Watersports, wet rooms and the glass shower screen

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Two words that will have me elevate your hotel from a four to a five-star review on Trip Advisor: wet room. But seeing as I like wet rooms because I sometimes enjoy watersports, you might not actually want me to stay in your hotel, to be honest. But we clean up thoroughly after ourselves, and I guess what you don’t know can’t hurt you.

We’d tiptoed around the issue of the wet room all weekend. Done things on the bed, in the lounge, in the huge bath. Done casual, X-rated cuddles on the sofa as I stroked his growing erection through his trousers and he slipped one hand down my bra to pinch one of my nipples tightly.

It was a good weekend.

But the last night needed something extra – a final hurrah to mark the end of the trip, and give me the one thing I’d been drooling for since we’d arrived.

The shower was huge: one of those strange rainwater-style things with a head that’s bigger than your head, cascading water down all around you. Over your shoulders, down your back, in your eyes. Like you’re standing in a warm monsoon. And it’s in a wet-room, so of course there’s no curtain to get tangled in – just a glass wall to divide the space.

And to piss against.

Watersports are fucking hot

“Want to watch me?” he asked, rhetorically. Ever since he found out how much I love it, watching him has become a form of flirting: foreplay. I like to watch him hold his dick in his hand, close his eyes briefly and stretch out his calves as the stream starts. I like the similarity between watching him piss and watching him come all over me. I remember the time he stopped fucking me just before he came, and stood up so he could spray a jet of thick white spunk from a greater height, and watch me squirm to catch it all on my face and chest.

I like that it’s different to the way I do it. The power and control. The fact that he has to stand. The fact that it aches and throbs if he tries to do it when he’s hard.

So that’s how the evening started: me watching him. I stood behind the glass screen, in the shower cubicle, face pressed against the glass like I was window-shopping. He held his dick firmly, pissing in a thick, satisfying stream, and both of us tried not to grin.

Later, inevitably, we switched round. I sat on the toilet and he watched me – the glass of the cubicle adding a dash of voyeurism (‘I’m sneaking a look’) as well as a false reassurance (‘I’m alone here’). I closed my eyes, pretended he wasn’t in the room, and he stroked his dick while I pissed for him.

It got more difficult as the evening wore on: as we got more messed up we tried to outdo each other in drinking pints of water for the next go. The pressing urge of my bladder competed with the throb of my cunt, and likewise his dick was never sure what the best option was – piss or fuck. Piss or fuck. Piss or fuck.

Maybe that’s why I like it.

Later on, I sucked his dick to pass time while he made his decision. Fuck now – or later? Have me while I’m clean and giggling and horny with anticipation? Come all over my face and chest in the cubicle of the shower, the use a jet of post-fuck piss to wash it off me, leaving me whimpering and pretending to feel defiled. Or the other way – piss first? Strip me to my knickers and make me kneel in the shower, looking up at him with smudged eyes and a willing grin. He’d get to watch that face turn to lust, delight, then self-disgust in quick succession, before hauling me up by a chunk of wet hair and making me face the wall to get fucked.

Decisions, decisions.

Both of these things would have worked. We’ll probably book into the same place again so we can make sure that they do. But as the night wore on and our eyes started closing, I realised there was one thing I wanted that I’d never actually had before. It was simpler, sure. It makes for a less climactic ending in a blog post about watersports, but I don’t care:

I wanted to see him piss against the glass partition.

I wanted to stand on the other side, fully-clothed, and see him from that angle while he let go. I wanted to watch the hot stream of urine splashing against the glass – so near to me but still separate. Getting a new perspective on something I usually only see from the side – or behind if I’m catching a glimpse of guys pissing in public. I wanted a full-frontal view of him doing it the way he would if I weren’t there.

Perhaps it’s an extension of the desire to see him wank in a room without me. Maybe it’s because I cannot get enough of a guys’ hands gripped tightly around his dick. Or the slight, faint, echo of a moan of relief as he empties his full bladder – a whisper of the way he moans with satisfaction as he comes.

Whatever it is, it works. And on this occasion it worked so well that I’m glad we didn’t fuck. While a messy face and a tangle of wet hair would have been a great way to end the evening, the picture of him pissing against the screen will stay with me for longer.

Every day since this happened I’ve walked past the bathroom and made a mental note: next time I move house, I’m looking for one with a wet room.


This post is available as audio. Click ‘listen here’ at the start of the post, or if watersports isn’t your thing, check out the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 


  • DigiBroc says:

    Meh…this is where I get off the bus. I know folks are into watersports, but it’s one of the few instant sex-drive killers for me. I’m all for BDSM, food stuff, and all sorts of other things, but pee isn’t sexy for me. I’m glad you had fun though.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Always makes me sad when this is the first comment. I write things that are true, and that I enjoy. I would never expect a stranger’s desires to match perfectly to my own, and yet people are somehow still surprised enough to comment when they can’t enjoy everything I write. You might like to read this: http://www.girlonthenet.com/2015/03/01/not-all-porn-is-for-you/

      [Edited to add – I know you don’t mean to be harsh, it just gets me down.]

