A mutual wank – hot mutual masturbation erotica

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This hot mutual masturbation erotica, by sex blogger and podcaster Sherryl Blu, originally appeared on her website.

I like a good ole wank… daily!

I’d wake in the morning, just gagging and if I didn’t satisfy that urge early on, it’s like my day was doomed.

He didn’t mind me masturbating, but never really showed any interest in watching.

But I wanted him to watch…

I wanted him to see me ‘do’ myself

I wanted him to appreciate me, showing myself love…

So I told him that we should wank together.

When he came home that night, I rustled up a quick pasta dish – nothing too difficult

We ate together and tucked into our evening treat…a bottle of wine.

This time it was red…

I actually preferred white because red made my head go far quicker than if I drank the white or rosé…but tonight, I didn’t mind.

I wanted to be tipsy…

I wanted to few loose…free even…

As we kicked back on the sofa, I felt the wine cruise through my veins

I felt warm

…and horny!

I turned to him and told him to get his cock out

He obliged!

Slightly erect, he wiggled around until his track bottoms were beneath his butt cheeks

He didn’t have any underwear on so his cock was straight out into the open air.

I told him to stroke himself

He was reluctant at first

I think the fact that I watched with pure lust in my eyes, may have made him feel slightly uneasy so I told him to sit with his back against the arm of the chair.

As he stood up to move, I stood up too!

I whipped off my shorts and thong and sat open legged with my back against the other chair arm.

We faced each other

His dick flexed and hardened when he saw my pussy exposed in all its glory.

His excitement turned me on…

He slowly stroked the tip of his cock

I allowed my right hand to make its way towards my pussy…

I began to gently stroke my openness paying most attention to my clit

His tip stroking turned into a grip with deep strokes

I rubbed myself harder and a little faster

I could feel my wetness introduce itself

He shuffled his trackie bottoms off completely and almost mirrored my position, the only difference being, one of his feet was on the floor…

I was definitely more flexible than him!

This new position was amazing though, it allowed me to see the full length of his cock and his balls!

I liked the way his balls hung…they absolutely complemented his beautiful penis.

His stroking turned into a full on wank!

He found his voice too!

He told me to finger myself…so I did!

I inserted my index finger and began to finger fuck myself

He approved with a simple; ‘yes’!

We were both getting into this

I was gushing…

I took my finger out of my pussy, leant forward and then put into his mouth

I wanted him to taste me

He sucked my finger hard tasting every drop

I took my finger back and reinserted it

He cupped his balls with the other hand and then pulled them downwards

This gave him a much more tighter feeling…I could see

His strokes were deeper but slower

I wanted to give him more so I stood up and kneeled in the space I was just sat in, I leant my arms on the arm rest, cocked my arse out and opened my legs

He could see all of me from the back

I titled forwarded and began to stroke myself, again focusing on the clit

I was dripping wet!

He leant forward and released his balls. He took the same hand and ran it underneath me.

He then licked the pussy juice off every one of his fingers, sat back and started wanking hard

He told me to turn back around and to make myself cum

I obliged but this time I lay back, almost flat and hoisted one leg up on the back of the couch and bent the other leg inward…

I found my rhythm and rubbed my clit

It wasn’t long before I could feel myself reaching the brink

He was well away….

His back was arching and he was getting there too…

I rubbed, he bashed…

We watched each other whilst focusing on the end goal

He erupted first….

Thick cum shot from his tip

He groaned a deep, throaty, meaningful groan

That did it for me…

I felt the rush through my body and bang, I shuddered as I came deeply.

After what felt like forever, we both sat up, looked at each other and laughed!

That was the first time we mutually masturbated, but I knew it wouldn’t be the last!

This hot mutual masturbation erotica is also available as audio, read by Girl on the Net. Click ‘listen now’ above, visit TintedBlu.com for more of Sherryl’s incredible work and head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.  

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  • Ian says:

    When my wife and I first got together we would sit opposite each other on the bed watching each other masturbate as we told each other of previous sexual experiences.
    It’s a great way to learn about where we liked being touched, how fast, the motion (as in up down, round, etc), and beautiful to see too.

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