On piss: why I like it when guys piss on me

If you’re reading this hoping for some lurid and detailed description of a time when I writhed naked with a dude on a hotel bathroom floor, having sex that culminated in me squatting over his face and urinating directly into his mouth, you’ll be sorely disappointed: I want to talk about boys pissing on girls. And why I love it when guys piss on me.

Why is it hot when boys piss? If you even have to ask this I’m not sure you’ve understood the concept. Here’s the breakdown:

Boys. Boys with their cocks out. Boys with their cocks out, gripping them in their hands. Boys with a burning need to let go, to feel the relief as strong rivers of piss gush out of their cock which, by the way, they’re holding. Boys doing something raw and primal and urgent. Something solo, something dirty. Oh, and did I mention that while they’re doing it they’re holding their dick?


I know some people aren’t into what I’m reluctantly going to call “watersports”, but if you’re intrigued I want to persuade you to try it. Here are just three reasons why you should let – sorry, beg – guys to piss on you.

It’s like jizzing on me, but more so

I love it when guys come all over me. Spunk is brilliantly sexy – it’s not just that it’s a release of sexual tension – it’s a visible, physical release. Spurts of it.

There is something deeply satisfying about a guy who can achieve this with spectacular volume. I have been known to ask boys to refrain from wanking before they see me so they can build up enough that I get wide-eyed and slick. Enough that it covers me – thick ropes of spunk that paint me from neck to navel. Enough that I can rub my hands in it and feel dirty. Enough that I need to change the bedsheets.

But you know what has more volume than spunk? Piss. Pints of it. Gushing, hot pints of it – more than enough to make someone feel used and dirty. Enough that they can’t escape the trickles and warmth and smell of it.

And piss doesn’t just take the prize for volume either – it also has a deeply satisfying force. You can feel it when a guy comes hard – you can feel the power with which his dick spits spunk onto you, or into you. And that force, even at its strongest and most satisfying, doesn’t come close to the punishing strength of his piss.

It’s utterly disgusting

Look at you, you filthy bitch – you just let a guy piss all over you. He held his cock in one hand and your hair in the other and aimed torrents of piss directly at your exposed neck. You could feel it rushing down your body in a hot waterfall. You can still feel it all over your tits – hot and wet and disgusting. The shame.

You’ll do anything, won’t you? Sat there in his filth as he holds his cock over you pondering what to do to you now. You’ve let him piss on you, what’s next? Are you going to let him bend you over the edge of the bath and shove his cock into your ass, grunting with lustful exertion as he fills you up with spunk?

You might as well, you slut. He can do whatever he wants to you now – you’ve already let him humiliate you. Ruin you. Defile you. Piss on you.

It hurts for him to piss on me

I have it on good authority that it’s hard to piss with an erection. And what’s even hotter than a guy pissing on you is a guy forcing himself to piss with a semi-erect cock, struggling with the dilemma of wanting to fuck you and defile you at the same time.

A guy who wants to do both so badly that it hurts. I love to see a guy wincing and moaning as he lets go, the urgent desire to piss conflicting with a need to rub his cock – to touch it and let go his other side and come all over my face. Two burning, angry needs that conflict so happily, with such gut-wrenching lustful force that he’s willing to actually hurt to fulfil one of them.

It means I get to watch his slightly tormented face as he pushes to let go – to force out that hot stream of piss and humiliation. He wants to see me looking ashamed of myself as it hits my face and rushes down all over my tits. It hurts him to piss while he’s hard, but he wants to hurt me even more than that. To watch me cringe with self loathing, moaning and wet and horny as I battle the pairing of lust and disgust.

Oh, and did I mention that he’s holding his dick?


Update October 2020: This post is now available as audio porn – click ‘listen now’ above or head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. As I was recording it I realised it is incredibly cisnormative – I wrote it a long time ago before I understood the importance of trans inclusion. Hence this note, where I’m gonna tell you not all guys have dicks and not everyone with a dick is a guy. I’d probably write this a little differently today if I were to have another crack at it. 


  • C_Y says:


    That… I just…



  • Desideras says:

    OMG you make it sound so horny that I want to go and find a guy to piss on me just to feel the glorious humiliation of it! I confess I love watching a guy take a piss, watching him stand there holding his cock in his hand, wanting to hold his cock in MY hand!
    I love your blog!

  • Chaz says:

    I once asked a boyfriend to let me hold his dick while he pissed. It was an interesting sensation, one I can still recall to this day, even though it was about 20 years ago. I liked it, but never asked to do it again.

    But that’s as far as I go. I had a boyfriend once ask to piss on me. I asked him why he’d want to humiliate me in that fashion and he couldn’t give me an answer. Humiliation isn’t a turn-on for me and watersports don’t interest me at all. A different boyfriend asked me to piss on him, and I just couldn’t. It’s not in me to do that. Not even if you were on fire(!)

