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Guest blog: Only the lonely

Recently we had a discussion in a comment thread about loneliness. It’s not something I’ve written about much here before, so Anya (@letthelovein on Twitter) kindly volunteered to write a guest blog – on loneliness in a world of desire…

When everyone else is ‘at it’; the shame of loneliness in a world of desire

Honestly, you can’t get away from it. There’s a new article about today’s hook-up culture at every turn.

Half the time they’re warning us against it, half the time saying how bloody marvellous it is that women can enjoy ‘zipless fucks’ with the best of them.

Wait, you’re not having sex all the time, in fact several times a day, with different people you’ve only just met? Holy shit, how do you even look at yourself in the mirror? What’s so wrong with you that people are not prostrating themselves at the altar of your bed-stand?

God forbid you’re looking for more than someone who’s back on Tinder right after you have sex. As the author of The New Rules of Sex, Lauren Brim, pointed out in an interview with The Telegraph last year:

“I looked around and saw there were many single people around me, all of them attractive, talented and intelligent people,” she says. “Some of them hadn’t been in a relationship for years.”

There are times when I wonder if it’s more socially acceptable to say “I want to get laid” than it is to say “I’m feeling really lonely”?

This thought struck home after one woman’s courageously vulnerable comment on a guest post by a male escort;

“.. Hiring an escort, for company or sex, when my own personal life is lonely and dating seems like an impossibility .. well, it would feel like a final nail in the coffin of my own humiliation. Paying someone to pretend to like me for a couple hours? Paying someone to sleep with me because no one else will?

“It’s not the taboo of sex work, it’s more the fear of forcing yourself on someone who sees your company or your body as a chore. That’s just … it’s too much to bear.

“The bare bones of the shame of self doubt/loneliness etc etc. is far more taboo a topic than the concept of hiring male escorts is, tbh.

“It’s not about the stigma of paying for the sex or affection you want, it’s about the stigma of admitting to why you’re not getting it in your personal life in the first place.”

The pain of loneliness isn’t just about not getting laid; the shame comes from feeling unwanted, untouched, undesirable, invisible.

If it’s raining men/women and you’re still bone dry, loneliness feels like a personal failure: it confirms your worst fears about your lack of desirability.

In an interview for her new book The Sex Myths: The Gap Between Our Fantasies and Reality, Rachel Hills addresses the stigma head-on;

“We’ve moved from a culture in which we were told that sex is bad and dangerous and should only be had under very particular circumstances, to one in which we’re told that sex is pretty great, really – and if you’re not doing it, something must be wrong with you ..

“We are told that our desirability and likeability is tied up to our sexuality .. Because why wouldn’t it be if there are no barriers any more ..?

“But the reality is that many people go for long stretches of time without or between having sex, especially if they are single.”

Not that those who are having all the sex are having a completely better ride of it. In Nancy Jo Sales’ controversial article Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”  for Vanity Fair, a group of young women share that

“It’s a contest to see who cares less, and guys win a lot at caring less”;

“Sex should stem from emotional intimacy, and it’s the opposite with us right now, and I think it really is kind of destroying females’ self-images,” says Fallon.

“It’s body first, personality second,” says Stephanie.

“Honestly, I feel like the body doesn’t even matter to them as long as you’re willing,” says Reese. “It’s that bad.”

“But if you say any of this out loud, it’s like you’re weak, you’re not independent, you somehow missed the whole memo about third-wave feminism,” says Amanda.

Talking to another group of young women, this time in Delaware, Sales reveals that for some young women, the sexual freedom they’re experiencing doesn’t even have the expected pay-off:

“A lot of guys are lacking in that department,” says Courtney with a sigh. “What’s a real orgasm like? I wouldn’t know.” They all laugh knowingly.

Loneliness isn’t just lack of company; it’s about not having our emotional and physical needs respected, acknowledged and met. It’s about our sense of value.

I’m not going to patronise you and give you tips about how you should ‘get out more and find a hobby’ (although competence in an activity often brings a more general confidence). But I am going to make five points which I truly, deeply, hope will help;

#1 – You are not alone

At your loneliest, when your bones feel waterlogged with loneliness, shame, self-loathing, sorrow, when you ache to feel the touch of another on your skin, remember this:

Right now, at this very moment, as you read these words and your sense of shame burns the very air you breathe, on a planet of 7 billion other humans, someone else is feeling the exact same way RIGHT NOW.

