On submissive desires: fuck me, use me, hurt me

My submissive desires tell me I need certain things right now. I need strength and power and rage and pain and everything that makes me bite the pillow and cry out and cry.

I don’t want sex. I’m off sex for now. The cold-hands-reaching-under-the-duvet-when-we-go-to-bed sex. The gentle-touches-along-my-thighs-while-I’m-sleepily-holding-your-cock sex. The sex that’s as much a part of bedtime as brushing your teeth.

I need fucking: passion and anger. I need ‘fuck me’ and ‘fuck you’. I need spitting and slapping and a grunted ‘good girl’ and that bit where you pull your cock out and push it deep into the crack of my arse.

I want sex, frequently. Perhaps not as frequently as I did when I was eighteen, but enough to understand that my mojo’s still intact. But God my mojo could do with a beating. It could do with a fuck that ends with a whimpered ‘thank you’ rather than a whispered ‘goodnight’. Sex is a desire – fucking is a need.

I need a fuck.

I can ask for one, of course, and I will – but I want to revel for a moment in this moment. The soft, affectionate moment before he knows that soft affection won’t cut it. It’s not hot enough. It’s not angry enough. It doesn’t fucking hurt enough.

If I see you slip your t-shirt over your head one more time, and take your boxers off before you join me, naked, in bed, I will sob. I don’t want you to remove your clothes like it’s the end of the day – I want you to fuck me like it’s the end of the universe. A stars collapse and planets collide and the US President makes his inevitable heartwarming speech about humanity’s battle for survival, I want you to fuck me semi-clothed on the bathroom floor with all the romance of a rutting mongrel.

Fuck me.

Grab my hair to give you purchase. Squeeze my nipples to make me beg. Put a belt in my mouth and hold the ends like a bridle. Pay no attention whatsoever to the back of my neck, or the soft parts that you want to kiss romantically.

Stuff your fingers, your dick, your hands wherever they’ll go, and make me look into your face while you screw me with them. Tell me I’m a bad girl but – and this is very, very important – treat me like a bad girl too. Don’t call me a slut – make me your slut. Ruin any hopes I had of cuddles and kisses before bed.

This isn’t a desire – it’s a need. It’s the reset button on my sexual energy. It’s the only thing which drags me out of a low, listless anti-sex drive and into the world I’m happy in. Please fuck me. Use me. Hurt me. Make me cry.

Or I will cry.


This post on submissive desires is also available as audio – click ‘listen now’ above or head to the audio porn page for more filthy stories read aloud. 


  • mouse says:

    Fantastic as always! I can totally relate to this ;)

  • C.M. says:

    Jesus Christ on a fucking popsicle stick, this is amazing.
    Thank you.

  • So articulate about the demand and the driving need. Love the contrast of sex and fucking, and can relate in my marriage.

  • I.L. says:

    I have weird feelings about this sort of thing. On one hand seeing girls in pain is a major turn-off for me. On the other hand I know that girls like you absolutely love it despite outward appearances. So, if I were fucking you like this my unconscious mind would be screaming: “Stop it, you’re hurting her, you jerk!” while my conscious mind would say “She loves it, make her gag on your cock until her eyes roll back into her skull and she’ll cum like she just got out of prison.”

  • Maiden says:

    Can totally relate to parts of this… I hope you get it soon :-)

  • Male Submissive says:

    I am a bloke and love being dominated. I don’t like pain, though. I just like it when a woman is in charge of me in a sexual situation and requires me to perform acts where she is the beneficiary rather than me. I find giving up control really quite liberating in many ways.

    Outside of the bedroom I prefer a more equal partnership, although I happy to “take direction” as my partner puts it.

  • Cheryl says:

    Oh fuck! Love it when I’m just taken like this. Makes me feel more wanted than anything.

    Like when we are on the comfy seats in a coffee shop sitting opposite each other and he demands ” Show me your cunt” with that hungry, mean look in his eyes and I just have to oblige.

    I know then that this is the kind of sex we will have when we get home. When he uses me. Dominates me. Makes me wet and begging to filled until we do.

  • H.H. says:

    Lovely pic. Great writing!

  • Denise says:

    Hi,I get where your coming from totally, my husband one night climbed on top of me and poured a full bottle of baby oil over the pair of us. Then fucked me like a whore he had just picked up. I loved every second

  • Nikita says:

    Holy fuck your writing is hot, why have I only just found your site!!

  • Lexi says:

    Yep, know that feeling well.

  • Essael Bosch says:

    Hnnnng. Thanks for that. I was about to crawl into bed to go to sleep, but now I predict hours of staring at the ceiling and trying very hard not to booty call anyone.

  • I prefer the slow and gentle, but love reading about your torrid sexual desires.

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