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On the prettiest things

Are you a tits man or an arse man? Or, perhaps, a leg man? Guys are often asked, for no rational reason that I can identify, to shoehorn themselves into one of these boxes. But what’s the alternative for girls? We aren’t asked if we’re ‘cock’ or ‘arse’ women.

Perhaps it’s because we’re trickier to categorise – we have a tendency to sexualise bits of your body that aren’t obviously sexual – your eyes, your hands, your arms. Lovely though your penis is, it’s rarely your hottest feature.

This point was hammered home fairly solidly to me recently when I watched Cindy Gallop talking about female desireIn what I think is a desperately sexy accent, she goes misty-eyed about men’s forearms. I mean, forearms, for crying out loud. Filthy bitch.

But she’s right – sometimes the things that turn us on are bloody odd. I’m a big fan of chipping in, so in no particular order, here are some of the sexiest things about boys.


Beautiful hands – long fingers, chubby fingers, rings, fingernails cut or bitten to the quick that mean you can slide them into me eagerly and easily.

Even better – big hands. Hands that you use to touch me, grab me, restrain me. Hands that you put flat on my tits and squeeze. Hands that you can place on my waist when I’m beside you, that you can use to squeeze and control me.

Hands that fit neatly into the back pocket of my jeans.

Final note: boys wearing nail varnish: yes please. Please. With sugar, a cherry, and a massive helping of girljizz on top.


Naked men lying on my bed with their hands either gripping or tied to the bed posts. These men are not hot because they’re vulnerable – they’re hot because they’re showing me their armpits.

Guys have hairy armpits and it’s wonderful – beautiful. They’re dark, and dirty, and provide definition against your powerful, masculine arms.

Ideally they smell musky and sweaty, like fucking in a sauna. If you promise not to freak out at my perving, I would love the chance to lick them.


It doesn’t matter if you’re fat, thin, skinny or muscular – your shoulders are sexy. They’re what I’ll bite and drool and dribble over while you’re fucking me nice and hard.

They’re male and strong and defined and so so different to my own. The things that make the two of us different make you especially hot.

I once fucked a guy with tattooed sleeves, the designs ended just at the tip of his shoulders – essentially an arrow to highlight and point at what my eye’s already drawn towards. Apparently I wasn’t paying the requisite amount of attention to his face, because he stopped halfway through that fuck to ask: “are you perving on my tattoos?”

Yes. I most definitely, definitely was.


Ungh. Yes. This only really works with very lithe, skinny boys, but I love to play with your hipbones.

If you’re lying on your back and I can see the definition of your hipbones at your waist it will take as much restraint as I can muster not to just grab your hips with my hands and push my thumbs into the little dent above them, ideally while taking your cock in my mouth as you moan like a desperate, wriggling teenager.

The dimples just above your arse cheeks

Why is this beautiful? It’s beautiful because if you’re wearing pants, staring at these dimples is the closest I get to your arse without actually seeing your arse. It’s a tiny bit of definition that hints at what’s below. And is usually even sexier than your arse itself.

Bonus points if you also have soft, wispy hair in the crook of your back that I can stroke when I’m reaching down behind you.

The back of your neck

I want to bite it. I also want to sniff it, kiss it, lick and nuzzle it as I sit behind you on the sofa with my legs wrapped round your hips, one hand steadily rubbing your ever-hardening cock.

Incidentally, the back of the neck is one of the reasons why fucking guys in the ass can be so spectacular – if you have a guy lying on his front, you get a stunning view of his neck as you push yourself into him.

This is one reason why I try to avoid hugging guys I’m not sleeping with – being that close to their neck just feels pervy, like I’m violating them with my thoughts.

No matter who you are, if you hug me I will take deep breaths in – sampling exactly what your neck smells like and what it feels like to rest my face there. Out of courtesy I’ll refrain from actually licking it, but I’ll probably be imagining what it would be like to bury my face in it while we fuck.


  • @Eagle_Chaser says:

    I hope women see this as a catalyst, and openly admit to perving the less obvious. This blog is more encouraging than some I have seen in recent times. Thank you.

    • girlonthenet says:

      I’ll admit – it’s partly a shameless ploy to get people to come and comment in explicit detail about their own delightful perversions =)

  • Jim says:

    Not related: One of my favourite things about reading you – apart from the filth, obviously – is the tags at the bottom of the posts, which almost always give me a chuckle.