You are not alone. If you take nothing else away from this article, take this.

As someone whose lifestyle and health means she can go for days without seeing or speaking to another human being (let alone being touched), it brings me a strange comfort to know that while I may be alone in a physical sense, my fears, feelings and emotions connect me to hundreds, thousands, MILLIONS of people.

I may never meet them; I may pass them on the street and never know. It doesn’t matter. The very fact I’m going through what I go through (whatever it is), is proof that I’m a member of the human race.

Even if that sucks royally at times.

#2 – You are normal

Love will never be certain, but after collecting thousands of stories, I’m willing to call this a fact: A deep sense of love and belonging is an irreducible need of all men, women, and children. We are biologically, cognitively, physically, and spiritually wired to love, to be loved, and to belong.

When these needs are not met, we don’t function as we were meant to. We break. We fall apart. We grow numb. We ache. We hurt others. We get sick. There are certainly other causes of illness, numbness, and hurt, but the absence of love and belonging will always lead to suffering.”

Brene Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection 

So seriously, yes, you’re normal. Whatever the state of your love and/or sex life, whatever it is you do or don’t do, I hereby give you permission to give yourself a break from feeling like you’re different from everyone else. OK?

#3 – You need and deserve support

Yes, you do. On both counts. While we tend to think of Relate as an organisation for couples, they welcome single people, too. Not only do they have a sliding scale for fees to ensure accessibility for the widest number of people possible, they also have a free web chat service with a trained counsellor.

One of their counsellors with over 25 years of experience, Andrew G Marshall, has written The Single Trap, a fantastic resource for both the newly and long-term single.

Other ways to find support, or to just receive sensual, consensual touch? Try Biodanza (great for renegotiating your relationship with your body), Cuddle Workshops (check out this hilarious review by The Guardian’s Stuart Heritage) or even good ol’ Tantra.

All too tree-huggy-hippy-shit? Then White Mischief, glorious purveyors of immersive party and cabaret experiences, now hold retreats “exploring community, connection, intimacy, performance and self-expression” in August and February each year.

#4 – You deserve self-compassion

“We see things not as they are, but as WE are.”

We’re our own worst critics. We compare and despair on a daily basis, regardless of whether it’s helpful or not. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever come across is, ‘don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides.’ We can never know what other people are going through, and appearances can be deceptive. Yes, they can. Are you keeping up appearances so no-one knows how lonely you’re feeling? Guess what, other people do that shit, too (see point #1. AGAIN).

Rejection, whether it’s real or perceived, is painful (literally). Don’t add to it by rejecting yourself, too.

#5 – You are enough

“There was only one variable that separated the people who have a strong sense of love and belonging and the people who really struggle for it. And that was, the people who have a strong sense of love and belonging believe they’re worthy of love and belonging. That’s it. They believe they’re worthy .. the one thing that keeps us out of connection is our fear that we’re not worthy of connection”

Brene Brown, The Power of Vulnerability TED talk 

It’s so easy to overlook this detail, and it can be a tough one to swallow. But write it on your mirror, put a daily reminder in your phone, tell yourself it anyway: I Am Enough. I Am Enough.


(Being shouted down by the voice in your head which disagrees? Use The Work by Byron Katie to question your own assumptions; powerful, free and liberating.)

Feeling like a sexual loser in a world full of hook-ups and hot stuffs can be lonely, debilitating and shameful. Remember: you’re not alone, you deserve support, and you’re already enough no matter WHAT may or may not go on between the sheets.

Regardless of our gender, our orientation, whether we’re feeling lonely or not, it’s time for us all to remember that.


  • Lola Solitude says:

    I’m sat at my desk at work almost weeping at how fuzzy and warm this made me feel inside.
    My personal life has been all over the place over the last couple of years, and it’s taken months of purposefully being positive and telling myself that I deserve help to actually make any progress.
    I’m also recently single, and I see absolutely no problem with being a massive flirt… That’s just how I am. But I also know that I have a tendency to get emotionally attached very quickly. And that’s something that I often feel is shameful. Until it hits me that I look for the best in life, and I’d rather avoid casual flings – I’m the one who’s going to be hurt, realistically, if something goes wrong.
    Basically, this blog is so right. So so right that we shouldn’t feel ashamed of reaching out for help and love and desire when we need it, but it’s okay to be lonely and say no and want better. So well written.

