10 of my favourite sexy illustrations

Splosh pic by the lovely Stuart F Taylor

For over a year now, Stuart F Taylor (aka @chainbear on twitter) has been drawing illustrations to go with my blog posts. They’re stunning things, each one custom drawn to go with a particular post. Whether it’s a specific sex act (like spanking) or an abstract concept (like edging yourself to orgasm), each and every one of them is a work of sexy art.

Stuart’s going to be taking a very well-earned break for a month or so, so I thought it might be a nice opportunity to give you a run-down of some of my favourite sexy illustrations that he’s drawn over the last year or so. Problem with picking favourites though, is that I love every single one of them so it’s pretty much impossible to choose – head to the image galleries (SFW one + NSFW one) and check out the others.

Splosh fetish

So. Much. Sploshy. Joy.

Fucking on a desk (sex and anxiety)

just make sure you don't knock over my oh fuck who cares it's only a career

Picture by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

When you’re so horny you don’t care about spilling coffee.

Knickers and pants

OK, I’m cheating by putting two for this – but I love how these images are basically twins. They accompany two posts about sexy knickers and sexy pants.

so much sexier when you wear them round your ankles

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

is it just me or is the smiley face doing a deliberately filthy grin?

Image by the lovely Stuart F Taylor

Sleep fucking

i would like for there to be a website that just has loads of animated gifs of men squeezing sexy bits

Image by the inspired Stuart F Taylor

This one needs no explanation. Sexy spooning, grabby hands, beautiful.

Sex tardis (time travel sex)

this is why they will never let me play Doctor Who

Image by the amazing Stuart F Taylor Look at the detail!

Because everything about this picture is genius. Look at what I have instead of a sonic screwdriver!

Orgasm control/cat’s cradle

mmm yeah that moment when the string snaps

Image by the genius Stuart F Taylor

Every now and then I do something mean, like ask for a picture of the concept of ‘orgasm control‘ or ‘edging‘, and he comes up with the most amazing visualisations. His picture of an orgasm is still one of the most shared on the site, and it even launched a competition that resulted in loads more brilliant orgasm pics.

Sexy lift snogs

if you're the boss of Marks and Spencer please don't sue me when everyone pops in this weekend for sexy lift snogs

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Something about the turn of the neck, and the impulsive hotness of this snog. Mmmm.

Other half

when it is my birthday i'd like a badass coat like this please

Picture by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

This picture is basically how my heart feels when I remember that one day I have to die.

Knicker sniffing

no honest i'm just checking if they need to go in the laundry

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

I love this because it is as much a celebration of how beautiful freckles are as it is a celebration of pant-sniffing.

Porn and diversity

when you're offered more of something awesome, try not to say that you'd rather have less

Picture by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

How could I not pick this one? Of all the pics Stuart has drawn, this one has the highest number of hot naked people.


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