Exactly what you need – f2m audio erotica

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This gorgeous F2M audio erotica is written and read by Sherryl Blu

You’ve been asking for it for a long time
Hints, direct and non-direct
So now we are in this room, I’m going to show you exactly what it is you need…

I lay you flat out on the bed
I unbutton your shirt, ordering you not to move a muscle!
You do as you’re told and remain dead still
I expose your right nipple – the fresh air in the room teases you slightly, your nipple hardens…
I expose the left, pause for a second then pull you forward to allow me to peel
your shirt off you
Once off I gently push you to lay back down
You look vulnerable as your torso is at my mercy.

I run my hands across your chest
Up and down
Massaging, caressing….
My fingers find your nipples, I gently tweak them
You tense
I know you liked that
So I run my hands around you some more
Across your chest, flicking your nipples with my thumbs as my hands rotate down
As they stand to attention, your nipples beg to licked so I oblige
I cup the left one in between my lips then pull slightly, you tense again, I introduce my tongue
The wetness of my mouth together with the motion of my tongue forces you to arch your back
Your dick needs me
So I begin to shuffle down your body, hands grasping firmly, still caressing…

Once I reach the top of your trousers, I can see that you’re desperate to be freed
I slowly undo the button and zip – pause and notice you’ve arched your body upwards in anticipation of what’s to come…
I order you to lay back down.
Your eagerness makes move even slower, so I stroke your dick whilst still in your underwear
You are rock hard!
Eventually I let you out…
You’re throbbing!
I stroke you softly then let my tongue taste you
You bob about… hoping I’ll consume you
I do…

I take the tip first
Then expand my jaw and take you in deep
You let out a groan
I release you from the depths of my throat, clasp one hand around your shaft and begin to suck, lick and tug!
You like this
Your waist gently thrusts
I pick up the pace
Your breathing deepens
I let you out of my mouth, look at you and spit on your head, then deep dive again
You love this
You say something, but your words are in audible
I pull away from you, tug at your trousers and underwear and off they come
All of you is available to me now
I push your knees up and open your legs
I stroke your balls with one hand whilst the other stays on your dick, gently wanking!
I take a second to spit on the hand that’s playing with your balls, then rub it back it to you
I don’t think your dick could get any harder
So I stand up, hoist my skirt up, straddle you with my face towards your dick, then I back up until my pussy is over your face
I’m not wearing any pants
I lower myself on to your face
I want you to eat me
You couldn’t wait to taste me
You’re insatiable
As your tongue finds my clit, my mouth is reintroduced to your dick
We are just getting started…


This gorgeous F2M audio erotica is also available as audio, read by Sherryl herself. Click ‘listen now’ above, visit TintedBlu.com for more of her incredible work and head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.  

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