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On a change of plan

“Nah, I’m knackered.”

The kind of tired where I could barely open my eyes. Tired where I’d have been willing to pay a week’s wages just to get a day’s reprieve from work. Tired like I really didn’t want to fuck.

He’d asked if I fancied a quick one. A throwaway, casual request – one said so routinely that it was easy to turn down. There was no pleading in his eyes, no crack or tremble in his voice as there’d have been if he were desperate. So I said no.

“I’ll just jizz into the crack of your arse then, shall I?”

“Mmm…” Sleepily murmuring, I turned over and pushed my arse up against him. He gripped his swelling erection and started rubbing. I could feel his closed fist slapping against me with each stroke. He slipped his other hand round my neck and pulled me tighter.


The trouble with turning him down is that it seems a bit final. Often, shortly after I’ve said ‘no thanks’ I’ll want to change my mind. Few things change my mind quicker than the frantic, jiggling experience of being a key part of someone’s wank. Feeling the tip of his cock rubbing up against my arse, getting to know the exact points when he’s riding the crest of a wave of stomach-knotting hotness simply by the sensation of his arm tightening around my neck. Hearing the tiny grunts and moans in the back of his throat as he gets it just right.

One minute after my sleepy ‘no’, and I’m wide awake, hot and aching to feel him inside me. My cunt is slick, and I’m pushing ¬†myself back into him as far as I can, hoping he’ll see how much I’ve changed – how much I want it now. I don’t think he does, which is the best part – his next words aren’t spoken because he wants to fulfil my fickle desires. His next words are said with the trembling desperation of a man who needs release.

“Oh God I really want to fuck you. Let me fuck you?”

“Mmm. Yes. Please.”

And he pushes me over so I’m lying on my stomach – back arched slightly and legs spread so he can slide easily in. Hooking his big arms under my shoulders, he holds me tight and solid as he pushes his cock into me. And I bite the pillow and moan at the sheer satisfying weight of him on top, and the feeling of being so deeply, achingly full of his dick.

And I’m glad I changed my mind.


  • Alex. N says:

    I like the tags for this post ;)

  • I love when I change my mind, not because I feel pressured, but because he is doing something so sexy that I need him as much as he needs me.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Damn right, *especially* when it happens because he’s not trying, just doing something exceptionally hot =)

  • Ladypandorah says:

    Enjoyed reading this post – that need that overcomes you, certainly something I recognise.

    LP xo

  • Fiddy says:

    Hm. I wake my wife up by having her play World of Tanks.

    One minute she’s a zombie constantly seeking to cuddle my arm.

    The next minute I can see the flames of hell burning in her eyes.

    And then we have sex because being awake makes her horny.

  • Pandora says:

    Oh wow. Super hot. And yes, since I educated myself a bit more about consent, and learned to be more relaxed both about saying “no thanks” and asking for my own sexual satisfaction, this is something that’s happened to me a lot. The answer is often companionable masturbation, and it’s amazing how hot it can be. Sometimes it’s just what it is, and that’s fine too, but when it’s led to more it feels so beautifully relaxed and sincere, neither of you pressuring yourselves or each other, just following the mood wherever it might lead.

    Also, being jizzed on in the crack of your arse = OMGsohot.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ooh, yes – I’ll add a +1 to companionable masturbation. One of my favourite things when we’re both feeling knackered, and I just want to enjoy the hotness of him masturbating. Mmm.

  • Lee says:

    Omg yes, that’s hot. After all, it says “I want you” loud and clear, and being desired is the hot spot…

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