  • London Lad says:

    I’m 36, normal looking fella, employed, somehow haven’t been near a woman in 3 years, should be in my prime, but your confidence to keep believing, as once the confidence is gone its hard to get it back.

    • Anya says:

      Hey London Lad,

      Loss of confidence can be a killer. I know myself how it’s crippled me during periods of my life, which created a vicious circle; the less confident I’ve felt (in any arena), the less action I take in that area of my life, the higher the remaining stakes become, the more anxious I feel, the less I do in that area due to anxiety, and the lower my confidence sinks.

      Authentic confidence has a firm foundation, making it more resilient in the face of challenges and both fully congruent with and fully supported by your actions. Perhaps a couple of the resources listed in the post may help support you?

      Finally: you’re not alone in what you feel, nor do you have to be in finding your way through this period of your life. If you were a sportsman you’d have regular training sessions and umpteen coaches, right?

      Perhaps a Flirting Tour with Jean Smith may give you fun and constructive feedback, or The Chimp Paradox (recommended by Sir Chris Hoy, Steven Gerrard and Victoria Pendleton) may offer logical solutions;

      Good luck, and don’t give up!

  • Robert says:

    There’s a club if you’d like to go
    you could meet somebody who really loves you
    so you go, and you stand on your own
    and you leave on your own
    and you go home, and you cry
    and you want to die

    When you say it’s gonna happen “now”
    well, when exactly do you mean?
    see I’ve already waited too long
    and all my hope is gone

    You shut your mouth
    how can you say
    I go about things the wrong way
    I am human and I need to be loved
    just like everybody else does

  • Jo says:

    This is absolutely brilliant and beautiful – it’s been a rough week and this guest post is a salve.

  • Jon says:

    No one ever contacts you out of the blue unless they want a favour.

    No phone calls, text messages. You go all weekend, all week, without talking to anyone.

    You see your presence as a chore for the others there.

    • Anya says:

      Jon, I hear you; I still have periods when I don’t hear from, see or speak (physically) to another human being.

      One of the things I’ve discovered is the link between ‘no one contacting me unless for a favour’ (other people being a burden to me) and ‘my own presence is a chore for others’ (I am a burden to other people). As Anai Nin is credited as saying, I discovered for myself that ‘we don’t see things as they are but as we are’.

      Luckily I’ve found increasing self-acceptance and self-compassion helpful in releasing the above feelings and, most especially, gratitude; The irony is that the better my relationship with myself becomes (no longer considering myself a chore), the better my relationships with others become (they seek me out for my company and I feel more able to reach out to them first). :)

  • Northern Boy says:

    Brilliant stuff, thank you for writing. Being “lonely in the crowd” is a very strange set of feelings to deal with.

    • Anya says:

      Thanks, Northern Boy! I’ve felt “lonely in the crowd” on many occasions; you’re right, is IS a very strange set of feelings to deal with, but it’s far from unique. In a funny kind of way, it connects us to everyone else who’s ever experienced that sensation :)

  • This is one of the best things I’ve read in a long while. Thank you.

  • The Loneliest Person I Know says:

    I have no idea how relationships and sex works. A few months ago I thought to myself that I should just give up, that having no experience whatsoever must mean I’m “less-than” compared to every one around me. I certainly feel very distressed and sad every time I read one of the sex blogs here, because a part of me not only feels embarrassed and ashamed, but also like a loser compared to the person who wrote the article and all those that comment on them talking about their sex lives. I feel like I’m not even a real adult in comparison because I’m completely untouched.

    I’m 24 and have been depressed since I was 14, so that destroyed all my abilities to make connections, build relationships, develop confidence. Forget about sex, forget about hook ups, forget even about kissing more than one girl. Never happened for me because depression fucked me up. After 10 years of this horror I’m finally coming out of my depression with the help of different therapies. But although many different areas of my life have improved for the first time, sexuality still makes my self esteem fall through the floor every time I think about it. Even as I write this I feel like crying, and I guess that’s pretty pathetic. Even though I don’t like feeling that way, I do anyway.

