Fantastic guest blogs of 2015 – part 2

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

It’s sunny and warm and lovely, so I’m going to assume you’re all looking for some interesting/fun/sexy stuff to read while you relax in the shade somewhere eating an ice cream. And if that’s what you’re after, you’re in luck: here’s the next in my series highlighting great guest blogs from the archive. Today we’re going all the way back to 2015, when we were all three years younger, and a whole lot of horrible stuff hadn’t happened yet. 

1. What do men think about patriarchy?

“When I made the survey, I thought it would just give me a couple of quotes for an already finished show, but it’s changed the show completely. For me personally, it has been quite the emotional rollercoaster ride. At first it was incredibly heartening. Hearing about men who, like me, have been harmed by patriarchy and men who, like me, have harmed others through patriarchy and are trying to change their behaviour was really liberating. Hearing about men grappling with manhood, worrying about their impact in the world, questioning and hating their privilege made me feel less alone. It was also heartbreaking to read the pain many of the men had experienced and inflicted.”

By @goosefat101

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2. BDSM exhibitionism

“Nick produces a length of rope and instructs me to hold my arms straight out and together behind my back. I comply. He turns me so that I’m facing everyone and begins tying my arms together skilfully and quickly, beginning with my wrists. A few people stop talking and start watching – interested in what’s going on, and with a look of satisfaction and excitement in their eyes that finally this party is going in the right direction.”

By Jess

3. Cock Hero: The ultimate wanking video game

“It’s like a cheesy, bad-’90s-videogame story. The production is a bit better than most of the Cock Hero videos I’ve seen. And the porn which it’s made up of isn’t all crap, either. Even the music isn’t quite as terrible as some. I mean, it’s still pretty bad, but … a little sub-industrial boom-boom-boom is actually quite bearable. And some of the girls are pretty cute. And, despite the ridiculous intro about conquering five kingdoms of amazon women (or whatever), now that the video is getting into its stride, I’m actually getting hard. I’m absent-mindedly holding on to my cock with one hand and giving myself a slight squeeze from time to time.”

By a friend

4. Still not straight

“I represent the ‘B’ in that famous and controversial acronym. I was aware that I was bisexual from a very early age, and I remember thinking about kissing girls long before I ever kissed my first boy. It wasn’t until I was sixteen, and rather drunk at a friend’s house, that I finally got my chance to try it. There were three of us girls there and, emboldened by the alcohol, I admitted that I had always been curious about women. One friend giggled a bit while the other enthusiastically agreed that she had too. What followed was a clumsy, fumbling attempt at getting each other off and a somewhat awkward atmosphere between the three of us the following morning. Still, it stuck in my mind as something that I had thoroughly enjoyed and absolutely wanted to repeat.”

By Danielle Meaney

5. Now for the empowering part

“My naughty narrative begins as many do: I was strapped in a chair, knees bent high and wide, waxed wahoo splayed for all to see. And then my 80-ish-year-old physician rammed a pair of icy forceps up my cooter and murmured, “Well, this doesn’t look good.””

By @HelleanorRigby

As ever I am hugely indebted to all the amazing guest bloggers and anonymous contributors who share their work here. If you’d like to write a guest post, please check out the guidelines and send me something; I’d love to read it. If you’ve pitched me and haven’t had a reply feel free to nudge me as well. You can see all past guest blogs here

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