  • Shreena says:

    Speaking of, TATTOOS. Not really a body part though, eh? Still, yum.

  • AnotherGirl says:

    Oh, fuck. Hipbones. Yes. Oh fuck yes. And I completely agree with Cindy about forearms. Forearms are fucking fantastic.

    I like a hairy chest. I can run my fingers through it and grip it, and maybe tug on it gently. I like to idly play with it while I’m lying on him after we’ve fucked, and I’m just deciding whether I want to fuck him again or suck his cock.

    Thighs are fantastic. Strong, thick thighs that I can hold on to. One of the reasons I love reverse cowgirl so much.

  • Andrea says:

    Been reading your blog for a while (thanks to @ludditewebdev). Have loved every post but this, this is just perfect.
    I love the ranty ones, the informative ones, the personal ones.
    If I wasn’t older than you then I would definitely want to grow up to be just like you (and I so wish I could have met some boys as adventurous as yours).

  • Daisy says:

    There’s a cheeky smile he does, and I can see the tip of his tongue between his teeth, just at the side of his mouth and it just makes me flood my knickers, because I know EXACTLY how that tongue feels brushing over my lips, or licking at my nipples that way that only he knows how and oh holy fuck how it feels when he trails it over my belly to my waiting cunt.

    That. And another vote for the back of the neck. Well, the back of his neck, which I just HAVE to kiss a lot – which is probably pretty annoying for him as mostly he is trying to cook me a meal when I launch a surprise kissing attack!

    Oh and his ears. And toes. He has sexy toes. And fingers.

    I should definitely send you pictures of all his hotspots!

  • obscureusername says:

    Oh hell yes. Hell fucking yes on pretty much all this but *especially* about the hands – I like them when they’re just a little bony, when you can see the tendons and muscles and those fascinating popped out veins that guys have that you can press and go ‘squish squish’ in your head while you do.

    And necks, yes. The back of the neck where it curves out to the knob at the top of the spine and the Adams apple at the front that’s so fun to bite and slim collar bones with those dips that you just want to lick. And bite, again ;)

    And nipples (talking of biting…) and shoulder blades and lovely tiny bums and the hair on their thighs and their lower belly and the soft crease just where their hips join the thighs and, oh, so many more secret places that most people don’t get to see.

    I also happen to like skin that shows up marks well *g*

  • Curious Muse says:

    I am trying to imagine the man who would actually MIND being violated in that way… Nope. Drawing a blank there!
    I don’t think men are any more easily categorised than women? Tits and bums are obviously pleasing but speak to any intelligent man and he’ll have his little quirks, a long neck, cute knees, curly hair…
    I am so with the lady who mentioned forearms… and thighs, those muscles that tighten at the slightest touch..

  • Fiona says:

    I have to agree with you on the shoulders – rawr, the way they can flex, and you see their bones shift when you’re grinding against them from behind. So masculine; its one of the delightful things I’ve found with my first boyfriend after years of lesbian relationships…

  • youreallfuckinggreat says:

    Guy-esqe person here, I have tons of quirks (also being a guy that would walk out of a conversation around body part preference; i’d fuck any feminist for that fact alone. which i think might not be very feminist of me… anyway).

    Feet are fantastic, love starting there and working up. Also hips stand out but i think that’s ’cause I like my skinny, stick out ones. Narcissistic i know. But i have long hair, so maybe it’s a lil’ but non-cis guy being homosexual. whatever that means by that point….

    eyes, wide eyed locked with mine as my cock goes in; clenched shut as you come; rolling all over the place. I remember lots of my past lovers by their eyes.

    long hair that you call pull with lots of little trinkets tied in it…. mmmmm.

  • Babefiend says:

    Yes these, all of these. Articulating my own thoughts and feelings beautifully as ever x

  • notarealperson says:

    Been reading for a while, and just wanted to chip in – the thing I find the most attractive and the thing that makes me hot? Her eyes. I love the expressiveness of a person’s eyes. I love seeing my partner’s reactions, the way she tries to keep them open to keep watching me as I’m sliding in and out of her, but then seeing her shut them almost involuntarily when I hit just that right spot. I love watching the way her pupil subtly changes colour, and how her iris expands and contracts at different points while we’re having sex.

    Excuse me, I have to… go somewhere…

  • The quiet one says:

    Hands are so sexy, big strong hands, hands so strong that my body can’t help but mold to whatever position he desires and shapes.

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