Guest blog: Why I love to make you come

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Today’s guest blogger is here to talk about one of the greatest joys in life: giving someone else an orgasm. I say ‘giving’ an orgasm, but one of the things I love about this act is that there are so many different ways in which to do it. Evidenced by the fact that there are multiple ways to express it in language – ‘getting you off’, ‘making you come’, ‘bringing you to climax’ – each one evoking a different tone for what you’re doing. Today’s guest blogger runs the site Ten Ways To Touch, and so fittingly here he’s offering up a list of ten things he loves about giving and receiving orgasms. Take it away…

Why I love to make you come (and vice versa)

Orgasm! The very word bursts from the tongue like that first heady blast of cum leaping from a cock. The syllables simply explode from the mouth. Try typing it into your favorite translation program. In almost every language the word is loud and emphatic, though it tends to linger longer in some languages than others.

Most articles you’ll read on the subject will discuss the how of it. How to make her come? How to leave him a quivering cum spurting mess? This isn’t about that though. Sorry. You can read about some amazing ways to make people come here or better yet, submit your own!

This post is more about the why. Why do I love to make my partner come? What, exactly, is it about watching you tremble and shake while you lose all control that gets me off, so much? And what does it mean to me to come for you? How do I feel, in that moment, when you’ve pushed me over the edge into sweet, sweet oblivion?

Why and how I love to make you come

  1. For the fun of it. I want to make you come as a little gift from me to you. I know how good it feels for me and I just want you to have that, however it feels for you. It’s such an amazing feeling, I want to share it with you.
  2. It gets me off. There is no surer way to push me all the way to the very edge of orgasm than for you to come for me. It’s such an incredible turn on. And the harder you come – the less you hold back – the greater the effect it has on me. Seeing you thrashing with pleasure, clawing the sheets, writhing and screaming, just makes me want to do it too. It’s a bit like yawning really: it’s contagious.
  3. Because of all those wonderful bonding chemicals that we exchange during and after. I don’t know how it works for you, but while my partner is coming, and right after, I feel deeply connected to them. We can part and go our separate ways, even never see each other again, yet I will remember that moment and that feeling for a long time afterwards.
  4. Because it makes me feel incredibly powerful to make you come. I must confess, this is one of my favorite reasons to make you come. I’ve taken control of your body in the most delicious way and best of all, you’ve given me that control. It’s an honor to be given that power. I want to dominate you with pleasure. I especially love it when I’ve teased you mercilessly, when you’re just a hair’s breadth away from orgasm. Fuck! It feels so incredible to be in that position. Should I let you? No, not yet. Let’s just see how far along the edge I can take you before you’ll do almost anything for it. I love being the dispensary for your momentary addiction. No, not yet. Beg for it. Let me hear your desperation. There, my love…now, come for me. It makes me throb just thinking about it. Then after, how much pleasure can you take before you beg me to stop. It’s almost sadistic really. I want you to come until you just can’t bear to come anymore. Let’s push your limits. How much can you take? Will you beg me to stop?
  5. Can you come with your eyes open? Try it the next time you do. It’s harder than it sounds, especially with a partner. I often wonder why that is. Is it simply self consciousness? Am I embarrassed? I’m not sure. I’ve saved this one for last because it’s my favorite. I love to look into your eyes when you come for me. There is a moment, a brief glimpse, right when you lose control, that I swear I can see all the way down to the roots of your soul. It’s only a split second, not even a moment. Blink and you could fit it into that motion at least five times. It’s not easy to give someone that kind of access, to let them see that deep. All of the shields are down, even the ones you don’t realize you have up. It just feels indescribably intimate to have that one split second glimpse. That, above all, is why I love to make you come. It’s that chance that maybe this time I will get a brief glimpse of the beautiful creature that crawls and scratches inside of you.

Why and how I love to come for you

  1. It feels amazing when you make me come. All of that throbbing, rushing, tense energy just bursts out of me like a geyser and I feel completely short-circuited by it. I love that moment of disconnect. It’s such a wonderful break.
  2. I love the way you look with my cum on or in your body. It’s hard to describe the way it feels. Just seeing you covered in spunk is hot. But what really turns me on is when you’re excited by it. I love it when it turns you on, when you’re proud of it. It feels sweet and dirty at the same time. You’re gorgeous, and such a perfect little slut (I mean that in the best possible, most complimentary way). You deserve your reward. It just makes me want to wrap you up in my arms, kiss you, then push you into the bed, and pound you even harder. It’s a powerful jumbled mess of a feeling, and I love it.
  3. It feels like you’ve given me a spectacular gift. I’m never one to ask for help, even when it’s blatantly obvious that I need it. So, when you take your time, when you put in the effort to make me feel this good… it’s like being given an incredibly personal gift. I feel ridiculously grateful. A slow, sensual, well-executed hand job can just about bring me to tears. Yeah, it’s a little weird.
  4. It makes me feel wanted and accepted. There are times when I feel really vulnerable when I come for you. The more exposed I am and the more unreserved my orgasm the more vulnerable I feel. When you enjoy it, when you smile after, I feel like you’re OK with me. You’ve experienced something really intimate with me and we both enjoyed it. That’s a great feeling. Masturbating for you definitely makes me feel this way. I’m exposed, showing you exactly how I get off: it’s pretty personal stuff. But I feel most vulnerable when you peg me – when I’m riding your strap on to orgasm I feel completely and totally exposed. Pegging is a kink that still feels really expositional to me. Society has, unjustly, tied all sorts of weird connotations to it. The fact that I’m letting you do it with me means that I really, really trust you. Also, I am going to come so hard for you that you’ll hear all kinds of weird noises rip from my throat. I will shake uncontrollably while I lose control. If I was even remotely conscious of how it sounded and looked I’m sure I’d be embarrassed. Seriously, the game warden might show up to make sure someone isn’t torturing a coyote. Lastly, if I come with your strap-on cock in my ass and you smile, press our cum drenched bodies together, kiss me, and say, “My turn…” I will literally do almost anything to get you off. It’s warm and fuzzy – about as close to subspace as I can get.
  5. But my favorite way to come for you is after the intensity has built for a really long time. Maybe you’ve teased me for hours before we hook up. Maybe you’ve edged me until want has become need. Maybe you’ve tied me down. Maybe you’re fucking my ass while you tease my head and you’ve taken away my control. That is my favorite way to come for you. I don’t just want to give you my cum. I want to give you my surrender. I want you to look deep into my eyes and and say those three magical words, “come for me”. If you do, you might get a glimpse of the animal you’ve released, if only for a split second. Then I want you to smile, press our cum drenched bodies together and suggest we do it again. Except this time, I’m in charge, and you will get to see a bit more of that animal you’ve unleashed.

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