The edge of orgasm: I need words to tip me over

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

“I gave in around six in the morning, and came all over my stomach thinking about fucking you bent over the bed and digging my fingernails into your tits.”

This, from an email, from a guy. Sent to me so long ago that I couldn’t remember when or what it was in connection with. I just knew that if I typed ‘fingernails’ and ‘tits’ into my Gmail search box, I’d find it again. I use that line sometimes still, in fantasies I dream up in my head.

I dream up lots of fantasy scenarios – guys fucking me in the mouth on conference calls, guys sharing me at a dinner party, guys eating disgustingly drippy food while expecting me to service their dicks… if you’ve been here before, you know the kind of thing. But just as a sundae isn’t a sundae without something sprinkled on top, so any fantasy usually needs one key thing to tip me over the edge into orgasm. Usually, for me, that thing involves words. Lines I’ve stored in my mental wank-bank, plagiarised from men I’ve fucked.

If you don’t hold still until I come, I’m going to beat you so hard.

I want to hurt you with my dick.

Squeeze your cunt for me, there’s a good girl.

Open your mouth, I want to see myself squirt in it.

I want to put a scoop of ice-cream down the back of your knickers and bury my fucking face in it.

Or things I’ve imagined, and just wish someone would say:

I’m done with her: your turn.

When I’m done beating you, I’m going to fuck you in the ass.

Or simple phrases and sounds:

Good girl.

A guttural moan.

Playful, diminutive names like ‘kitten.’

Aggressive, dehumanising names like ‘slut’ or ‘her.’

The thwacking sound a belt makes upon contact with the back of my thighs.

It’s aural rather than visual. Though the images are blurry and lack detail, I’m dreaming dialogue and soundscapes in my head. It’s these words and sounds that push me over the edge. They’re also the things I hold on to long after a real-life fuck has ended. I probably couldn’t describe each guy’s dick in intense detail, or tell you what he was wearing when he took me back to his. But if he said anything especially dominant, or filthy, just before I came? It’ll be burned into my mind forever.

I store these treasures in my head, but I hold them back when I’m fantasising – saving the best material until I’m close to the edge of orgasm. Just as you wouldn’t start a wank at the pop-shot of a porn film, so I have to save the best lines until the very last minute.

I paint the picture, set up the characters, and start to run the scenario. A group of men passing me around each other with casual disdain. A faceless stranger with a slickly-lubed cock. They speak, of course, but their words are the equivalent of a warm-up: rigging someone in bondage before you start the fuck you promised them.

Tipping over the edge of orgasm

In real life, as in fantasy: it’s hard to come without words. Without – at the very least – noises. I can rub at my clit while he’s fucking me good and hard, and I can bite my lip and clench and almost will myself to climax. And sometimes it works. But it’s an uphill struggle without that moan at the back of his throat, or a breathless whisper of:

“Good girl, that’s it.”

“I can feel you coming around my cock.”

“If you don’t come soon it’s going in your ass.”

Some people are more visual: they want to see the detail of what’s happening. They want to fuck with the lights on, in gratuitous close-up. Others are more tactile, or a mixture of a bunch of things. But my edge is all about words: in real life and in fantasy.

I don’t just want you to do this thing, I want you to show me your working. If this is hot, I want to know why. And how. I want to hear the crack in your voice as you tremble on the bring of orgasm yourself. I want you to tell me exactly how to tip you over your edge. And when you tell me, it’ll probably push me over too.

Like orgasmic dominos.

A good fuck gets me to the edge, but it’s the ‘good girl’ that tips me over.


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If you just want to share your best/filthiest lines, please do add them in the comments and if I get enough I’ll do a sexy recording of your hottest lines. 


  • Neil says:

    > orgasmic dominos

    Mmmm… Texas BBQ.

  • SweetTheSting says:

    Mmm, words.

  • New to this says:

    Love this post! Quite often my fantasies are as much imagining a string of filthy things being said to me as much as they are about a specific scenario. You inspired me to finally check out your audio porn too – it’s delightful and your voice is seriously sexy! I promise I’ll have a good think about becoming a member x

  • The sound off an ass makes while riding someone. Yum….I love to hear moaning and the sound of him/her calling out my name.

  • Masiglatern says:

    You need to put a button or a clearer link to the audioporn hub. I had to find this post to get to it.

  • Ellen Devlin says:

    This this this. Although my verbal (or other) fantasies don’t run to dominance. It’s the sounds of a man on the edge, so lost in the sensations that he can’t stop himself. The sounds of him losing his grip on control. The sounds of his orgasm. Any words that go along with it, fuck yes, oh God… and the best… I’m gonna come, I can’t hold back, I’m coming.

    Yeah, pretty much just writing this has me completely and utterly distracted. Damn.

  • Bettylicksforeskin says:

    I always say urgently “Don’t stop. Don’t stop” just before. I love it when men moan and grunt their pleasure. Words that tip me over the edge? “That’s it. You’re such a good girl. I can feel you cumming on my cock”. I’ll let you know if I think of any other

  • Bettylicksforeskin says:

    “I’ve got a cock full of cum for you, girl” from my fantasies rather than real partners

  • Smail says:

    Very interesting way to fantasize..your voice is so beautiful..I want to suggest if the stories are read with your voice on the Stories of fansadox (google it) it would be splendid..u can narrate the women version..her thoughts ..what she sees and feels from the fansodox

    ..I bet this will draw huge crowds to this blog..All the best..

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hi Smail, and thank you! I’m afraid I haven’t had any approaches from that company to record audio for them, and as a general rule I have to focus on my own projects rather than offer to record for other people as I have limited time and I’m only one person. I am always up for chatting to people if they have commercial projects they’d like me to get involved with though – details on the contact page.

  • Shy Dom says:

    Yes! Words are hot, and yours are hotter than most. Since we discovered you, my partner and I regularly playfully exchange links to your recordings as pretexts for something deeper.

    “Please,” has to be one of the hottest words I’ve ever heard.

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