  • Desideras says:

    I’ve held a guy’s cock when he’s taking a piss…it’s naughty in a fascinating way! Never let a guy piss on me..yet! But the way GOTN describes it, makes me want to NOW!

  • Waterworx says:

    You, m’dear, are truly wonderful. [end]

  • Jamie says:

    It’s one of the attractions of cottaging for me: a line of men with their dicks out is hot; a line of men with their dicks out pissing is even hotter, for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on.

    Certainly there’s a whole sub-genre of porn involving spying on men pissing (search xtube for ‘urinals’ in the gay section to see a huge number of shaky mobile vids of men pissing filmed through the crack in cubicle doors).

    As for being pissed on or pissing on someone… yeah, I haven’t but I wouldn’t mind. Wouldn’t want to drink it and the habit of blokes farting when they pee – even more likely to happen through a semi – is a bit icky, but try everything once is my motto. Except incest and folk dancing, obviously.

  • obscureusername says:

    There were a couple of times when my ex wanted to piss on my cunt and then fuck me. Generally while getting me to suck on his slightly damp fingers at the same time.

    I was happy to go along with it but it didn’t do a lot for me to be honest. The thing I enjoyed and got off on was seeing how excited it made him.

    Got to be done in the bathroom though. I am NOT cleaning up piss in the bedroom.

  • LPG says:

    ’tis what expensive hotels with wet rooms were made for…. That and filling said wet room floor with bubbles…

  • girlonthenet says:

    @Chaz – fair enough, it’s not for everyone. But for the record – guys letting you hold it while they piss? FUCK YEAH. Why is this awesome? I don’t know. Biological curiosity, I guess. That and you, you know, get to hold their dick while they’re pissing.

    @Desideras – thanks =)

    @obscureusername – utterly agree on th ebedroom thing – piss in the bedroom is rubbish, as it requires prep, planning, and later clearing up: not sexy. In the bathroom, though, you can let go without having to worry about it – key to all awesome sexy stuff.

    @Jamie – your comment made me a) laugh out loud and b) fancy a wank. Not necessarily in that order. But also, is farting and pissing a common thing? I have never experienced it, or had guys who do it. Maybe they were just holding back to be polite =)

    • Jamie says:

      I’d say 60+% of men fart while peeing, particularly at the end as the ‘push’ to get the last drops out uses the same nerve that controls the sphincter muscle.

      It puts me off the pee thing as I’ve never been into scat and related stuff (I’m too likely to start vomiting) but I might try to convince the boyf to hold one in for me while putting out for me in our posh hotel for our Xmas trip to London.

    • T says:

      If you know what you’re doing prep in the bedrooom and clean up can be massively minimised. Imagine a middle of the night sex session being initiated by that wee you can’t just face walking to the bathroom for. The bed can be an amazingly hot place for watersports; the prep can be smart and simple.

  • B says:

    What a coincidence. I’ve just had a thoroughly filthy weekend with a fuck buddy of mine where we pissed all over each other several times. She was desperate for my hot piss. I held my cock in front of her as she knelt in front of me like a lap dog waiting for my hot stream to cover her face. As soon as I started, she put her lips to my cock and let it enter her mouth. Some she swallowed, some she let gush down her body. She then put her head under my stream like she was taking a shower. Then she looks up at me, smiling and drenched :) It’s her biggest fetish
    But for it to be palatable, it has to be weak. We spent all weekend drinking pints and pints of water. Diluted piss is the best. Just so that it’s not too strong a colour/flavour/smell. We are thinking of even getting a paddling pool to move the fun from the bathroom to the bedroom ;)

  • BrenUK says:

    I had no idea so many women found the way that men piss so interesting. But I suppose I can understand the curiosity since it is such a different act for men and for women. It kind of puts you in mind of those childish games of what used to be called ‘Doctors and nurses.’ Children experimenting together and realising that their bodies are so very different.

    The wide eyed shock and fascination when a girl first realises boys have something different down there than they. I suppose that fascination never goes away?

    Also I suppose when a man does it, it does somehow seems more of a focussed, directed and somewhat more forceful act – so I can see how women could find that a turn on.

    For the record it also works the other way. A hot girl squatting and pissing – or even pissing her pants can be just as fascinating and hardmaking!

  • Anony Mouse says:

    I have always found it hot thinking about my boyfriend taking a piss in the bathroom, but I always thought I was weird for thinking this- I’ve never told him or anybody else about it. Yes, it is hot to imagine him standing there holding his dick, feeling the release, but I don’t think I’m quite into this whole “pissing fetish”. That’s where I draw the line. I am curious to ask to hold it while he pisses, but I’m not sure he’d be willing :P

  • . says:

    Even outside of kinkspace I find girls weirdly fascinated by men pissing.

    A more or less vanilla ex derived great pleasure from putting a squirty bottle of water down her trousers and out her fly, then directing a jet of water from it into a bowl on the floor. The process was repeated several time, while I was asked to judge the flow rate for realism.

