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On number 16

Number 16 was a rare find – a genuinely good mate with whom I spent many a brilliant hour getting utterly pissed and chatting about anything and everything.

The first time we had sex was a complete accident – I don’t think either of us had entertained the notion until one night, after downing enough tequila to fell an elephant, we ended up snogging mid-karaoke in a dirty pub at 2 am.

Oh. We’re doing this, are we? OK.

That initial shag eventually led to a comfortable routine – beer, more beer, yet more beer and then a pissed stumble back to his flat where we’d swap stories of past sexual conquests, smoke an obscene number of fags, then undress each other and fuck like we were playing tennis.

I don’t want to describe a specific incident, but I would like to make an observation – number 16 made noises.

The sex itself was vanilla – frantic, hot, pissed and desperate. We’d both decide we’d had enough of drinking and went into his room to strip off. And while we were stripping he’d talk, and while he was cupping my tits in his hands he’d talk, and when we were fucking he’d talk. And it was so. Fucking. Good.

He spoke to me, he moaned, he said ‘oh yes’ when I did something nice. He sucked in big gulps of breath while I had his cock in my mouth. He sighed. He moaned a bit more. He went ‘ugh’ when he came.

Number 16 said things and talked dirty. He told me he was hard, that he loved how it felt when he was inside me. He told me how wet I was. He asked me if I liked it. He groaned and sighed and climaxed with vocal, lusty relief.

Good lord the world could do with more vocal boys. Vocal boys make me feel so good. I love the challenge of doing things to make them go ‘aaah’ and if I get that feedback I’m going to keep doing it again and again. If I could request anything from the gentlemen of this world it’d be to turn up the fucking volume.

You don’t have to shout it from the rooftops, you don’t have to scream and cry and wail like a mourning widow. But don’t lie there in silence, humping me stoically with a face of concentration like you’re solving a particularly difficult crossword puzzle. Come on boys – make some noise.


We’re still mates. He has a girlfriend now and is almost like a proper grown-up. They go on holiday and have dates and are serious with each other, and when we get together for beers he tells me about her and I’m pleased that he’s got the secure happiness which, let’s be frank, I can’t give to guys.

But I still look at him and want to tear him apart.

I see his sexy, filthy hands gripped round a pint glass and remember how he’d take his rings off before plunging his fingers into my cunt.

How he’d hold my hair back so he could watch me taking the length of his cock into my mouth.

How he’d squeeze my tits nice and hard, and tell me that I liked it.

I mostly remember the noisy sex – what he sounded like.  What he’d say to me, how he’d moan and sigh. Best of all that wonderful, audible moment when he’d shudder and – with a muffled cry – come deep inside me so hard I could feel it.


  • M says:

    whole heartedly agree GOTN! there is nothing as frustrating as silence, (unless you are doing something really sneaky in an inappropriate place and mans hand is clamped onto your mouth….sigh) Jesus I don’t even like to masturbate silently, come on boys tell me how wet I am and how much I like it. yeah!

  • Chaz says:

    I have to agree with you wholeheartedly on this one. There’s nothing better than knowing what you’re doing is giving someone else pleasure. I mean, if they don’t say anything, how do you know?

    I dated a guy earlier this year who was completely silent throughout, which was unnerving for me. I gave him a very long blowjob and had no idea if he liked what I was doing or not. A couple of times he grabbed my hands, so I thought he was in pain or discomfort, so I stopped what I was doing and changed to something else. Afterwards, he told me he was seconds from cumming and he didn’t want me to stop(!) But he never made a sound, so how was I to know?! We only saw each other 4 times. I need feedback from my men.

    The next guy I dated was very vocal, even while simply kissing. I knew exactly where I stood with him and couldn’t have been happier.

    I’m always sure to give the guys feedback. I mean, if it feels good, you don’t want them to stop, do you?

  • Bella says:

    I had to bloody go and read this minutes before Boy’s mate came round for dinner, didn’t I? (No, not like *that*)

    Seriously though, YES, THIS. I need to know you’re enjoying yourself, and it is so fucking hot to hear it. The best thing about face-to-face fucking is hearing someone panting and moaning in your ear.

  • SNT says:

    Yes, yes, a thousand times YES. NOISE IS GOOD people. Talk to me, moan, gasp, shudder and tell me all about it. Boys – I like to know what you like so I can keep on doing it. :-D

  • 0_leatherette_0 says:

    In every way, shape and form. Yes. A boy who can’t say what he wants is a boy to up tight to do what he wants. Give it some welly and if you want it in wellies, goddamn say it!

  • Mags says:

    Oh man, I love his lips pressed against my ear, whispering that I’m going to get it…when he calls just to say that his cock is hard for me…when he slips his hand between my legs and breathlessly moans “oh God you’re so wet” – yeah that just makes me wetter. Didn’t think I could want him more – WRONG!

    Tell me I’m a slut and then call me your good girl – awesome doesn’t even begin to describe the way that makes me feel.

  • Denzil says:

    Haha! Glad I’m doing something right. This summer my GF’s son came into the room whilst we were fucking and asked her, “Is Denzil all right?”
    Funny i actually never realised how loud I am and yes, all that daft talking is a right laugh. I reckon some people just don’t know how to enjoy themselves. If you’re fucking, what’s the point of being shy? You’re fucking FFS!

  • Bob says:

    As a chap i’m a bit surprised to hear we don’t all make noise or talk filth. I’m going to sit and feel smug for a change!

  • saymyname says:

    Agreed! Feedback makes everything better. A well-timed order makes me wetter than Moby Dick (pun thoroughly intended) and a a gutteral orgasmic groan makes me come like a freight train. Let’s hear it for the boys with the noise.

  • chatty cathy says:

    Oh, if I had a better relationship with my ex, I would send him this, because he needs to know…

  • Imogen says:

    Oh god yes I totally agree with this. I really enjoy noisy partners. I’ve been with people in the past who were a little… too noisy? As in they were putting it on because they thought they had to, and that ain’t cool. But genuine noises of enjoyment, dirty talk… oooh yes please, more of that!

    (this may be because I am vocal and noisy myself and become perhaps a little more aware – insecure? – when with a quiet guy.)

  • Emmy says:

    Yessss it’s the best. Also because I’m super vocal I don’t like to feel like I’m being the odd one out haha

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