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On feeling it

“Oh holy fuck – I can feel that with my dick.”

At University, aged 20, I discovered a very fun thing. Having been reasonably ignorant about my own anatomy, one day I made a conscious effort to fill myself with things. In doing so I discovered just how thin the wall between my cunt and my ass was.

Fucking lazily in that mid-afternoon dead time that comes with most arts degrees, I rolled on top of the boy I was with and slid his dick deep inside me. Sitting, still and wet on top of him, I pushed something else inside me – a long, hard anal wand – just slim enough to fit comfortably in my ass, with a battery pack that gave it gentle vibrations.

Turning it on felt good to me, but what I hadn’t realised until that moment was just how good it would feel for him. His eyes widened and his breath quickened as I pushed it deeper in, squeezing myself nice and tight around his cock. I could feel the pressure on both sides – the thickness of his dick pressing against the inside wall of my cunt, and the wand pressing back – buzzing with pressure against the tip of him.

“Oh holy fuck,” he panted. “I can feel that with my dick.

It wasn’t just good from his point of view – I felt every inch of him as he twitched and shot thick spurts of spunk inside me. The next time we fucked I let him hold it himself, so he could angle it to get just the right pressure, and feel the ridges and the buzzes pressing in exactly the right places. It was so good he came with barely any movement, just a thrust of his hips and an arch of his back as he felt the first stirring of an orgasm in the pit of his stomach.

A while later, he discovered that by pushing me face down on the bed, he could fill me with his dick and his fingers at the same time. With spit and lube and trembling enthusiasm, he realised:

“I could wank like this.”

And he did. Forcing his fingers into my ass, he kept his cock quite still, rubbing its head through the thin wall of my cunt.

I love watching guys wank. And I love it when they let me join in. But this was the closest I have ever felt to being involved in just the way I want to be – little more than a clenched fist or a hole to be fucked. Something he can use to wank without even trying. He didn’t thrust, he didn’t push, he didn’t need to slide his dick in and out of me – he just needed to rub my ass from the inside. He could feel his fingers on his dick.

Do it again

Since then others have discovered the same things – that they can feel through the wall and get an extra touch of pleasure on the bits of their cock that they most like having touched. The joy of that discovery is never less exciting than it was the first time. There’s still moaning relief and delight as guys realise they can feel a buttplug, their thumb, or the nearest cock-shaped thing that comes to hand. I love to hear their dawning delight as they realise that by filling me up they’re giving themselves something extra to push and rub and grind against.

Someone asked me recently whether I ever write blog entries to elicit a certain reaction – to make any of my particular boys jealous or aroused. My answer is yes, sometimes – and this blog is one of them. Because I’ve had buttplugs and thumbs and fingers and rubber dicks and plastic test tubes and wooden spoons, but no one’s ever used the one thing that seems so perfectly designed to do this – the thing that’d feel best on anyone’s dick.

So if you’re reading this, and you’re fucking me, know that this is a heartfelt and trembling plea – bend me over, push your lubed-up cock hard into my ass, then fuck me with a rabbit vibrator. I know it’s not as fun when I ask, and I know you like to surprise me. But I promise it’ll be worth it.

You will feel it on your dick.


  • DB says:

    This is the sound of me making a note in my mental ‘to-do’ list.

  • totally anonymous username says:

    So, that reminds me, seeing a boy on Tuesday, must remember to take my newish rabbit along.

  • Inferno says:

    Great story.
    I like using bendable ridged probes analy on a woman during sex for just such a reason.
    The vibrations are awesome and the bumps of the probe feel so good when it is being pushed and pulled in and out of my partners bottom.

  • Omniwhore says:

    I love this story and will definitely try this. It actually makes me a little jealous that I don’t have a vagina to feel it how you feel it.

  • Va e Venca says:

    Years ago I was seeing to a girl on the school football pitch, and as I’d been drinking and it was freezing, I decided to speed things up by sticking a finger up her ass and tickling my cock through the thin wall. It allowed me to shoot my load deep inside her in no time

  • Myra says:

    I think I just blushed harder than I ever have before. I’m what my fiance refers to as an “anal whore”. Basically, once I’m brought to an orgasm anally, you can do WHATEVER you want to me. And this, this sounds absolutely wonderful, on so many levels. I might have to rip my fiance away from his computer…

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