      • DigiBroc says:

        My apologies if this came off as me telling you what to like or not like, as that’s not my intention at all. I also didn’t say that I didn’t enjoy what you wrote, and I’ve read your piece on not all sorts of porn or kink being for everyone. I just stated my opinion, which I thought would be okay.

        It’s interesting that you seem to be unhappy that people posted disagreeing with you, and in turn you’re sort of sounding like we don’t have the right to our opinion either. I really enjoy your writing, and don’t want you to change anything, other than maybe realizing that just because someone isn’t into what you are doesn’t mean they disagree with you. :)

        • Girl on the net says:

          “It’s interesting that you seem to be unhappy that people posted disagreeing with you”
          No, you misunderstand. Saying ‘meh, this is where I get off the bus’ isn’t disagreement – you’re just saying ‘I don’t like this kind of porn eww’, as explained in the post I linked to. But later in your comment you explain that it’s not disagreement anyway, so I’m not sure what you’re getting at. This isn’t a debate about which either of us can – or wants to – change the other one’s mind, it’s just me putting something I like out there and you going ‘eww.’ You’re entitled to feel that way, but saying it serves no purpose I can see other than to be upsetting.

  • Etienne says:

    Fresh, hot pee is all kinds of sexy, as is your post!

  • Jem says:

    I cannot say how much I loved this, and even tho i am pretty confident about liking what i like, to see someone else who finds watching that special someone piss a turn on is provoking a smile. Although watching is never enough for me, my sub side wants to recieve too :)

    • Girl on the net says:

      One of my favourite things about sex blogging (and reading other sex blogs) is this – that thing when someone goes ‘ooh yes, me too.’ It’s like a virtuous circle of fun =)

  • Dawn says:

    I’ll have to make sure the next chance I get to stay in a hotel that it has a wet room :)

  • David Elland says:

    Just checked into a glorious London hotel room – and you’ve just described the wet room I’ve got!!! I just need an awesome volunteer to help check it out properly…;-)

  • Paul says:

    Great story getting my sub on this soon very horny

  • rare deeds says:

    The wet room that I’ve been having built in my new house has *just* been finished, this week. Now I know how it will – must – be “christened” – thank you for this delicious inspiration!

  • Jessy says:

    It was great read but I have to agree with @Digibroc. Anything to do with pee, I’m also not comfortable with it.
    And I’m in no way judging you. :-)

    • Girl on the net says:

      I get that, I’m just saying that comments like that make me sad. I get if people disagree with me when I’m making a political point or whatever, but when I’m just describing something I did, what am I expected to do with a comment that says ‘I don’t like this’? Should I not write about it again? Should I apologise? Should I try to fuck differently so my blog appeals to everyone?

      • Dang says:

        I for one certainly hope you keep writing about whatever turns you on. I don’t need to share your kinks to get off hearing you describe them. The writing is hot because you are into it.

  • Arnie says:

    That was GLORIOUS. Bloody GLORIOUS.

    That is all.

  • When I was younger, while in my earlier days of developing sexual maturity, I used to piss as a sort of poor man’s sexual release. I used to be able to achieve erection very easily – as does pretty much every young man above 12 – but I was never really interested in masturbation; all the other boys talked about it with a snicker and I found the concept a little obscene… for a few years, at least.

    What I used to do was: wait until I needed the toilet; rush to the bathroom (usually my gran’s; it was bigger); conjure up the dirtiest scenario in my head (usually “having sex with a girl“, that seemed to work); get hard; piss with an erection. While it wasn’t the shuddering, pulsating release that I later found out ejaculation would be like, it was warm liquid coming from an erect penis, and I liked that.

    Similar props go to pissing outside in the snow (as you get a huge plume of steam at the same time, making it look like you have a DRAGON NINJA PENIS), pissing in the shower (as you are surrounded by warm water anyway, plus you get clean instantly), pissing after sex (which reduces the risk of UTIs, plus I often need it) and – as you mention at great detail in your post, GOTN – pissing in front of a significant other.

    It’s something that I’ve found a lot of people can be squeamish about. If you’re that comfortable with watching someone do so – or even if you find it hot – that’s most certainly a good sign. I think so, anyway!

    • Girl on the net says:

      Just one of the many things I love about you ILB is that you revel in exactly the same kind of things that I do, but you put it better. I’m talking, of course, about NINJA DRAGON PISS. I have only ever had this magical thing once (I am rubbish at weeing outside) and it was exactly as brilliant as you make it sound.