    Come to think of it, that was actually quite sexy in a quirky kind of a way…

  • Dove says:

    For the other point of view, I am a kinky, dirty girl. But piss does nothing for me. at all. erk.

    No judgements though – to each their own :)

  • Dove says:

    PS I might however ask a guy to hold his dick while he pisses one day – not in a sexy way, I’m just now a little intrigued…

  • C.B.B says:

    Pissing. Yeah, I cant say it’s a big turn on for me but, I get the thrill of it. I can also understand why girls would find a fascination with holding a man’s dick while pissing. You can feel the vibration of the flow through the shaft. As for pissing with a hardon; yes it’s not easy and can hurt-ish, but it also feels great in a hurty tickly kind of way. I may be wrong but I always thought we had like an internal valve that closed off when you had an erection to stop you pissing during ejaculation. Which would kind of also explain why we get a hardon in our sleep; if your body feels it needs to piss, an erection would stop you pissing the bed. Anyway, I digress. A girl holding my dick while I piss is fabulously sexy thing, even if, for me, it’s a difficult thing to do because I have trouble pissing if I’m just being watched never mind held and watched. I have no trouble -in fact I love- being watched wanking or being wanked and cumming. But pissing, I just struggle to get the flow going. I have never done it, but, I would happily let a girl piss on me. Even if it’s not my fetish, it would still be a thrill. *puts it on to-do list*

    Another excellent blog entry from the super sexual deviant that is GOTN. I love this girl.

  • deepimpact says:

    Oh well, I’ve pissed on girls and been pissed on, swallowed it and had it sprayed all over my cock and balls, but it’s not quite the experience that unloading a massive, ballbusting amount of come all over a girl is. Best thing for that: a long drug-fuelled (charlie/MDMA) fuck where you spend hours not coming and then, finally, and probably with quite a lot of effort, you finally do. My partner was absolutely COVERED from chin to thighs. I’ll never forget it…

  • Bar says:

    “Piss” by Bette Bentley, selection of the Miami Short Film Festival and Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and Cinekink Film Festival.

    Enjoy! x


  • D says:

    Thanks for directing us all back to this one again… one of my favourite posts of yours, I think.

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  • Sarah says:

    Hmm I’m torn on this one. He recently revealed to me that this is one of his fantasies and I agreed to being turned on by the idea. He wrote me a story where he came on my face, bent me over the loo, pissed the come off and then stuck my face in the toilet while he fucked me, then flushed it.

    The whole idea gets me super wet, but again the idea of actually doing it… I don’t know. I love him coming on my face but worry about it getting in my eyes. I used to worry about him coming in my mouth but now I love it. I can’t imagine liking piss in my mouth or eyes.

    I’d like to get in the bath and have him piss on my body I think – but then turning that into sex tricky (I like beds, they’re comfy!).

  • rare deeds says:

    God. This is such a wonderful post. Really.

    I have been fortunate in being able to play pissing games with a lover – they are everything you evoke, & more.

    (gorgeous pic, btw)

  • Thanks for this Girl. I read it last night before a session today when I tried pissing for the first time.

    I’m a dom guy pissing on a woman. New to doming, new to pissing!

    Although fun, the session didn’t go entirely to plan. In light of your comments I’d like to share.

    There was a real issue for me in pissing in a sexual context. My body, cock and mind saw this woman in front of me and it’s thinking: sex. Cum on/in her. So my cock entered “sex” mode. This blocks pissing. I’m not sure how it works physiologically but this is the same reason guys don’t accidentally piss inside women when they’re having sex, or ejaculating. There’s some kind of one-way valve that blocks it. (It’s also why guys are able to come even when they’re bursting for a piss.)

    In the end I managed a small stream but wasn’t able to direct it anywhere useful, like her face or tits. However, I wasn’t bursting for a piss during this session, which might’ve helped.

    I think rules of thumb might be (a) to ensure you’re really bursting to pee and (b) to do the pissing after ejaculation, or before the sex. Basically, although pissing in this way is inherently sexual, you need to remove the sexual context.

  • Deviantile says:

    I had a fabulous relationship with a crazy erotic lady who made me cross so many boundaries, and water sports was one of them.
    My introduction was her making me kneel why she pissed all over me. An amazing sensation to have that hot sweet liquid all over me.
    But then she reciprocated and made me piss on her, which she clearly loved. there’s something very naughty but exciting in sharing piss with each other.
    Sometimes I would watch as she pissed, it stroke her clit as she gushed. Or she would strike my balls as I was performing.

    and yes, you’re right it is difficult to pee with a hard on, but drinking plenty of wine & water beforehand overcame the problem.

  • Phillip says:

    Good Lord! 29 comments! Food for thought!

  • Carmen says:

    I love when my man pisses on me, i rub it all over me, drink it. He knows i love him, i would do anything for him.

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