On bracing yourself

“I love fucking you by that corner in your room. It means I can brace both my hands against the wall and really go for it.”

I’ve just been watching an old episode of Misfits. Misfits, to the vast majority of people, is a pretty cool channel four drama series about some kids doing community service who turn into superheroes. Hilarity, tension and some great scriptwriting ensues, then tails off somewhere around the beginning of series 3.

To me, however, Misfits is one of those programmes that I watch when I think I’m probably in the mood for a wank but can’t quite be arsed. In every other episode there is usually a short but cracking sex scene which is worth some further study. Occasionally, in some episodes, they forget to put sex in, so it’s like a wanking lucky-dip.

Anyway, the point is that in this particular episode there is a scene between large-breasted angry Northerner Kelly and a guy who is a stunningly angry fuck. Like, properly angry. When they start kissing he pushes her up against walls, picks her up so she can wrap her legs round him, backs her into doorframes so he can force himself harder into her. This is hot. Very, very, very hot.

The climax of the scene involves him lifting her up and resting her arse on a shelf inside a cupboard. Filth, obviously, but not as filthy as what comes next – he grabs hold of the cupboard with both of his hands to give himself purchase – he braces himself so he can slam his cock into her with even greater force.

Men who do this are like Gods to me.

This bit requires a sub-head

Fun though hitting is, you don’t need to hit someone to be dominant. You don’t even need to call me a bitch, or spit in my mouth, or do any of that fancy stuff. You just need to make sure that when you’re fucking, you’re fucking hard.

One of my boys from many moons ago bought a piece of equipment (which I probably still have somewhere, for nostalgic value) that was sold at the Erotica festival. It was billed as a bit of kit that helps you swing your lady into the right rhythm when you’re doing it doggy style. I’m sure he was a bit nonplussed at the words ‘swing’ and ‘rhythm’ but what he did spot was that it was essentially a big thick padded belt with handles just slightly wider than my own hips.

In other words: excellent bracing material.

Later that evening he stripped me, and pushed me over onto the bed. With my legs hanging off the side and just in bare feet, it was hard for me to find a purchase. He wrapped this belt round my waist, so it was pressing against my stomach, and shoved himself nice and hard into me.

As he fucked harder, he pulled the belt up – effectively lifting me up to meet him – groaning and panting at the effort of pulling me hard up onto his cock. Oh Jesus fuck it was amazing.

Each time I tried to find purchase – to brace my own feet in a position where I could fuck him back, he kicked my feet out from under me. He didn’t need me to join in – he didn’t want me to join in. He wanted to brace me against something and use me until he was done.

GOTN, get better at thinking of sub-heads

Another gentleman, far more recently, has a couple of spots in which he prefers to fuck me bent over. Why? Well, these spots happen to be places where I can kneel spreadeagled on the bed while he braces both his hands against the wall behind him.

He looks down at me while I’m bent over, and I can feel his eyes watching as his cock slams home. As he pushes harder than he ever could before, each thrust feels like a spectacular punishment. I can feel his huge cock filling me up, and taking my breath away with each stroke.

It hurts. It hurts. It’s forceful and bad and it makes me feel like I’ve done something very wrong. It makes it hard to join in, because he has the power, he decides the rhythm – he is the one who has something to push off from.

And every time I gasp or squeal or speak he fucks me harder. And I can almost hear him grinning at the force with which he’s pounding his cock into me.

Oh *slam* Fuck *slam* Ouch *slam* Fuck *slam* Yeah

It’s not ‘fucking’, it’s ‘being fucked’ and it’s sex at its exquisite, violent best.


  • Mags says:

    Forget the subheads and just write more about the hard fucking!

    I read this and struggled for breath. And seriously considered the three hour drive to my boyfriend’s, knowing that the drivers seat would be sodden long before I got there.

    I read this and just went – YES! I’m not a little slip of a thing by any stretch, and it made me pine for the kind of fucking that jolts you hard up the bed and ends with your head jammed against the head board as he is slamming deep, deeper into you – but you know what? You don’t care. SO long as he keeps fucking me…exactly like that…it really doesn’t matter that my neck and spine are being compressed. Nothing matters except the hardness of his cock pounding into me and that look in his eyes.