      I think it’s definitely a bit marmite – I’ve rarely met people who were on the fence about piss stuff – usually ‘yay’ or ‘hell no.’ I don’t think it’d be a dealbreaker for me if I were shagging someone who wasn’t into it, but it’s definitely a massive bonus if they are!

      Also what you say about pissing as a semi-substitute for ejaculation is really interesting. I’m going to have to survey some guys I know and see if there’s a similar thing there. From a ‘watching’ perspective it definitely hits similar buttons.

  • Dg says:

    I stay in a hotel that has one of these about a half dozen times a year. I’ve cum against that glass wall multiple times, but oddly enough I don’t think I’ve ever pissed against it… Good thing i’m going to be back out there in a month or two!

  • Sadie says:

    I’m fairly ambivalent about piss unless my partner really enjoys it and then I am happy to indulge to please them as is my sub nature.

    BUT there are few things I love more than hearing the guy I’ve just fucked go into the bathroom and piss like a racehorse. There’s something about the relief and release and mundanity of it. It doesn’t turn me on per se but it makes me feel incredibly content and satisfied. (There’s probaby some connection to a strong stream of piss usually meaning a guy can come hard, but I just love it and it always seemed slightly odd if I mentioned it to anyone.)

  • Trevor says:

    I’m surprised you just took a seat, when presented with a rare chance to pee freestyle with no need to mop up, but each to their own.

  • We watch each other but no more. We have a great wet room and a large glass dividing panel. The one thing we don’t have that you might not even have noticed in the hotel shower, is the tiny camera built into the shower head!!! Have you looked on YouTube yet, just in case? LOL.

    By the way. Why sit down? You can pee standing up by pinching your labia with a couple of fingers. His or yours.

  • Jo says:

    You should visit Korea; most of the showers are wet rooms and have either a glass partition or no partition at all! What I’m saying is that it’s a great country in which to pee on someone.

    • Girl on the net says:

      “A great country in which to pee on someone” – Korean Tourist Board


      I have actually been to Korea, and now I’m annoyed because I cannot for the life of me remember what the shower was like. I think we were staying in a mates house for most of it, though, and I’d guess they might have been a bit fucked off.

  • It’s not my thing, but I love how you described everything and really made me see why people might find it hot. More insightful then arousing in my case, but I love to learn.

  • Funloving Girl says:

    Thank you GOTN. My man is into watersports and I’m a willing participant, just still learning. He loves to watch me piss standing as I orgasm and forced me to kneel in the bath as he pissed on my tits (poooor me ;-)) Now I have loads of new ideas. Glass shower screens, mmmmmm….

  • Twiglet at hundred acres says:

    I think peeing in front of someone is such a sign of trust and intimacy. As way of saying no barriers. I had a Dom who wanted me to drink urine – a power thing I think as I really was uncomfortable. Then one time he made me kneel and he urinated on my face. I freaked. Hated it. Cried in the corner and had to scrub myself and scrub and scrub. And I wish it wasn’t so, because the way you make it sound is way sexy and fun and horny and wow.
    I agree with you about negativity on blog comments , I usually try to only say positive things. So why the negative here? Because I think your post can help me reappraise. So thank you.

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    You know what they say: it’s better to be pissed on than pissed off.

  • geek says:

    Does it for me every time. I’ve played watersports games. Massive turn-on.

  • wetterwater says:

    God, this is hot. You totally get it. I’ve always loved watching my partners piss–whether she’s sitting on the toilet, maybe coyly giving me a peek between her legs as she lets go a little trickle, or taking a more dominant stance, straddling my thigh in the shower. But I’ve only recently learned to fully appreciate the pleasure of doing the pissing for an audience.

    A friend of mine showed me the way. A friend who’s always declined my requests to watch her pee, though she gives me permission to listen. (Reluctant permission is sweet, but not much of a turn-on.) So after a few backyard cocktails, I asked if I could have a leak by her garden. “Can I watch you?” she asked. It was unexpected, and the request gave me the stomach butterflies. I said, “of course,” of course. But it was a game-changer. I was already semi-hard when I took it out, hyper-sensitive to the summer evening air and my friend’s attention, and it took a bit of concentration to get the first couple of spurts out.

    And man, when you’re turned on, those piss spurts are powerful. She made some appreciative sounds, and that just got the fire going. I was completely hard even before she came up behind me to lend a hand.

    So yeah, these days I love giving a show. Wish the opportunity came up more often. With an erection the piss spray just feels so powerful and voluminous… as if I’m ejaculating gallons, shooting miles–it feels hyper-masculine. And such a great release. Hell yeah, you can watch.

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