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On your amazing orgasm competition entries

You’re all brilliant. I mean it – you’re gold-plated, top-of-the-range fantastic and I love you all. A month ago I asked people to have a go at describing their orgasms, in the form of some sort of competition (I haven’t decided the prize yet but trust me it will be highly desirable and worth at least a tenner).

There are still two days left to enter, so if you want to have a go, please leave a comment below describing your own orgasm (or do it on your own blog and send me a link so I can link to you, or email it to me if you’re shy), and I’ll include it in the final roundup. We’ll give people a chance to vote/comment on the final roundup then I’ll pick an overall winner. Finally, we will throw a street party in their honour (or, more likely, just have a bit of a love-in on the social network of their choice) and I’ll send them an awesome prize. Join in – you know you want to.

Describe your orgasm entries – round two

Rosa’s entry is an excellent place to start…

“I start to become really sensitive and twitch beneath my own hand, and I don’t know if I can handle such an intense sensation. It feels as though I am about to die, or come alive, or explode.” You can read the rest of the comment here.

Mal explains how hers almost always come from penetration…

“It begins as a series of long, sharp prickles around the clitoris, or as this unbearable hot sensation in my g spot and then, if it’s a gentle orgasm, feathers out delicately and I sigh and enjoy it with a soft smile.” Read more to see why she feels like she’s falling off a cliff.

The always-excellent N.Likes hits the ‘moment’ nail on the head:

“The first sensation was of a momentary vacuum of pressure – it was like that moment when you’re on a swing set and you reach the absolute peak of your arc: the swing isn’t going up any more, but it isn’t falling yet – it’s just hanging, suspended, momentarily immune from gravity or momentum.” His full description is worth a very thorough read.

Self-described ‘penis user’ (I love this phrase) Nick gives an incredibly vivid picture of how ejaculation feels:

“If you want to know what it feels like to ejaculate the best image I can give is to think of blowing bubbles into milkshake through a straw. That delightful welling up and out with occasions where you blow too hard and get it down your dress.” He then goes on to explain what makes the magic happen.

Ian’s got the build-up down beautifully:

“Something inside that makes me more sensitive, that makes every movement filled with a little more joy, and in amongst that an urge for something more: to increase the pressure, to keep increasing it, with each increase feeling better and better, until you reach the point where the only thing that would feel better than holding this delicious pleasure is releasing it.” Read the rest of his comment here.

Simon took a slightly different route and tried to describe a female orgasm:

“Those quiverings and tightenings deep within

The warm tingling that you can notice down below

As the hornier you get, the more this heat spreads

Imagining a fire burning deep inside you” His entry was submitted via email, but you can read the full thing here.

Inspired? Enter the orgasm competition

There’s still time to enter – I’ll close the comp for entries at midnight on the 26th of July. Leave a comment below, post your entry on your own blog, or email it to me hellogirlonthenet at gmail dot com and I’ll add it anonymously.


  • L says:

    It can come from nowhere and overpower every sense in seconds, blinding and deafening me so I can focus on nothing else. I can orgasm clitorally (functional but over more quickly), vaginally (the best kind) and anally (guaranteed but less intense). Each type feels different but they share the same electric warmth that floods my genitals making my thighs tingle, legs twitch and toes curl. They vary every time in build up, strength and duration. Some almost agonisingly intense, others a more gentle wave of relief. Some seem to last minutes with a stomach crunch or vaginal squeeze bringing another wave of delight seconds after I thought it was over. Each is delicious in its own right but I understand the phrase ‘le petit mort’ as each feels final, relief but an end of something and the sated joy is tinged with a slightly mournful feeling.

  • Justjo says:

    I described my orgasm to my boy yesterday as feeling like I hat sunshine radiating from my cunt… Not poetic… Not polite… But that’s how it was… Pure luminous sunshine. That.

  • GaiaTheorist says:

    Fingers sliding slick on the wet, slippery mess you have made of me. Skin flushed, aching for the touch that I know you aren’t there to give to me. Lips full, plump, and pulsing, ready for a kiss that isn’t real. A rapid build of tingling pleasure, as my cunt twitches, and longs for you, for you to slip inside. A crescendo, a wave coursing through the whole of me, taking me away, leaving me breathless, and incapable of any thought but you. Then I close your wife’s Facebook photos down, and carry on.

