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On boy snogs

I have a favourite pervy picture. It’s not as explicit as you might imagine – in fact to certain eyes it could look like an innocent snap of two teenagers in love. But it is not that.

During my first year of University I fell what can only be described as ‘idiotically in love’ with a guy who was generous enough to reciprocate that love with spectacular and quite disgusting sex. He was a brunette. He was straight.

At the same time, I had a good friend in halls who was exquisitely pretty in a lithe, posh-boy way. He was a blond. He was also straight.

These two boys, lovely though they were to me, utterly despised each other.

Can you see where I’m going with this? Maybe not – I’m going to a kebab house at 3 am, on the evening of my 19th birthday. We were waiting for food and I jokingly asked them to kiss. To my unending delight, they actually did. Forcefully, passionately, and with the kind of lustful instinct that you tend to only see in young ones. Luckily I was not completely paralysed with arousal and so, ever resourceful, I whipped out my camera faster than you can say ‘timeless wanking classic’ and took a snap.

If boys kiss in front of me I will probably perv on them

Watching two boys kiss is one of my absolute favourite things. I am frequently mesmerised in gay clubs at the sheer number of hot, lustful men eating at each other like it’s their final chance to do so.

But good though it is to watch any boys kissing, my personal favourite is seeing two otherwise straight guys pulling because they know it will turn me on.

Why? God knows. The kissing’s hot because boys are hot, and at that point it becomes a simple equation: if one thing is hot then if you double the number of hot things and attach them at the face you’ll increase the overall hotness output.

But I suspect there’s also something of a dictatorial streak in me. Despite being submissive when I’m fucking, as a general rule I love to see boys doing things that I’ve asked. Sometimes I can control boys purely by telling them it’ll make my cunt wet if they do stuff – I am God.

Part of the thrill with straight-boy kisses is definitely the fact that they’re usually a bit uncomfortable. In this situation the fact that the guys hated each other made it all the more arousing. I remembered the bitter rows they’d had, the way they snarked about each other to me to try and get me on side. I made these boys get over their mutual disdain just so they’d do dirty things to each other.

But mostly it’s hot because, even after initial reluctance, I’ve never seen guys snog timidly – gently – the way most try to kiss me for the first time. Boys snog more quickly, more passionately, almost angrily. Even reluctant straight ones.

And now if you could just take off your pants…

Of course sometimes, if I’m really lucky, it will develop into something else. I’ve been with a few guys who are willing to snog but no more – they’ll do it to make me happy then take me home and bang me with the force of someone trying to show how much they like girls.

But some of them are willing to go that bit further. Some will pull a boy and realise that perhaps boys aren’t so icky after all. Maybe this one will rub up against the other a bit. Perhaps he’ll start getting hard. Perhaps he’ll let me take off his trousers so the other guy can get a good, tight hold of his dick.

Even if that doesn’t happen, the promise of it is still there during their kiss. So whether I’m taking pictures on the sidelines or trying to crowbar myself in between them so they crush me with the force of their boylust, I’m grateful for every lip-locked minute.

I understand that not everyone’s into it. Not all straight guys are willing to get as stuck into another dude as they are into a woman. But honestly? If you are I’ll love you twice as much for it.

If you’ll pull a guy with the same force and passion as you’d pull me… If you’ll kneel down and suck on his cock like you want to draw all the spunk right out of him… If you’ll let him climb on top of you and bang you with quick, hard, grunting strokes while I lie underneath and feel the force pushing your cock deeper inside me… If you’ll do all of that then I will melt and drool and tremble and then fuck you until you have no fuck left.


  • MrSmith says:

    Oh my! I must just sit down for a while… *swoons*

  • NB says:

    I’m bi and quite submissive, but never been with more than one person at once. I’ve always wanted to share a cock with someone else, or be taken from behind while fucking someone else. Basically, the last paragraph sounds amazing.

  • Chris says:

    Your last paragraph described a long-standing fantasy of mine. Being in a man-woman sandwich. Very erotic!

  • AA says:

    My exact fantasy thankful another girl loves this just as much!!! X

  • anonymouse says:


    (also, for anyone who’s interested, Japanese yaoi audio dramas are full of delicious sex scenes featuring boys with sexy voices. sometimes the plot is a very thin excuse for lots of fucking. you probably don’t need any knowledge of the language to wank to ’em.)

    • girlonthenet says:

      I second this comment and approve this message. For those who have yet to experience the delights: Yaoi drama is very popular with ladies in Japan, because it usually (by which I mean “always”) features boy-on-boy action. Sometimes it’s just sexual tension/gentle kisses. Sometimes more than that. Sometimes even more than that so hard you can frig yourself to death.


  • Alice says:

    Oh fuck me, boys kissing are just too hot. I just….sorry, brb.

  • Lucia says:

    Not uncommon. I love this fantasy. Reminds me of a little story of my two gay mates fooling around in 69 in a couples’ room in Torture Garden. Two beautiful boys with gorgeous cocks sucking each other off. Two girls watching and masturbating like it was going out of fashion. Result!

  • Bodhi says:

    I’m not attracted to men and never have been. I never look at them (in that way) when I’m out and have only ever wanted to kiss, cuddle and wake up next to a woman. However, reading this, this: and this: has definitely turned me on.

    I’ve only recently learnt how much seeing two men together excites some women – and given that I’ve also been curious about playing with an erect cock other than my own, this is a fantasy that I’d definitely like to be a part of one day. I never would have considered it while I was younger, but I’m much more open-minded now.

    MMF that includes interaction between the guys doesn’t get spoken about as often as the FFM equivalent, so I haven’t come across many women that mention being turned on by two guys. But the ones that have make me want to try something new. Knowing how aroused a woman would be watching, directing and encouraging us sounds hot!

    P.S. This page been bookmarked for ‘further use’.

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