Guest blog: I fall to my knees

Image by the fabulous Stuart F Taylor

Delighted to welcome back this week’s guest blogger, whose first piece (a deeply intimate story about fisting and finally-requited-lust) was extremely popular here on the blog. Today’s gorgeous erotica focuses on an exquisitely intense moment – a snatched facefuck in the kitchen, on which anyone could walk in. I absolutely adore her style, and the intensity of this story spoke to so many of my kinks for being passionately grabbed and intensely used. Mmmm. Probably don’t read it on the bus, yeah?

I fall to my knees

I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Been getting ready. Hair done, makeup just so, long black dress with trailing sleeves, waxed, black and red underwear. Buzzing. Breathless. Excited. Desperate to see you, to hold you.

I can’t believe how long it takes to get here. I’m fidgeting, restless, anxious. Then she can’t read a map. Not that I can either. Then we’re here. We hug, discreetly, sideways. You pour me a drink, I down it, my hands shaking.

Then you ask me to come with you, ostensibly to fetch a drink from the fridge. I look up at you, wide-eyed, and you smile down at me, the skin round your eyes creasing.

I follow.

In the kitchen, you reach out to me. I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time. Your arms lock tight around my waist and pull me into you. My heart hammers as I press my breasts into your chest. I’m already breathing fast, my knees weak. You push yourself against my stomach, and I can feel how hard you are already.

I hold you tight, pressing every part of my body against yours. I’m so nervous. My chest is tight with the excitement and the adrenaline coursing through me. You must be able to feel my heart beating between my tits, it’s pounding so hard. My head presses against your shoulder and you kiss my hair. I lift my face to you, my lips aching for a kiss, but the intensity of your eyes on me makes me drop my head again. There’s a look in your eyes, dark and fierce. You aren’t smiling any more.

You place your hands on my shoulders and push, and I fall to my knees. Straight away, your hand is on the back of my head, pressing my face into you. My cheek rubs against your jeans, feeling your bulge. I breathe in your scent and my breathing speeds up.

Anyone could open the door any second, I try to say, but my face is full of you as you unzip your jeans and pull your cock out so it slides into my face. You push your hardness against my cheeks, my eyes, my mouth, and my lips brush against the tip of you. You sigh, deeply, and entwine your fingers in my hair, holding firmly onto me. I have no choice but to kiss you. My lips caress you, my tongue just gently beginning to run over and underneath your dick. You push slowly into my mouth, then suddenly tighten your grip on me and ram me forwards so that I gasp and gag on your dick as it hits the back of my throat. You move me back and forth on you, and you feel like silk in my mouth.

I can feel the tension in you, your excitement, and it lights a fire inside me. As my head slides down onto your cock, I open wider and try to take you as deep into my throat as I can. I slide a hand upwards, running my fingers up the inside of your thigh, and grasp the base of your dick, letting my firm grip slide upwards as my head moves forwards. Then I pull on you again as you push me back down. As my head rises, I flick my tongue over your head and kiss you before taking you deep into my throat once again.

You moan, and push me harder against you. You grasp my nose and hold it closed as you fuck my mouth, so I’m struggling to breathe, snatching gasps of air around your dick in my mouth. My eyes widen in panic. I raise my hands in desperation as I feel my lungs start to burn, pleading with you with my open palms to let me breathe. Your dick is deep in my soft palate and I’m gagging and retching now. Then you let go, permit me to grab a lungful of air, but you close your hand on my throat as I do so, making me gasp. My breathing must sound distressed. I’m seeing stars. If someone walked in now, what would they think of me?

You let me take in just enough air before you pinch my nose shut again. I’m working your cock as hard as I can, running my wet tongue over the ridge of skin underneath, taking you deep into my mouth, into my throat, gagging again and again. Your hands are tight on me, your breathing fast. You moan again, and the lust knots in my insides. I take another quick breath and slide you to the back of my throat again.

Then you suddenly pull out of my mouth. I can finally take a deep breath. I risk glancing upwards at you and see your eyes are narrowed. My hands are still working your cock, huge and hard and slippery with my saliva. You’re panting as I rub you. You push your cock against my face, my mouth, my eyes, slapping me again and again with your hard dick. Your balls fall against my mouth and I stretch out with my tongue to lick them. You moan again, as my tongue slides behind your balls and you rub your dick against my face, leaving a trail of precum glistening on my cheeks. I can feel your muscles tighten, feel you clench. You grunt, and gasp, and come on my face, across my eyes, into my hair.

I’m still on my knees, looking up at you, drenched with your come. Your gaze is still intense, but you’re almost smiling again as you turn and walk out of the room. I wonder if anyone tried to come in, if anyone saw me getting my face fucked by you. At any rate, I’m covered with you now and there’ll be no hiding it. I take a deep breath, hold my head up high, and walk back into the room to join the others.



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