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Guest blog: the Girls on Film research project

I’ve an extra guest blog for you today – and it’s one on a topic that’s close to my heart: porn. Amy from @ResearchingPorn is conducting a research on women and porn. As someone who has sat through a number of discussions and panels on porn, I am constantly frustrated by the way that porn’s ‘effects’ are discussed mostly in terms of men. Porn makes men feel X, it makes men do Y, etc etc, with often little to no analysis of the relationship women have with it, even though we make up a significant proportion of the people who watch porn. Amy wants to explore those questions, and she’d love for any women reading this to take the ‘Girls on Film’ questionnaire and help with the research.


How to choose the best dildo for your specific kinks

We’ve all heard that old saying “Don’t have anything in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Happily, when it comes to dildos, you don’t need to choose between practicality and prettiness: you can have both. In which case… how do you choose the best dildo to add to your collection?


Can you wank for an hour without stopping?

I recently read a piece by Suzannah Weiss in Bustle in which she attempts to wank for over an hour. As a speedy and functional wanker, I thought this would be an interesting challenge to attempt. And seeing as I’d just been given a Mysteryvibe Crescendo – an almost infinitely customisable vibrator that comes with lots of different vibration patterns out of the box – I figured I had an excellent tool with which to have a go. So here goes: wanking for an hour, non-stop. Feel free to fire up your favourite porn and wank along with me.


I will never manage to give a ‘death grip’ hand job

The other day, when I was giving my partner a lazy hand-job in the bath, I realised that although I have watched him wank countless times, I have never fully understood one thing about his masturbation technique: how hard he squeezes. In the process of getting him to show me I learned why they call it the ‘death grip.’


Fucking in the heatwave, and trying to ‘be more domme’

The other day I tiptoed into the bedroom while he was napping in the afternoon. He was naked. Beads of sweat stood out on his forehead in the baking June heatwave. His chest hair stuck to his skin and he had a slight frown on his face, as if – in his sleep – he was trying to solve a difficult problem. His cock stood out hard and proud away from his body, almost straight up in the air, inviting me to slide down onto it and fuck him in the sticky haze of summer.