    I feel like I should try and online date at some point. But I’m stuck wondering how many women will reject me when they find out about me being anxious, depressed, highly sensitive, and more emotional than most men. I hate thinking this way but these traits make me feel worthless to women. Like I’ll just be laughed at and get told to fuck off in favor of people who “make the grade”. Can I even date with thoughts like this running around in my head? Someone told me you have to be totally confident to start dating, but if I follow that advice I will never get to date. And I already feel so lonely and needy and wanting of affection and love. 😩

    PS: I’ve been on depression and anxiety forums for years and it’s truly sad and kind of sickening how many people I meet who confirm my fears. I’ve met lots of people (both men and women) who have had partners give up and leave them, relationships destroyed because they told the depressed partner they were “too sad, too needy, and/or too sensitive”. It’s amazing how the anxious and depressed people of the world get shit on, and people just write them off because they’re too scared to learn about depression. They’d rather take the easy way out and say “Oh they’re just being negative, ignore them!” The world pretended to care for a whopping 2 weeks after Robin Williams died , which I thought was very offensive. It took a celebrity death to make people care even for a New York minute about depression, and that is deeply sad.

    • The One says:

      I care. I just read this again after years and it made me cry. Your reply reminds me so much of a good friend of mine who I know feels like you do. You’ll get older and it will gradually get better. That’s really all I can say without digressing wildly into all the usual platitudes you’re not supposed to say to people who are depressed. I don’t know if you’ll even see this but if you do, I hope you’re a bit better now ❤

  • Limegreen Muse says:

    This is the first time ive visited your site (being redirected by a book I’m reading which recommending your site) and its awesome article you’re having here. Thanks very much for addressing these issues that not many bloggers or writers wanna explore for many reasons of their own.

    A few phrases or paragraphs from your article really does resonates with me:

    • socially acceptable to say “I want to get laid” than it is to say “I’m feeling really lonely”?

    • The pain of loneliness isn’t just about not getting laid; the shame comes from feeling unwanted, untouched, undesirable, invisible.

    I’m 37 and had been married at the age of 30 after a long term relationship which begins at 20yrs old (yeah, we were studying together—my first bf-cum-university sweethearts) started all bright and happy until we walk down the aisle. I do feel grateful and blessed that we have almost 11yrs years of honeymoon whereby we were both lovey dovey all the times as though we were living in the world of our own where we only sees each other as main priority, that kinda thing u know..So fast forward back to now, it’s been almost 5yrs (if my memory is correct…since it’s way too long I can’t really remember!) that we have been in this sexless marriage.

    I know this may sound kinda crazy but to be honest, I do feel a kind of void in our marriage or perhaps a void in me, in my relationship. I don’t believe sex is everything but to a certain extent I feel it’s kinda an expression of love and since we are married together for long (yes I do think it’s long bcos some of my friends went thru many breakups and even divorce after few years!)

    I’ve got heart-to-heart talked with him and apparently bcos we both had mutually agreed to be childless by choice (yes, we’ve been fixated on this ever since we were dating) and he’s now super busy in expanding his business (we are both in the same business together…but lately I’m beginning to be somewhat upset that to be successful it seems like we are putting our relationship on the backseat of our life’s drive!) so he thinks that it’s not necessary for sex in life. He even ask me to search up online whereby there’s some community focusing on ‘sexless by choice’ as he said sex is merely projected by the entire world as though it’s so necessary (something ppl will even commit crime just to have it…) when in fact it’s just how the mass media’s projecting it to influence others as the entire world needs to multiply human count by sex then giving birth. And he thinks for the scientific effect (feel good release on hormones etc) to take place, we can just individually do masturbation on our own which is more pleasure and relieve.

    I’m on same mindset with him in regards to childless by choice but I can’t connect with his thoughts of being sexless by choice. I mean, we’re like legally married couples but still virgins…how do u think it’s acceptable? I do have friends still single and giving me remarks ‘oh, like how nice to have a partner who loves you dearly and you must be having great sex life…’ (duh!) …and I’m totally speechless just smiling vaguely to shrug off this topics.

    Sometimes I do have crazy ideas of what if I just have an affair…since sex is not something he wants from me…maybe I can just ‘outsource’ this needs just like how Japanese does it, etc…but then to think again, I feel it may jeopardize my relationship (it’s all good right now except for the undeveloped ‘sex dept’, if u see what I mean…) bcos in order to be able to have sex with other party needs some sort of emotional connection for me…I’m not like a guy type (sorry to all guys out there…no offence here, just quote as some guys does it) whereby can just engage prostitution to settle their needs. Then I think again, can this form of emotional disconnection with the paid/ unpaid (friends of same benefit) sex partner be trained in our minds, and how’s that? Am I being twisted in my minds as this kind of thoughts crosses my mind…?

