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I’m currently accepting commissions for work – writing, audio, and interviews on sex and relationships. Below is a short, and entirely inexhaustive list of commissioned work, interviews and quotes in other publications. If you’d like me to write for you, please do get in touch!

If you’d like to know a little more about the business of sex blogging, check out my column on the amazing Smutlancer website!

Media – writing

The Guardian

The new UK porn rules

(see all other articles for the Guardian by Girl on the Net)


TESTED: Cosmo’s best ‘woman on top’ sex positions

Esquire UK

It’s time to confront porn’s biggest taboo

Why Some People Enjoy ‘Watersports’ – And What It’s Really Like
How Virtual Reality Porn Is Going To Transform Your Sex Life
A Guide To Cuckolding


Are you riding the relationship escalator?

Would you buy him a sex toy?

New Statesman

A woman the same age as Idris Elba would be considered past her ‘best before’ date

Other articles by Girl on the Net at the New Statesman

Reveal magazine

Are you up to the sex tape challenge?

Media – interviews and featured in

Will size be the only thing that matters with the UK porn block? – Elite Business Mag

Am I the only one who’s horny for podcasts? – Mashable

Why paying for porn makes you a better feminist – Cosmopolitan

No Nut November – the insidious challenge encouraging men not to masturbate – New Statesman

Our culture is saturated with porn, which is why we need to talk about it in schools – New Statesman

Is big tech turning its back on adult indie creators? – SexTechGuide

9 best sites for free erotica, because porn doesn’t cut it for some of us – Bustle

Sex on file – interviews with London’s top sex bloggers – Evening Standard Mag

What does an orgasm look like? – Mirror

Woman’s Hour – discussion on whether we’re having less sex

Woman’s Hour – discussion on teenage heartbreak

What does an orgasm look like? – Refinery29

The A-Z of sex in London – Time Out

Interview with Frankie Mullen – Vice

Top sex blog lists

Highly commended in the UK Blog Awards 2019

Kinkly’s top sex blog list

Top sex blogger of 2014 in the Between my Sheets (now MollysDailyKiss) list, subsequently retired from future lists.


  • Jade says:

    So yep. I’m in love with your books.
    -sincerely- in love with a man with a lower libido than myself. You make me feel better about it all 😉💋

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oh thank you so much! I’m so chuffed you like the books! Can I be really cheeky and ask if you’d mind leaving an Amazon review? Means a lot to me! No worries at all if you can’t though – bloody delighted you like them =)

  • NADER says:


  • Amanda says:

    I am new to your stories. Is there a place i can find a compilation of all if them together in one place!! Im addicted!! It would be even cooler if you tell me your blog stories are all in a book!

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey Amanda – thanks! Really glad you like the blog! I’ve written a couple of books in fact =) https://www.girlonthenet.com/books/ ‘My not so shameful sex secrets’ (annoying long title, sorry) is the first, and ‘How a bad girl fell in love’ (ditto on title!) is the second.

  • Brian Statham says:

    I have just finished both your books. I feel rather like a good friend has gone abroad to live. A problem I had with Girl on the Net was, I didn’t, at first, realise I was reading a very serious book. When I did realise this I learned I was also reading a good book: it made me laugh out loud, it brought me often to tears; it taught me much about myself, much about previous girlfriends and much about aspects of relationships I had not considered. Your observations regarding language delighted me – though I’m for arse not ass. Two weeks ago I didn’t know there was such a thing as a sex blogger. While I was reading Girl on the Net I felt I had found a truly constant and reliable friend and I grew to love Sahra and Mark. Thank you so much. I perhaps should add, I am 77 and it is a decade since I fancied anyone who fancied me. Ironically, it strikes me on occasions, the only drug I seem not to require, is Viagra.

  • Brian Statham says:

    I should have written How a bad Gil fell in love not Girl on the Web. Sorry.

  • Angel G says:

    Fascinated with your open minded views on love making and playfulness. Kinda sucks that my gf doesn’t share the same enthusiasm as you when it comes to foreplay, erotic pleasures, etc… Her libido is very low and she doesn’t find pleasure in love making and it’s really frustrating for me as I’m the polar opposite in that area. I’m a very passionate person. I’ve tried everything from toys, vibrating panties, pills and “set the moment” things and still.. it just doesn’t interest her. It makes me feel very insecure and lonely. I know I’m not a bad partner because previous relationships were amazing in that area. What can I do?

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