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Guest blog: What queer sex means to me

I’m delighted, as ever, to welcome back the fabulous @EuphemiseThis to the blog. Most of you will know her for the astonishingly hot audio porn that she’s been recording recently, telling stories about some of the sexy adventures she’s had. Today, she’s here with some analysis, specifically on queer sex, and what it means to her. Our society is slowly becoming more inclusive when it comes to sex, but too often sex is seen as something that is only ‘real’ if it involves a penis going into a vagina. EuphemiseThis is here to explain that the truth is so much more varied and fun…


Guest post: I’m demisexual – what demisexuality means to me

This week’s guest blogger is Poppy, who runs the podcast Confessions of a Closet Romantic, available here on Apple Podcasts and wherever you get your aural pleasure too. Poppy is demisexual, which is not something I or other guest bloggers have explored much on this site before, so I’m extremely grateful to her for offering to share her experience. Huge thanks to Poppy for this fun, lighthearted tour of what demisexuality means to her.


Guest blog: Talking about sex

This week’s guest blog, by Paulita from the Ersties Podcast, is all about my favourite topic: sex chat. And specifically, the ways in which talking about sex can help us learn more about ourselves and each other. Check out her brilliant post below, listen to the cast, and follow @TheErstiesPodcast on Twitter!


Guest blog: Discovering my sexuality

This fantastic guest blog is written by a brand new sex blogger – Quinn! Quinn goes by @OnQueerStreet on Twitter (and here on Patreon too!), and blogs about a whole bunch of sexy things. I was totally honoured that Quinn wanted to contribute a guest blog to me, and delighted that it explores so much of hir internal wonderings on sex, sexuality and identity.


Bridle: challenging our misconceptions about female sexuality

Today’s guest blogger is writer and performer Stephanie Martin – she’s here to talk about sexuality, particularly women’s sexuality and the way it is policed. Check out her blog post below and if you’re in London, come along to her play Bridle, which is on at the Kings Head Theatre in Islington on 11th, 12th and 16th July.

Steph wanted me to point out that when she talks about ‘women’ and ‘female sexuality’, she means all women: not just cis women. I kind of hope that on this blog you can take that as read, but just in case, I’m going to state it up front. Her post also includes mention of some things that might be distressing including sexual assault and rape.