    Based on my age, im going to have menopause soon (begins ard 40yrs) and I can feel my body changes that I don’t crave for self masturbation as much as I used to and the climax doesn’t come everytime now…so I’m thinking am I going to stay a married virgin until the end of my this life? I mean it’s nothing wrong in that…but by any chance do you perhaps encounter anyone at all being in similar situation like I am?

    My husband did mention once that he thinks sex is just harming the woman body as it’s pleasurable for the men to release but for women it’s painful experience…so he did say not wanting to put me through all these pain. Now I’m thinking was it my fault that I give him an impression I’m in pain (when we almost did it last time…my ‘almost’ first time)? And if sex is perceived as painful/ hurtful like he said, why don’t we even masturbate for each other??

    Then I went into online pornography craze few years back as for self exploration and to aid my self masturbation but recently I’ve kinda refrain from it as I don’t want this type of obsession to go on anymore as it feels kinda wrong. But when I stop that, then I couldn’t even masturbate on my own…

    I’ve got no one to ask, no one to discuss with…so am really glad to chance upon your site here. I would like to apologize if the length of my writing here is too long…please cut off the parts you may think it’s unnecessarily detailed on if u decided to post. However, really appreciate for your kind advise (either publicly here or discreetly pm reply to me) as I’m really lost…and feeling utmost depressing on this matter.

    Thanking in advance.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hi Limegreen Muse, thanks so much for commenting and wow I am so sorry that you are struggling with this. It sounds like it’s causing you lots of distress and I am so sorry you’re going through this.

      It sounds to me like there are two big issues here: firstly your husband’s belief that sex harms women or causes them pain. While sometimes sex can be a little painful, it absolutely doesn’t have to be! Plenty of lube, taking things slowly, ensuring you’re both ready before you begin: all this helps to have a pleasurable experience. Of course there are certain conditions (like vaginismus) which can make sex more painful for the person with a vagina, but it doesn’t sound like you have this problem.

      The second issue is a huge one though: it sounds like your husband genuinely has no interest in sex, or even potentially has a fear of it. Have you considered going to couples counselling together, to discuss some of these issues in a safe environment? It sounds like you have tried addressing the question with him a lot, and made some suggestions that I’d make myself too (like masturbating together) but he’s still not keen to address them, though, so it may be that couples counselling is also an option that he might be unwilling to accept.

      If you’re happy for me to chat to some of my sex advice friends about this, I can write a proper post addressing your questions and include some links to websites that may help too. Would you be happy for me to do this?

      Once again, thank you for getting in touch and I’m so sorry you’re struggling with this – sending good thoughts your way. xx

      • Limegreen Muse says:

        Hi Girl on the Net,

        Thanks very much for your reply. Pls don’t say you are sorry since all my happenings in life weren’t any fault of yours. But I really appreciate for your kind reply.

        It took me a lot of courage to write the first time and now it takes me even more courage to reply here.

        Yes I really do appreciate if you could please provide me some relevant links to my case. I did briefly mention to my husband after reading your reply that probably he & I should go for marriage counselling but he didn’t want it. Then I even went online to google for psychiatrist (just in case it’s my own problem that I should first settle myself first!) but then I shrug off the issue bcos I thot probably I can just find more good books to read rather than seeking it. But on top of it, I have a different, more complicated situation now.

        I didn’t mention during my first writing to u as it hadn’t happen yet but now it just happened! Actually since my husband and I were childless by choice, we kinda enjoy having friends to hang out and sometimes stay over our house as we felt this is the best part of life to have bonding and gathering with our friends & business partners whenever possible.

        So together with us, we do have a permanent lived-in best friend that’s his best buddy (let’s just call him N) who we enjoy each other’s company together…the more the merrier concept under one roof. Now the issue is lately N is being really closed to me. It’s not first day he’s with us (almost 3yrs). But lately he tends to have some warm body gestures towards me. At first I thought it was just bcos our friendship had perhaps been good enough now that we can share like brotherly sisterly care for each other (simple things like a pat on my head or if more, then it was recently helping me to massage my painful hands & arms as he also does help my husband to massage all the time) …so I didn’t think it was any concern at all. Boy I was so wrong!