  • Girl on the net says:

    This one came via email from Miss Independent. Note the number at the end – she is impressive =)

    “All of my orgasms are different, but here’s what an orgasm feels like when it’s come (!) from my own fingers:

    I rarely use toys. I find I come harder and longer when I can feel skin on skin. I feel like I’ve really done it myself.

    I know exactly where to touch, the pressure to use and how fast to stroke.

    It doesn’t take long for the anticipation to start building.

    I can feel it bubbling between my legs.

    I am longing for it to come.

    I am impatient and I want it NOW.

    My thoughts are racing “It’s going to feel so good… You’re gonna come so hard and get so wet… Come on… Come on…”

    The pressure around my vulva is immense, it’s like an animal trying to get out of a cage.

    My arms start to go numb and I know it’s starting.

    My fingers expertly glide over my clit, slippery with lube.

    I try and tell myself to slow down and enjoy it, but I can’t wait.

    I want it NOW.

    My breath starts to catch and for a second I wonder if, this time, I will pass out.

    Then the heat builds to a crescendo and the animal escapes.

    The heat spreads to my thighs and up to my shoulders.

    I keep stroking my clit, now over the hood, but only for a few seconds as I cant take it any more.

    I arch my back and let the ripples euphoria wave over my body.

    My breathing is short and shallow and I close my eyes, lost in the intoxication of that feeling.

    When I am by myself, that feeling often doesn’t last long. Less than a minute.

    Sometimes I am able to carry on and I’ve gotten to 10 orgasms before giving in.

    When I am with someone, and they have given me an orgasm with their hands, mouth fingers… The sensation lasts much longer.

    I suspect because it has taken longer to get to.

    People I sleep with know that they can tease me until the brink of despair.

    They are paid back in kind though.

    There’s nothing I like more than paying back the favour…”

  • Alistair says:

    Hey, been lurking here for a while. This is a very specific story and description of one particular orgasm, probably the most intense one I have ever had, and the only time I have really understood why they sometimes are called “little deaths”.

    There were a bunch of reasons why it might have been so intense, I had been away from The Girl for several weeks, and had been intentionally holding off wanking until I saw her, so I was hard as a rock the minute we touched. The relationship already had an illicit thrill to it for a few reasons, plus I was sweaty and tired from travelling, and not wearing any pants under my jeans which all gave the entire event this extra aura of filthiness.

    When we got to hers she immediately threw me on her bed, pulled my jeans down around my ankles and slathered my cock in lube. Sitting above me she started to rub my cock in slow, hard strokes, sending waves of tension and pleasure rippling through my body. My breathing got more and more shallow, and she sped up very gradually, my cock getting almost painfully hard in her hand with every passing minute, the muscles in my legs and arse and stomach tensing up and tightening as I felt something building inside me, almost like the feeling of ascending in a lift. I felt sweat mixing with lube and dripping down my balls, the skin there starting to tingle like it was vibrating. She held me teetering on the edge, a sense of pressure rising from my anus and pelvic floor up into my cock. I remember trying to hold it there as long as I could, feeling that sweet tension, hearing the wet, gloopy sucking noises of her hand moving ever faster over the head of my swollen cock, trying to coax me over that precipice, and the sound of my belt jangling as my legs twitched, hanging over the edge of the bed, shoes still on. I fought it that bit longer, as she urged me to come for her, finally losing it with a gasping grunt and a sensation similar to a rollercoaster or turbulence on a plane.

    And then I honestly don’t know what happened. The waves of pleasure washed over my entire consciousness, and I went blank. Utterly lost in it. I only know I went blank because I remember feeling my senses returning gradually, very similar to waking up. One second I was nowhere, then it was as if someone was turning up the volume and the brightness on reality, and there I was, feeling my pelvic floor tightening as I shot the last few bursts of hot cum onto her hand and my leg, utterly exhausted and all my muscles feeling loose, my ankles twitching with every last spasm. I remember finding it hard to speak, bathed in the afterglow, and confused by what had happened.

    It sounds bizarre to have had some kind of transcendental loss of self from a handjob, but I swear for at least a second I lost consciousness in some sense. It was easily one of the most intense experiences of my life. Since then I have had minor space-outs when I have come, but never anything like this.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Wow – that does sound incredibly intense. Thank you for sending – I will enter it into the competition! And I will also have a bloody good think about it during my meditative ‘alone time’.

  • Nick again says:

    You have to see hysterical literature with Stoya if you haven’t already seen it, and then read her reflections on the experience and then the author (of the book she’s reading)’s reflection. You won’t regret it.

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