her upon entry: want to watch me piss? Moan once for yes, twice for no. Or invite her to nod her head eagerly before you dive in. Maybe once you’re sure she’s consenting, you’d like to investigate just how horny she gets for it – feel free to grab her crotch for confirmation.

Jenny is our piss slut for the evening. You may interact with her in any of the following ways:

  1. Completely ignore her. After all, she’s primarily there to watch you unzip, slip your cock out of your pants, and relieve yourself while she squirms with glee. If you fancy making noise while you do it – the ‘ahh’ of relief when you let go and start peeing is a particular favourite – please feel free.
  2. Slap her. With your cock, or your hands. Before or after pissing. She likes being fucked up, you see.
  3. Call her names. Tell her how much she either pleases or disgusts you. Language-wise, it’s no holds barred. Her pronouns are ‘she/her’ as in ‘she’s a filthy bitch, isn’t she? I might just take her home so I can piss in her dirty little mouth.’

If you have another idea that is not listed above, feel free to remove her gag and propose it to her directly. Guests who are interested in going home with her later tonight so they can shower her in piss in the comfort of her own wetroom are invited to add their details to the list we’ve got behind the bar.

Meanwhile – enjoy! And don’t forget to sing her Happy Birthday while you’re washing your hands.



If you enjoyed this story about Jenny’s thirsty request to be humiliated in the urinals, head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud, or come join me on Patreon where you can join in with the next round of improv erotica, and suggest some kinks of your own. 


  • Northern Boy says:

    This was the first time I’d listened to, rather than read, one of the audio posts, and it was a most excellent start to a rain and cold Sunday. Thank you!

  • EuphemiseThis says:

    I love that you wrote this as instructions… and included a mention of washing your hands at the end! I bet she will have had a *wonderful* birthday :D

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