        Today evening while husband is away for work, he & I was at home as we are watching online videos (we used to watch stuffs together but usually three of us) then suddenly he made his advances on me. He said he just wants me to be happy, I’m so surprised he made such an advancement at me…I didn’t know how to react—why is this happening…was it me giving wrong signals? Or how am I going to handle this scenario? Do I really want this to happen? This will break my husband’s heart or wouldn’t it (bcos last time when I casually mention to my husband if we don’t have sex anymore I probably will go find someone else to release my needs…he said go ahead…and I don’t even know if he mean it or not! Actually I just said that to make him feel worried and submissive to my request but of course after that I realize it didn’t work!) What would be the aftermath if I were to give in to this? Is it called an affair? If we just masturbate will it still be considered an affair? Many many unanswered questions in my mind…so I just shook him off and throw back questions at him asking ‘is this how you want us to become?’ ‘do u know what are you doing now? why are you doing this?’ and all he could say is he just want me to be happy. So I asked ‘does doing this makes me happy?’ then he throw back the question at me,’wouldn’t this make you happy?’ And I said sternly ‘no, as it’s painful (what you are doing to me)’ I also didn’t know why I said that but that’s all I can say as I want to quickly pause this moment and think again what’s right and what’s not.

        I so so so extremely confused now. I don’t know what is suddenly happening around me. Luckily I managed to throw him questions that makes him thinking for a while then he got off me…and just then, my husband returned from work. That was such a close call…I can’t imagine what would happen if we really carry on with our lustful emotions.

        I feel so bad now. As though I’ve did something really bad…as though im a little kid who nearly got caught stealing something forbidden to eat and now keeping a worrying heart and yet also confused…while ard the house or more like as long as I’m ard both of them (my husband & N) then I’m trying I behave less open…restrict my hand gesture & try to avoid direct eye contact with N.

        OMG…what should I do now? What is wrong with me? I don’t want to jeopardize anything I’m having right now…i mean my relationship with my husband was so long for 17yrs now (how many people can actually last 17yrs as my parents also divorced when I was a teenager! I secretly told myself that I would stay with just one man and only if so happen he leave the world first then only I should consider another, if ever fate permits it..) so my husband and i lifestyle are deeply rooted with each other and everything in terms of asset & fundings are all entwined (is this the right word to use?) together. We were everything complete and many people admire our love for one another (except that no one knows we live a sexless life) Besides, I don’t think my husband can afford to lose this important buddy-cum-business partner but yet I’m not sure what else would be happening to us three…Please help. The distance between me and N is just two room doors away as our room is just nearby and under one roof. And since business partner so even if not seeing at home will always meet each other during all business events, activities etc. Need your urgent advice. How should I handle this?

        Many many thanks in advance.

        • Limegreen Muse says:

          Hi Girl on the Net,

          Sorry to be much of a bother to u…but I’m really at wit’s end. I’ve tried looking into your posting here everyday few times since last week I’ve written here but hasn’t seen your reply to my second write up yet.

          Am very very anxious and worried sick because i really don’t know to whom should I confess my scenario (saying all my secrets to the wrong party will ensue backfiring results, I can only be certain of that!) and how or what’s the next step I should be doing??Please reply soonest possible.

          There are many unexpected new happenings ever since last week I wrote and I’m even feeling more uncertain about myself right now. I don’t know what I’ve really done in the sudden surge of intensity or what’s really happening to me (am I really such a slut??!) that somehow I’ve thrown out all the good & faithful values and beliefs that I’ve once hold so very dearly in my life as the only way of life…

          Thank you very much.

          Desperate Message From: Lady with confusion in sex & love

          • Girl on the net says:

            Hey, I’m going to do my best but I’m super busy – you can find a lot of info and advice on this blog, and I promise I’ll email you when I have something more concrete for you, but please don’t expect me to be able to do this really quickly, because I have a lot going on in my life. I assure you I’m doing my best!

        • Limegreen Muse says:

          Thanks you very much for reply to let me know you’ve read my posting.

          Please don’t feel burden at all with my messages in your blog here. It wasn’t an expectation meant to put any stress to you…as I understand everyone is busy with their lives…I’m just anticipating for your expertise advise which is why at the same time also worry in case you could’ve been too busy to read my posting here so I just float my message here again.

          Will look forward to receiving your email whenever possible at your best convenient time.

          Thank you very much!

  • arabicesc says:

    I care. I just read this again after years and it made me cry. Your reply reminds me so much of a good friend of mine who I know feels like you do. You’ll get older and it will gradually get better. That’s really all I can say without digressing wildly into all the usual platitudes you’re not supposed to say to people who are depressed. I don’t know if you’ll even see this but if you do, I hope you’re a bit better now ❤

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