Writing elsewhere

I’m currently taking on freelance work for adult sites, as well as commissioned articles and blogs on sex and relationships elsewhere. If you’d like me to write for you, please get in touch.

This is just a selection, because I can’t keep it updated all the time. 

Media – writing

Coach magazine

Monthly column in the print edition


TESTED: Cosmo’s best ‘woman on top’ sex positions

The Debrief

All the sex you shouldn’t have during Fresher’s Week

Cost Per Orgasm: how not to calculate the value of a date

Five blow job tips we didn’t learn from women’s magazines

When did we all become sex toy power junkies?

And loads more, but if I posted all the links here there’d be no space for anything else.

Esquire UK

Again, lots here but here’s a selection:
Why Some People Enjoy ‘Watersports’ – And What It’s Really Like
How Virtual Reality Porn Is Going To Transform Your Sex Life
A Guide To Cuckolding


5 things you never knew about sex bloggers


Lots of contributions to the FHM girlfriend feature

10 things you never knew girls find sexy


Are you riding the relationship escalator?

The Guardian

Sex with science nerds
Can women get sex whenever they like?
Why the ‘science of dating’ should make you angry
No sex please: it’s the internet

New Statesman

Sexual squeamishness does women no favours

Reveal magazine

Are you up to the sex tape challenge?

Media – interviews and featured in


9 best sites for free erotica, because porn doesn’t cut it for some of us

Evening Standard Magazine

Sex on file – interviews with London’s top sex bloggers


Weekly on the Crackedi with Ed + Fitzy

The Mirror Online

What does an orgasm look like?


Devil’s Dozen: super-fun interview about my appalling taste in music

Radio 4

Woman’s Hour – discussion on teenage heartbreak


What does an orgasm look like?

Reveal magazine

Book extract – lubed-up hand jobs


The A-Z of sex in London


Interview with Frankie Mullen

York Vision

Interview in Spotlight, 2014


Copywriting, blogging and social media

I currently blog and do social media for some fantastic companies:

  • Hot Octopuss, who make PULSE (which has been reviewed here by a guest blogger). I write some blogs for them and also sometimes look after their social media.

I’m also writing some kink-focused blogs for the lovely people at KinkCraft.

I used to write regularly for the amazing Dreams of Spanking, before the site was censored by ATVOD, and I’ve written a number of blogs for the equally amazing Petra Joy.

In the past I’ve also worked with Belle de Soir, Bondara and some individuals and companies on a confidential basis. I am keen to do more work in the sex industry, particularly with campaigning projects related to sex stigma, porn and other sex work, so please do get in touch.

Top sex blog lists

Kinkly’s top sex blog list (4th in the top sex blogs of 2014)

BetweenMySheets (top sex blogger of 2014)

Guest blogs

Do women like…? at kinkly.com
How many people should you admit to having slept with? at Datingadvice.com
Phil Miller is the last tedious bellend on Earth – at The Spoilist
Alt sex toys: ethernet cable at CaraSutra.co.uk
Alt sex toys: stiletto heels at Dirty Little Whispers
Alt sex toys: belts – commercial


  • Jade says:

    So yep. I’m in love with your books.
    -sincerely- in love with a man with a lower libido than myself. You make me feel better about it all 😉💋

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oh thank you so much! I’m so chuffed you like the books! Can I be really cheeky and ask if you’d mind leaving an Amazon review? Means a lot to me! No worries at all if you can’t though – bloody delighted you like them =)

  • NADER says:


  • Amanda says:

    I am new to your stories. Is there a place i can find a compilation of all if them together in one place!! Im addicted!! It would be even cooler if you tell me your blog stories are all in a book!

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey Amanda – thanks! Really glad you like the blog! I’ve written a couple of books in fact =) https://www.girlonthenet.com/books/ ‘My not so shameful sex secrets’ (annoying long title, sorry) is the first, and ‘How a bad girl fell in love’ (ditto on title!) is the second.

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