  • GaiaTheorist says:

    Absolutely hit the spot, repeatedly, forcefully, so deep it caught my breath, and will probably continue to do so at inappropriate moments for quite a while.
    When I say “Fuck me” I don’t want to be tickled.

  • Grizzlybaz says:

    As requested, “fap”. ;o)

    Another great post, GOTN, even though this isn’t really my cup of tea. Guess I’m just not the dominant sort. It does showcase the darker parts of the human mind rather well though, and our penchant, as a species, to be submissive / dominant, depending on the circumstances and gender.

    Clearly the boys described here were succumbing to their basest animal desires and, if that’s your thing, boy or girl, fair play to you. As they say, different strokes for different folks… ;o)

  • girlonthenet says:

    Kickass – thank you for commenting, especially after my shameful self-promotion on Twitter =)

    @GaiaTheorist – this totally got me, and I think sums up a hell of a lot of the stuff I say here: “When I say “Fuck me” I don’t want to be tickled.”

    @Grizzlybaz – I can tell you’re not dominant because when I asked you to say ‘fap’ you totally did what you were told.

    @Mags – 3 hours isn’t really *that* long a drive… =p

    • Grizzlybaz says:

      Of course I did as I was told…it’s been ingrained in me by 13 years of marriage :o)

    • Mags says:

      It isn’t…but then I have to drive three hours back (albeit after having been royally fucked) and we both have to be up for work in the morning. :(

      I reckon if you had posted this earlier, I may well have hit the road, but instead I’m being sensible. (As well as being dull and frustrated).

  • Dan says:

    Fap, bap, and bop. That took my breath away too.

  • . says:

    This will do perfectly as existential pondering material for my upcoming Über Bath.

    So long and thanks for all the faps.

  • bambiinboxes says:

    I swear you are in my head, all future boyfriends will have to read your blog to assess their suitability

  • Dove says:

    More importantly – roughly what time mark are we talking for the sexy-time in Misfits? There’s like 48 minutes in that video and I have a short attention span.

    PS A Christmas or two ago, I was making Christmas Truffles whilst watching Misfits. My male housemate slammed the door open and asked me what the hell I was doing. He’d overheard the audio and assumed I was sat in the lounge room watching porn.

    • girlonthenet says:

      Good question – for some reason the YT is frozen for me at the moment, but I think it’s about 15 minutes in. Will check later on and add a time stamp.

      I reckon if you gradually moved onto watching True Blood in the lounge, eventually you’d manage to get your housemate to see you watching porn and just assuming it was another cutting-edge drama series =p

    • girlonthenet says:

      OK, 23:00, pretty much bang on, You’re welcome.

  • Totally anonymous username says:

    As promised.

    Having woken me by shoving his dick into my arse and biting my shoulders, and after a brief rest, he picks up the collar and lead. With a smile that borders on a smirk, he indicates that I should sit up. I always find I hold myself a little straighter, my head a little higher as he fastens the collar around my neck. He wraps the chain around his fist, and uses it to pull my head to his cock.

    Taking it as deep as I can, choking and with tears forming, I realise he’s picking up his cat. As always, I’m torn between cowering away from the leather striking my arse or pushing back towards it. He pulls my head back to see the tears on my face, kisses me and tells me to turn around.

    Still on all fours, rock hard dick in my arse, I look over my shoulder to see him bracing himself on the wall as he pulls harder on my chain to brace in two directions. The power with which he fucks is always impressive, but this is mind blowing. I’m struggling to breathe, but I still manage to scream myself hoarse as I come, hard, from his cock slamming deep into me.

    I think he enjoyed it, too.

  • mrshadetrees says:

    A dom girl adding to my erotic archives, I dig it. …folders I’ll be revisiting and unleashing into younger women for a good few more years. Oh have no worries, they always eventually get the hang of the p spot whilst sword swallowing. Can’t wait to tie her legs together and above her head…I thank you for that.

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